Israel Arrests Child With One-Third Of His Skull Missing

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Above Photo: Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, 15, was detained in a night raid in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, 26 February. In December he was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier and is awaiting surgery to reattach one third of his skull. Oren Ziv ActiveStills

Note:Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was one of 10 Palestinian residents of the village of Nabi Saleh arrested in a pre-dawn raid on Monday. His 17-year-old cousin, Ahed, has been in an Israeli military prison since December for slapping an Israeli soldier. Mohammad has been missing part of his skull since December when he was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier during a protest against the occupation.

The actions by Israel’s occupation forces against the Tamimi family makes them an even greater focus of international opposition to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and Israeli brutality. KZ

Israeli occupation forces raided the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh in the predawn hours of Monday in the latest episode of Israel’s premeditated revenge campaign against the Tamimi family.

They detained Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, the 15-year-old boy shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet at close range and seriously injured by Israeli forces in December.

Bassem Tamimi, the father of detained teenager Ahed Tamimi, wrote on Facebook Monday morning that a large force of Israeli soldiers armed with weaponized bulldozers and skunk water raided homes in the village during the night and detained 10 people.

Six of those arrested were children, the youngest aged 14, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society. They included Muhammad’s 17-year-old brother Tamim.

Bassem said that Muhammad Fadel Tamimi’s detention put the child’s life at risk.

Since the boy was shot, one third of his skull has been removed and he is awaiting major restorative surgery to put it back in.

The Israeli army confirmed that Muhammad Fadel Tamimi was arrested and released after being interrogated. “His arrest was approved by a military physician,” the army said, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The others had not been released, a Tamimi family member told The Electronic Intifada.

The online publication Quds posted this video of Israeli soldiers carrying assault rifles arresting brothers Islam Saleh Tamimi, 21, and Omar Saleh Tamimi, 29, from their home:

Quds posted this video of Israeli forces raiding the village:

Facebook apparently restricted the account of extended family member Manal Tamimi as she was livestreaming the Israeli raid.

This may be another example of the social media behemoth’s extensive collusion with Israel and its military occupation.

Shot in the head

Muhammad recounts how he was shot by an Israeli soldier, in this video posted by Haaretz two weeks after the 15 December incident:

Muhammad says he had been out with other people during protests against Israel’s theft of the village’s land for settlement construction.

He says that he stood up on a wall near where the protests had taken place. “I didn’t know the army was there, I didn’t see a single soldier,” Muhammad states. “And then he [the soldier] shot me and I lost consciousness.”

Defense for Children International-Palestine reported, citing an eyewitness, that Israeli forces shot Tamimi “shortly after clashes had ended” in Nabi Saleh.

According to the eyewitness, the group stated, “Israeli forces appeared to have exited the area around 4 pm when an Israeli soldier shot Muhammad in the face with a rubber-coated metal bullet at close range.”

Following difficult, life-saving surgeries, Muhammad says he is now restricted to his home for six months because of the missing part of his skull.


It was immediately after Muhammad’s shooting that his cousins Ahed and Nour were filmed slapping and shoving two heavily armed Israeli soldiers in an effort to remove them from the family’s property.

Bassem Tamimi has alleged that one of the soldiers was responsible for shooting Muhammad, but given the systematic impunity Israel affords its personnel there has been no credible investigation.

After video of Ahed confronting the soldiers went viral, Israeli occupation forces detained her, her mother Nariman and her cousin Nour.

They are being subjected to military trials in kangaroo courts with a near-100 percent conviction rate.

Angered by the supposed humiliation their occupation forces by Palestinian civilians defending their homes, Israeli leaders vowed revenge against the Tamimis, an extended family renowned for its role in Nabi Saleh’s determined nonviolent resistance to Israel’s theft of village land.

Education minister Naftali Bennett told army radio that Ahed and the Tamimi women seen in the video “should finish their lives in prison.”

Defense minister Avigdor Lieberman promised collective punishment, telling Israeli media that “Everyone involved, not only the girl but also her parents and those around them will not escape from what they deserve.”

Family sacrifices

According to Manal Tamimi, three members of the family have been killed by Israeli forces since the nonviolence campaign began in 2009, the latest being Musab Tamimi, a 16-year-old boy shot dead in the West Bank village of Deir Nitham on 3 January.

He was the first Palestinian to be killed by Israeli occupation forces in 2018.

In all, according to Manal, 22 members of the Tamimi family have been killed by Israeli forces since 1976.

Meanwhile, it emerged in January that a senior Israeli official, Michael Oren, sought to investigate the Tamimis, alleging that they were not a real family but rather a group of “blond, blue-eyed and light-skinned” actors hired to “make Israel look bad.”

Oren was born Michael Bornstein in upstate New York, but changed his name and later renounced his American citizenship in order to be appointed Israeli ambassador to the United States.

He participated in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and was later army spokesperson during Israel’s attacks on Lebanon in 2006 and on Gaza in 2008 – assaults that involved massive violence and atrocities against civilians – of the kind Oren makes a habit of denying.


Freedom for Ahed, who has already endured more than two months in Israeli prison, has become an international rallying cry for supporters of the Palestinian liberation struggle.

Ahed, who turned 17 in a prison cell on 31 January, is one more than 300 Palestinian children currently in Israeli military detention.

Earlier this month, Chile’s government urged Ahed’s “prompt release.”

The European Union, which usually remains muted about Israeli human rights abuses, has expressed its “concern” over Ahed’s detention.

