Is Cristina Fernandez A Victim Of A Political Persecution?

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Above Photo: The former president of Argentina condemned the political and judicial campaign against her | Photo: Reuters

For the journalist Stella Calloni, against the former president of Argentina, the same script used in Brazil against Lula da Silva is being repeated.

The Senate of Argentina discussed Wednesday authorization to pave the homes of the former president and current senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner .

The ruling party will try to get a vote on the judicial measure that was requested by federal judge Claudio Bonadio. The magistrate delivered the request within the framework of the case in which the payment of bribes in public works is investigated during part of the Kirchner government.

CFK denounced on Tuesday that is a victim of political persecution against him in which act coordinated “the Judiciary, the Executive and the hegemonic media.”

Persecution of Cristina Fernández

For the Argentine journalist Stella Calloni, the ex president Cristina Fernández is a clear victim of a political persecution on the part of the Government of Mauricio Macri .

In a telephone interview for teleSUR, Calloni said that since the arrival of Mauricio Macri at the end of 2015, at least six cases against CFK have been lifted , which is a clear sign of the judicial and political harassment towards the exmandataria.

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The role of judges

Calloni indicated that the Government has made use of judges and prosecutors captured by the United States to advance against CFK and Kirchner government officials .

Since the 90s of last century it was devised strategy of infiltrating the judicial institutions magistrates and influenced by US officials ..

Calloni said the alleged war against corruption has been used to screen and weapon by the government to advance processes court against political and social leaders.


The journalist affirmed that the hegemonic media have been part of the political persecution against Cristina Fernández in a similar way to what happened in Brazil against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

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Stella Calloni warned that both political leaders are victims of a fourth generation war where the media are used as weapons by the Justice and political sectors to create an unfavorable opinion matrix. 

Prevent the candidacy of CFK

Calloni said that although CFK appears with a positive image in the polls for the 2019 elections, the government’s plan is to prevent the former president from presenting herself to the new electoral process. 
“The same scheme is being repeated as in Brazil,” the journalist said.

According to Calloni, the courts have acted without evidence against ex-Kirchner civilians and social leaders who face the neoliberal policies and social deterioration of President Macri.

The defense of CFK

For the journalist, Cristina Fernandez could denounce the judicial persecution to international instances, nevertheless several of the organisms are handled by the USA. so a measure in favor of the senator is almost null, explained Calloni.

Given this possibility, the journalist said that the social and popular mobilization should play an important role to avoid a future trial of the former president that prevents her possible candidacy for the 2019 elections.