Jewish Groups Are Taking Action From Coast To Coast To Close The Camps

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Above photo: Hundreds of protesters took over the streets near Minnesota’s Federal ICE building

Jewish Communities are holding “Close The Camps” actions across the country to protest the detention of migrants in the United States, the current immigration policies and mistreatment of migrants seeking asylum.

On July 30, Never Again movement activists blockaded the Minnesota Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in St. Paul for over three hours. Twenty seven were arrested.

Unicorn Riot had this report:

Young Jewish protesters began the blockades by holding hands and walking to the exits surrounding the Whipple building. The exits also include Metro Transit Park & Ride parking lots. At the east and the west side entrances to the building, two cars reinforced the human chains.

At this time commuters were arriving from the Light Rail to get to their cars in the Park & Ride lots, and others were leaving work from the Whipple building and other nearby buildings. The handful of blockades held their ground for the duration of Tuesday’s rush hour traffic.

Near the Fort Snelling Light Rail station there was several reports incidents of cars plowing through the protesters. The atmosphere stayed semi-tense with a standoff at the blockade that lasted for hours.

At the main entrance to the Whipple building the street blockade consisted of a human chain and two cars. Protesters were accompanied by the marching band collective Unlawful Assembly.

Jewish prayers, songs, and chants of solidarity with immigrants alongside demands to close the camps emanated continuously from the participants of the handful of human chains and their accomplices on the sidewalks and in the streets.

Read more and see photos here.

Activists march in Portland Maine.

On August 2, Jewish Activists marched and rallied in Portland Maine. The Beacon reports:

The group, which was primarily comprised of Jewish Mainers, marched along Congress Street from Longfellow to Monument Square, where they shared challah bread and grape juice in celebration of Shabbat.

The march is part of national campaign of Jewish-led direct actions under the banner “Never Again is Now” that draws parallels between the discrimination and rejection Jewish people in America faced during the Holocaust and the current treatment of migrants and asylum seekers. It followed another Portland march last month.

“We know what happens when a government targets, dehumanizes and strips an entire group of people of their civil and human rights,” Wartell explained. “Jews around the country have been mobilizing to stop the camps. It’s time for Maine’s Jewish community to raise our collective voice and say that Never Again means never again for anyone.”

Action in Los Angeles, from Never Again Action on Twitter.

On August 5, Jewish activists protested at the GEO Group office in Los Angeles. The GEO Group is one of the private corporations that profits by running migrant detention centers. Lauren Steiner described the event and made the YouTube video,  over 100 activists protested outside and inside the Los Angeles office of Geo Group, a private prison company operating seven immigrant detention facilities. I was given exclusive access to come inside and document the arrests and interview those arrested about why they decided to do this.

Common Dreams reported:

In a Facebook event description for Monday’s demonstration, the protest organizers detailed what motivated their protest:

Children are being separated from their families at the border and imprisoned in concentration camps. ICE raids are increasing in frequency and severity, instilling fear and terror into immigrant communities. People are dying at the border as they flee for their safety. Cherished members of our local community are being rounded up outside of their homes, in their cars, at their workplaces. We refuse to wait and see—we know from history what happens next.

Organizers also highlighted the GEO Group’s contracts with ICE, pointing out that the Adelanto Detention Facility—which the corporation runs for the U.S. government—is located just outside of Los Angeles. “We can’t ignore it,” said organizers. “As a country, as a community, we have to stand up and declare that we will not allow this to happen any longer.”

“That’s why we’re showing up on GEO Group’s doorstep. Because people are suffering and dying, and the owners of GEO Group don’t care as long as their bottom line is safe. Because it’s clear that our leaders and officials won’t stop it,” organizers added. “Join us to tell GEO Group that never again means never again, and that the public demands they CLOSE THE CAMPS.”

The group livestreamed the action from both inside and outside the GEO Group’s L.A. office:

According to reports from the scene, protesters chanted “close the camps” as police began making arrests a few hours after the demonstration began. Never Again Action tweeted Monday afternoon that after shutting down the building for about five hours, the last group of demonstrators from the lobby had been arrested and removed by police.