Her case has even attracted the attention of celebrities such as American comedian Sarah Silverman, a liberal supporter of Israel, who has faced an intense backlash from anti-Palestinian voices because earlier this month she tweeted Amnesty International’s call for Ahed’s immediate release:

Prominent Black public figures have also called on US lawmakers to endorse a bill that would prohibit US aid to Israel being used for the military detention, torture and abuse of Palestinian children like Ahed, Muhammad and their cousins.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “Jews have to stand up when – especially when – the wrongdoing is by Jews/the

    Israeli government.”

    I guess she does not consider the theft of Palestine and erecting a state for

    the “Jews” on Arab land wrongdoing? Nothing – absolutely nothing – connects

    the Khazars of Europe to Palestine except as converts. Muslims waste their

    energy and resources pointing their guns at one another instead of cominbing

    their arsenal aganst their deadliest enemy – the predatory colonial settlers

    of Palestine. No Arab or Muslim can walk around the face of the earth without

    feeling immense shame if they do not make their highest priority the removal

    of these alien squatters on Arab land. We, the people of the region, must be

    prepared to sacrifice millions of our people to remove this scourge once and

    for all off our soil or else no future generations can ever expect to have

    normal lives. Iraq was destroyed at the behest and for the benefit of these

    European predators. If Europeans did not want their own Jews, why are we

    expected to receive their rejects?

  • Helen4Yemen

    There is something peculiar about the way the Khazars behave. Take for

    example the Palestinian youngster Ahed Tamimi. The predators went to her

    house in the same manner the Nazis used to visit the Jews of Europe. The

    youngster kicked and slapped them (she forgets that she is no more the

    11-year old who could get away with it). The predators should not have

    arrested her and by doing so have just made her more famous a million times

    over. Take the story of her cousin with a disfigured head. These folks

    now decided to pedddle a story that it was not their bullet that

    destroyed his head but that he fell off his bike. Well, any peson with

    average intelligence can tell that a fall off a bike cannnot cause that

    kind of disfigurement. Now, the story of this youngster is all over the

    news shedding light to the horrors these aliens inflict on the Palestinians.

    The Palestinians should not have to carry the weight of these most

    disgusting invaders but the entire Arab and Muslim people have a duty to

    make Palestine their priority because the entire Arab and Muslim people

    are affected. How long are we expected can to carry on our soldiers these

    European rejects?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Hassan Nasrallah video from 2002. When I watched it
    many years ago, I thought I was listening to
    Guevara: he spoke of Hiroshima and Negaski, slavery,
    imererialistic wars … just amazing. When I looked
    for it on the internet a few days ago, I could not
    find it but luckily I found it on my computer and
    uploaded it. Do not be discouraged by the religious
    recitations at the beginning and end of the video,
    they last only less than 1 minute.


  • Helen4Yemen

    Ahmadinejad to Mileikowsky (Netanyahu): JUST GO HOME!


  • Helen4Yemen

    Ghada Karmi told “Dani Dayan” that he is nothing more than a common thief.

    “My national aspirations, you respect them? Do you? The way you
    respect them is by getting out of my land! That would be the best
    illustration of how much you respect my national aspiration. I find
    you fascinating, Mr. Dayan, I really do. I can’t understand how you
    have such self assurance … A man who was born in Argentina,
    whose family comes from the Ukraine, and he is actually wanting
    people – sensible people – to believe that he has some connection
    with my country! There is another point I want to put to you since
    you respect me so much. Tell me – to many people – you despite your
    eloquence, represent nothing other – you and your fellow settlers –
    nothing other than common thieves! You live on stolen land, you
    drink stolen water, you eat stolen fruit, you farm stolen farms.
    Convince me and the audience and the viewers that you are not –
    you and your settler friends – are not common thieves.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    Speaker of Kuwait’s National Assembly Marzouq Al

    Ghanim told the “Israeli” delegation to get out.

    Arabs need to look at Al Ghanim and feel what

    courage looks like!


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    They are claiming that he fell off his bike? When I was growing up and bike riding all over with my friends, I never saw an accident that looked remotely like a bullet destroyed somebody’s face. I’m amazed that people so long practiced at lying should do it so badly. Maybe that’s why their silly Holohoax falls apart under any kind of serious examination.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Because ruling elites of Europe and their Jews are supremacist sociopaths?

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    Good work!

    My guess is that someone could skip as far as 2:10 into the video, where Nasrallah speaks about “our present challenge”.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I seem to remember that he had nothing to say in response.

  • Helen4Yemen

    That is exactly why they were so hated and why the Europeans wanted them gone!

    But unfortunately, these most unwanted people are in the Middle East by the millions

    and I say that whatever it takes that we must be determined to remove them even

    if we have to risk losing millions of our people. The millions we lost in Iraq, Syria,

    Libya is directly as a result of their presence on our soil. Every Muslim parent must

    educate their children that there is nothing of higher urgency and priority for

    Muslims than the removal of these most unwanted squatters on our soil. If

    Europeans do not want their Jews, why must our land be used to settle their


  • Helen4Yemen

    OK, shall do but I have to create a second video since this one has already been watched by quite a few and I do not others to find “not available” when they look for this one.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Outrageous, the torment/physical and emotional damage that the demented Zionists have visited on the Tamimi family and, by extension, on their village and the entire landscape of historical Palestine and its indigenous residents. Outrageous is the Zionist entity’s middle name, and it has been allowed for too many endless decades to get away with any and myriad atrocities unpunished and unaccountable. The entity should be banished and its complicit tribal members returned to wherever they invaded from (Poland, Russia, Brooklyn…). Palestine Is Still THE Issue!