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Irish Seanad Calls For Sanctions On Apartheid Israel

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign this evening welcomed the unanimous passing of a motion in the Seanad calling for robust actions by the Irish government to hold Apartheid Israel accountable for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

The motion, moved by the Civic Engagement Group Senators Frances Black, Lynne Ruane, Alice Mary Higgins and Eileen Flynn, is comprehensive and calls on the Irish government to, among other things: impose sanctions on Israel; enact the Occupied Territories Bill and the Illegal Israeli Settlements Divestment Bill; to actively ensure no US weapons are being sent to Israel through Irish airspace; and to push for an international arms embargo on Israel. It can be read in full here.

IPSC Chairperson Zoë Lawlor welcomed the motion’s passage saying: “We thank the Seanad, and in particular the Civic Engagement Group, for collectively making such important demands of the Irish government. Senators clearly understand that the inaction by government cannot continue, and that unilateral Irish actions are needed now. Although the Seanad has no power to enforce this motion, it will help to increase the pressure on the government to act.”

Ms Lawlor continued: “The Taoiseach has stated that Israel is not ‘a normal, liberal, western democracy’. Simon Coveney has called Israel’s behaviour monstrous and akin to a ‘rogue state’. Polls show that 80% people in Ireland understand that what’s happening to in Gaza is a genocide, that 70% recognise that Israel is committing the Crime of Apartheid, and that huge majorities are demanding sanctions.”

Ms Lawlor concluded: “We have been calling for the government to listen to the people it’s supposed to represent – now we are also calling for it to listen to the Seanad. The time for ‘reflection’, ‘debate’, ‘consideration’ and hand-sitting is over – it’s time for action.”

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