Israelis And Palestinians Join Forces In Inspiring New Campaign

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August 20, 2014  |  As the media continues to bombard us with horrifying images of violence and hate emanating from the Middle East, it can be difficult to remain hopeful that any long-lasting solution to end the conflict will ever be reached in that region of the world.

Yet, an unlikely alliance of ex-militant Israelis and Palestinians have set out to challenge that notion of despair by joining hands and launching an inspiring peace campaign offering an alternative solution to the ongoing political stalemate.

Tired of waiting for their governments to stop the cycle of violence, the bi-national movement  Combatants For Peace, have instead chosen to lay down their weapons and work collaboratively to raise funds to build peace in the middle peace.

Formed in 2005 from former IDF Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters who had taken an active part in the cycle of violence, the group hopes to generate enough support so it can put political pressure on both governments to intervene and work toward reconciliation.

The primary goal is to promote the end of the occupation and the creation of a Palestinian state where both populations can live side by side in peace and dignity by educating each side about non-violent struggles in both Israel and Palestine.

“The conflict in the middle east may appear impossible to solve. We know it’s not…,” the campaign declares.  “Our mission is to actively spread the message that a non-violent solution to the conflict is possible and our hundreds of members and participants are living proof that it is.”

Together, their members use art, theater and other creative activities to demonstrate to both Israelis and Palestinians that it is indeed possible to rise above fear and hatred, and that former enemies can become partners in peace and together create a better future for all.

“The media only shows us image of violence and hate driving us further apart. We engage in activities that embody a different reality.  These are the images that bring people together,” the campaigners assert.

Consequently, with the launch of the campaign, the movement is hoping to reach a much wider audience so that their voices can be heard on its quest to bring peace to Israel and Palestine.

Those interested in helping can donate to the campaign, share the initiative on social media or simply get the word out to the local church, synagogue or mosque.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign for yourself and get involved.