Israel Is Not A Democracy That Meddles In US Elections

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Note: The article below is from an email by Mazin Qumsiyeh who lives in Palestine. Israel is not a democracy. Half the people living in Palestine (which includes the colonizer apartheid state of Israel) are not allowed to vote because they live in the so-called Occupied Territories. Palestinians living in so-called Israel also have difficulty voting. This mean half the population cannot vote which results in policies desgned against the Palestinian people as land theft and ethnic cleansing continue — as they have since the founding of the Jewish State.

In addition to directing the Palestine Museum of Natural History, Qumsiyeh is a book author. His two most recent books are: 

Qumsiyeh describes himself as “A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home. Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director Palestine Museum of Natural History, Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability, Bethlehem University in Occupied Palestine. You can follow him at:

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Fraudulent Democracy: Only a Fraction of Palestinians Can Vote, While Jews Are Given Automatic Citizenship

Millions of Palestinians were kicked out of their homes and lands and only a fraction of those who remain under colonial rule are allowed to vote in apartheid regime “elections” today (e.g. I am not).

Meanwhile all Jews and converts to Judaism who are given automatic citizenship “vote” to select between parties that compete only on which of them will be more racist and more damaging to the native Palestinians. The last remaining apartheid colonial regime.

Meanwhile in the USA, Israel continues to not only meddle in elections but directly shape them. Many Zionists are deep within the Democratic and Republican parties and ensure mainstream media trashes those Americans interested in a US foreign policy that helps the US not helps racist Zionist billionaires like Edelson and Bloomberg.

The Israeli ambassador at the UN Danny Dannon said that Bernie Sanders is an Ignorant fool and a liar. Imagine if the Russian ambassador said this about the leading candidate!

AIPAC is a hate and racist foreign lobby brags of its successes in shaping the US foreign policy and getting the US to antagonize nations ranging from Iraq and Libya to now Iran.  It is not even registered under the law that requires registration for groups advocating for foreign countries.

It is not “dual loyalty” – these racists have one loyalty to Zionism. Many are already agents or helpers of the Israeli Mossad which steels US government and corporate secrets and spies even on high level US administration. 

To fellow US citizens: vote tomorrow and change the system.

  • jho blho

    I voted for Bernie, but I don’t think anything will change the system short of the US going the way of the Soviet Union. The US is too corrupt and violent to be reformed. If Bernie is screwed again (Dems are open about it this time) my motto for the general will be “Make America Break Again.” Yeah, if we are denied the ability to create a future, and if we can’t put the brakes on neoliberalism, let’s step on the accelerator and let Trump Admin incompetence bring about the implosion of this nation. I will vote for Trump if Bernie is screwed because the next meltdown of the economy could lead to the breakup of this deeply and irredeemably corrupt nation. This is what the military-industrial-congressional-technological complex has brought us to. We need more of a revolution than Bernie can help us with.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The most outrageous part of Zionism is the claim that the European
    Jews who are completely a European people were returning to the
    Middle East, a region inhabited by non-Europeans. One has to be
    completely shameless to engage in such an outrageous lie in order
    to steal Arab land. Barely had these Europeans arrived on Arab
    soil when they began to claim Arabic food and Arabic culture as their
    own. So many other invaders came and left the Arab region without
    stealing Arabic culture but because the European Jews had no culture
    of their own, they wasted no time going after Arabic culture to steal it
    and to claim it as their own.

  • rgaura

    We are more likely to get war than revolution. We need to empower the grassroots, cities and counties to break down centralized power. Lets make new systems, and prepare for institutions to fail.