Iran Calls On The International Community To Confront Israel

Above photo: A handout photo made available by the Iranian defense ministry office shows officials praying over the coffin of slain Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh during the burial ceremony at Saleh shrine in northern Tehran, Iran, 30 November 2020. EFE/EPA.

NOTE: Palestine Chronicle reports that the United Nations Human Rights Office is calling for  Israel to conduct an investigation of Israeli occupation forces shooting Palestinian children in violation of international law.

Iran is asking the international community to confront the Israeli regime’s actions, “a murderer of children” and “a violator of human rights.”

In a message sent on Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Iranian President Hasan Rohani has declared Iran’s strong support for the Palestinian people to achieve their ideals.

Rohani condemned the recent actions of the Israeli regime against the Palestinians, including the killing of Palestinians in custody and the torture of prisoners, especially women and children, as well the so-called ‘deal of the century’ and the continuing siege of the Gaza Strip, and stressed the need for urgent action by Islamic countries and the international community to find a solution to end these aggressions.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran […] urges the international community to confront the actions of the Zionist regime, which is murdering children and violating human rights, as well as the provisions of several United Nations resolutions,” he said.

The Iranian leader also said that “the end of the long-term conflicts and disputes in Western Asia and the establishment of a just and lasting peace will not be achieved until the Palestinian question is resolved and there is an end to the seizure of all the occupied territories, granting the right to self-determination to the Palestinian people.”

According to Rohani, the Israeli regime is endangering peace and stability in the West Asian region by adopting aggressive actions and policies in that area, especially in Syria and Lebanon, and by secretly planning the production of weapons of mass destruction.

The President of Iran has also rejected the latest agreements of normalization of ties with Israel by some countries of the region, stating that they constitute a “betrayal” of the Palestinian cause when the regime in Tel Aviv is increasing its inhumane acts against the Palestinians.

In September, Baréin and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed pacts for the normalization of ties with Israel in the White House, under the watchful eye of US President Donald Trump, who is seeking, according to the Israeli media, Arutz Sheva, to put pressure, through the emirates, on other countries in the region to do the same.

In this sense, Sudan has recently joined the states mentioned above and reconciled with Israel after several weeks of dialogue, conversations in which Washington played a crucial role.

“[Disregard for the rights of the Palestinians] will not only aggravate the situation in the occupied territories but will also have far-reaching consequences for regional and international security,” Rohani added.