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Italy: Thousands Of Students Protest Education Reforms

Above: Thousands of students march against against austerity measures in Turin Picture: EPA/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

In Italy, thousands of students took to the streets Thursday in Milan, the second most populous city in the country, to protest against education reforms.

“This is another attack on public schools. Let us return to the streets to demand our rights. Greece is an example to follow in the fight against austerity, “said a protester.

The clashes erupted when students approached the building of Lombardy, the main seat of government.

As the cops cut over the protesters, they began throwing eggs, stones, smoke bombs and bottles with paint.

Also, similar demonstrations took place in cities like Turin, Pisa and Rome (capital).

“We are against an idea of ​​education they are proposing, and we have an alternative. We have many alternatives and are a factory of ideas, “said a student from Rome.

Riot police also arrested several students, but have not yet been revealed information on the number of wounded, according to local sources.

Under the reform plan, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, seeks to reform the education system in Italy through private sector investment creating thousands of new teaching positions.

By contrast, opponents argue that policy reforms will cause further privatization.

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