Jeremy Corbyn Announces Plan To Rebuild & Transform The UK

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Above Photo: Sunday Mirror. Jeremy Corbyn has set out a vision for Britain under a Labour government

Note: Corbyn put forward ten pledges to the people of Great Britain. They include: An economy that works for all; Secure homes for all; Security at work; Secure our National Health Service and social care; A free national education service; Action to secure the environment; Democracy in our economy; Cut income and wealth inequality; Act to end prejudice and injustice; and Peace and justice abroad.

Our country has been let down for too long. The Tories have let people down and sold us down the river for too long.

The Tory mantra of selling off every public asset – from railways to energy companies, from the water boards to the Royal Mail is back.

Right now they’re trying to sell off the Land Registry a profitable public resource. They are literally trying to sell the land from under our feet.

It’s no wonder this government fails to tackle asset strippers like disgraced BHS boss Sir Philip Green, when they do exactly the same – selling off our assets and allowing us to be ripped off.

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to end rip-off Britain

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to end rip-off Britain

When it comes to investment our government is as slow as the broadband in many of our homes.

Bulgaria has faster internet than we do, our railways are crying out for investment yet the privatised railways charge us the highest fares in Europe. And our energy bills are a rip off.

The new nuclear plant at Hinkley is state funded by the Chinese, and run by a nationalised French firm. It’s a similar story on our railways too.

Jeremy Corbyn says he will tackle fatcats like Sir Philip Green

Jeremy Corbyn says he will tackle fatcats like Sir Philip Green

It seems anyone can run our country except ourselves. Leaving the EU won’t change any of this.

Our country wasn’t run by Brussels, it’s run by boardrooms across the world.

Labour will end the rip off, bring the railways into public ownership and invest in new community owned energy.

Whole communities have been left behind as high-skilled and secure jobs have vanished alongside our once great industrial sector.

That’s why Labour has set out a plan for a National Investment Bank that will deliver an extra £500 billion of investment to reverse our decline – channelled through regional investment banks to meet local needs, such as a ‘Bank of the North’.

To rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and nowhere is left behind.