Read the full report and find more photos and videos here.

More protests are planned in the next few weeks in other cities across the country. Visit for more information and to get involved.


  • squanto pilgrim

    new Jew tactic to win support for the zionist enemy, now its immigrant washing. Why don’t the Jews protest the millions of Muslims help in Israeli prisons or the many murdered by the Zionist army everyday in occupied Gaza. Don’t be fooled by these protests, read the Protocols of Zion to know the real truth.

  • John Chadwick

    Wonderful actions to abolish immigrant concentration camps in the USA! Perhaps the citizens of Israel will follow the action’s objective to abolish the concentration camps of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank?

  • Normlhippie

    If you people are Trying to justify this it’s not working. Regardless of what’s happening in other countries this is unacceptable here.
    A mentally ill “president” has turned US into a third world country that violates human rights on the Very worst level imaginable.
    Everyone needs to get involved to stop this before it’s to late.

  • Sonya Cooke

    Unfortunately some ppl dont find it a problem until it happens to or effects them. Then you can hear them yelling from the roof tops.

  • Jim Austin

    It seems like this Never Again movement has become a More Again movement since in the name of past persecution of some, they seek allow into our country those inclined to do the persecuting.

  • ABK

    We should all celebrate the actions of self loathing liberal JINO morons. Such pride!!!!

  • Aline Turtle Chernish

    THANK YOU ALL for putting your bodies where all our mouths are! Keep up the fight!

  • Doc America

    Jews should be asking themselves why so many Jewish bigwigs are into sex with kids (Weinstein, Weiner, Epstein). They should get a protest going against child sex trafficking, which is what the Trump administration is trying to stop.

    There are about 30 million illegal aliens in America roaming around free as a bird (or being used as sex slaves or working in meat processing plants, etc., but mostly free as a bird) that aren’t in “the camps” (processing centers). In the history books I read about Nazi Germany, there weren’t Jews who were voting, working outside the ghettos, killing Germans in car crashes, raping, selling drugs, etc. There wouldn’t be DACA kids if there weren’t illegal aliens who overstayed their visa or didn’t appear for their asylum hearings and had kids on American Free Soil.

    Jews are beclowning themselves. I though they were smarter than that.

  • Jeremy Schmehl

    ok… so what are we supposed to do with thousands of incoming people that we dont have home for that we dont have jobs for? think about that… dont come here

  • Katherine Wela Bogen

    Wowza, there are plenty of Jews who aren’t Zionist, and most of the Jews I’ve protested with at precisely these rallies support the liberation of Palestine, the right of return, and holding Israel accountable for its human rights abuses.

  • Deborah Riemerman-Cepeda

    How about that! History’s most sinned against stepping up to help those currently being sinned against!

  • Alex Paylor

    This is about concentration camps in America. A country that believes itself to be a world leader of Democracy. People, some of them young children, are dying in those camps. What happens in Israel is that country’s government’s doing. What is happening in the camps along the southern US border is Trumps doing

    All decent Americans should be outraged.

  • illegals do not have rights.
    They came here unexpectedly and how are we to handle this invasion…..this was planned to harm this Country ….wake up

  • have you been there?? get the facts….you are using the term concentration camps very loosely

  • Obama did this process ….stop blaming Trump for something that is not his fault–the invasion is the problem

  • I don’t agree….those people have no idea what a concentration is nor do they know what the Jews went thru over 7+ years ….

  • Joan Zia

    Yes, come and see since you really don’t know what you are talking about!

  • Joan Zia

    You DO know the Protocol of the Elders of Zion is a forgery , right? You DO know the State of Israel KICKED the Jews out of Gaza many years ago, right? (Unjustifiably)

  • Dave Brast


  • John

    Instead of the camps, we need a good wall, like Jews have to keep out Palestinians. When will you hypocrites stop lying?

