Israelis Protest In Tel Aviv For The Right Of Return And In Solidarity With The Great March Of Return

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Above Photo: Israelis protest in front of the Israeli army headquarter in Tel Aviv city in solidarity with the Great March of Return, March 30, 2019. (Photo: Fremsley Wham)

In a historic first, around 300 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv for the right of return and in solidarity with the Great March of Return against the siege of Gaza. In response to a request from the committee of the Great March of Return in Gaza protesters from around the country gathered to demonstrate in front of Hakirya military base and Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, in solidarity with the Great March of Return in Gaza. We carried posters of slain Gazan demonstrators and Palestinian flags and chanted calls to stop shooting demonstrators, stop the bombing, end the siege, an end to the occupation and the immediate return of the Palestinian refugees.

Naama Farjoun, an anti-Zionist Israeli activist, stated:

“One year ago today, March 30th, Palestinians in Gaza stood up against the fence surrounding them demanding freedom and calling out loud and clear: We shall return. We stand with them.”