Investigation Links Berta Cáceres’s Assassination To Honduran Capitalists

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Above Photo: LargeMarge/ Flickr

We look at shocking revelations released Tuesday that link the assassination of renowned Honduran indigenous environmental leader Berta Cáceres to the highest levels of the company whose hydroelectric dam project she and her indigenous Lenca community were protesting.

We speak with New York Times reporter Elisabeth Malkin, who has read the new report by a team of five international lawyers who found evidence that the plot to kill Cáceres went up to the top of the Honduran energy company behind the dam, Desarrollos Energéticos, known as “DESA.”

The lawyers were selected by Cáceres’s daughter Bertha Zúniga and are independent of the Honduran government’s ongoing official investigation. They examined some 40,000 pages of text messages. The investigation also revealed DESA exercised control over security forces in the area, issuing directives and paying for police units’ room, board and equipment

  • Jed Grover

    Clinton should have also been charged.

  • The State Dept. was covertly involved in the Honduras coup & they openly supported it.

  • eight.of.wands

    Since the dawn of human history, the question has been pondered how evil sleeps at night….some say disturbedly….some say quite peacefully, thank you very much….i say, sleep w one eye open mthrfckrs….cuz since the dawn of human history we reap what we sow, all of us….one way or another

  • Lili-Ann Berg

    I hold Hillary Clinton responsible for the murder of Berta Caceres. Of all the horrific warmongering women slithering like poisonous snakes through the insane evil of US foreign policy, Clinton is the worst. She should be put away for life if there was any grain of justice left in the so called American legal system..