  • John

    No, what happens in Israel is your doing. What happens at our border is Mexico’s doing and your love of the book of Marx is not about decency.

  • John


  • John

    Do you people ever quit lying? Your mouth opens and lies just flow out.

  • Dave Brast

    Where should they go instead?

  • Darrell K Whitfield

    Sad and pathetic that the concentration camps of Nazi Germany could ever be compared with what is happening to illegal border crossers. The Torah even teaches strangers to obey the laws of the land while humanely caring for them. The crimes committed by those that do not want us to know they are in our nation with children that the DNA of 1/3 Being unrelated to the adult they are with.

  • Shyster123

    Obama did what process? Explain or are you just spewing FOX NEWS “facts”. Ha ha!

  • Shyster123

    What’s YOUR problem anyway? How does their coming here affect YOU? Unless you’re Native American, where did YOUR ancestors come from and how were they treated? You wouldn’t be alive if Trump was president when your ancestors came here.

  • Shyster123

    Where did YOUR ancestors come from, Laura? If you listen to Fox News EVERYONE is someone to be frightened of. Who are the gun-totin’ snowflakes?

  • Shyster123

    Everyone is sick of the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s in the Middle East. Stop dragging everyone else into your stupid fight.

  • Shyster123

    Wow. Such Jew-hating in America. Sickening.

  • Please get the facts….”camps” as you call them were created under Clinton which separated parents from children, enforced by Obama and now you Blame Trump after a obviously planned invasion of our border and we now have to deal with the mess

  • Please get the facts (on your claims as well since we know that CNN makes up their stories….”camps” as you call them were created under Clinton which separated parents from children, enforced by Obama and now you Blame Trump after a obviously planned invasion of our border and we now have to deal with the mess

  • Crz

    So what is your point? We should have concentration camps in our country because Clinton started it? Do you think we should continue with all of Clinton’s and Obama’s policies on principle? Isn’t the most important thing to fix this injustice?

  • kevinzeese

    Popular Resistance has consistently pointed out that bad immigration policy is bi-partisan. Both Obama and Clinton had many of the same policies as Trump. They did the same thing just did so with a smile on their faces rather than a scowl. They did not make racist comments just put in place racist policies. Both parties have been wrong on immigration.

  • Crz

    Everybody has rights. Read the Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal… they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” This is why they are called Human Rights and not American Rights or Wisconsin Rights or San Diego Rights. Your rights do not depend on the state or any other political entity. They are innate, like the sky and the sea. They exist for everyone for all time, because that’s how the world was created. It doesn’t mean that governments and individuals can’t violate these rights, it means that when they do so they are categorically in the wrong.

  • NudderTaxpayer

    They ought to be ashamed of themselves comparing this to what happened in Nazi Germany. There is no comparison whatsoever, to that horror. You are dismissing and diluting the severity of that.

  • r_o_c_666R_O_C

    Trump 2020. Best president ever! No immigration work papers? No jobs. We do not have any background on these immigrants. Many immigrant children here did not come with a family member, they were smuggled into our country, just like the drugs. These immigrants are living a hell of a lot better now, than the way were. when they were in their own poor peoples country. Trump is a brilliant man, he has that situation under control. Leave the president alone to do his job as he sees fit, without interference from all you sympathizers.

  • r_o_c_666R_O_C

    True. They goyim need to read about the holocaust, then they would realize there isn’t any comparison between the the two. HATE when they make false statements.. Read about Hitler and the innocent jewish people and what he and his trained nazi “animals” did to over six million of them, then come back and tell us these detainees are in concentration camps. S T F U.

  • John Ferenz

    Lying White Nationalist Fascist.

  • John Ferenz

    Another lie from the White Nationalist Fascist.

  • John Ferenz

    They are camps that concentrate undesireables. Obviously a lying White Nationalist Fascist cannot admit such facts.

  • John Ferenz

    Whataboutism from the desperate White Nationalist Fascist propaganda artist.

  • John Ferenz

    You are all over this article posting propaganda. No one is saying this is the holocaust, and you’re deliberately ignoring that because you’re a White Nationalist Fascist.

  • John Ferenz

    White Nationalist Propaganda from another Fascist.

  • John Ferenz

    Where’s your family from? You’re not a Native American. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU BELONG, ASSHOLE.

  • John Ferenz

    These are Jewish Americans, not Israelites. Get your facts straight, White Nationalist.

  • John Ferenz

    Planned… to harm the country. You’re repeating exactly what the Nazis believed. You’re a Fascist and you would support gassing these people, I’m sure. You’re a White Supremacist, White Nationalist, Nazi Fascist POS. Go back to the country your ancestry came from because you are NOT AN AMERICAN.

  • John Ferenz

    The Laura account is just a Reich-Wing propaganda mouthpiece. It’s not a real person.

  • John Ferenz

    White Supremacist, I assume? You sure quack like one.

  • John Ferenz

    You’re dismissing the comparisons because you’re a White Supremacist.

  • Jax Finn

    The human rights abuses abhor me, no doubt, especially the ones that most of these people are fleeing when they come to America. But here’s the issue…dollars. Not to generalize, but most of the people who end up in these holding facilities are financially broke and will require government (aka taxpayer) assistance. Given that we currently have more than $21 trillion dollars of public debt and over $200T in unfunded mandates, we do not have a choice but to limit entry. If we don’t, no one will want to come here because the high interest rates, uncontrolled inflation and the bottoming out of the dollar will make the promised land of America just like the places these poor people are fleeing. (Poor as in unfortunate not as in moneyless.) .

    At the end of the day, my heart breaks for anyone born into the kind of horrors we are now seeing commonplace in Central America, and I believe we should help, but it cannot be at the expense of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. There has to be a better solution than to just open the gates and “hope everything works out okay.”

  • NudderTaxpayer

    Far from white (really far), and far from supremacist. Maybe you should do some research and maybe visit a Holocaust Museum. Then try to justify this idiotic comparison. And what white supremacist would say that Nazi Germany’s actions were a horror as I did. Nice try though.

  • YourCarSucks

    They are military aged men not children. Stop human trafficking, and send them all back to where they came from.

  • YourCarSucks

    These people are mostly those who can afford a $2500 coyote to sneak them into the country, which assists human trafficking to the US. They are coming here to exploit the welfare system and receive financial gain. Send them all home.

  • YourCarSucks

    nice buzz words there buddy. you get those from CNN or BUZZFEED?

  • YourCarSucks

    Perhaps these people should not break our laws. Maybe they should take some responsibility and try to fix their own home countries instead of expecting the US to take care of them. We are not the babysitters of the world.

  • YourCarSucks

    That is where criminals belong until they can be dealt with accordingly.

  • YourCarSucks

    They use children as a way to claim asylum, in some cases children are sold to people so they can pose as families. NGOs also assist them in training them what to say so they can qualify as asylum seekers, when the reality is they are mostly military aged men who come to the US to work, subverting our economy, sending their earnings back to their home country, so they can go home in 6 months be replaced by one of their brothers/cousins and they live it up styling for a couple of years. It is a drain and detriment to our society, when they come here as criminals, often to commit more crimes, and suck resources that should be used to combat issues like the rising homelessness problem of our own citizens.

  • Jim Austin

    This would mean those who oppose persecution are white supremacist.

  • Teresa F

    Wrong…you are repeating lies that cannot be proven because they are LIES…Obama and Clinton were not perfect and did not do much to improve our immigration policy or processing BUT they did not separate families as a way to discourage refugees from coming to US…that is what Trump is doing as well as putting millions$$ toward his loyal donors…Do you see the purpose??? Funding his campaign…its all about him…he doesn’t give 2 rips about protecting our boder…because a 4th century wall will do nothing but widen the big hole in our deficit he has already created.

  • Normlhippie

    Perhaps you can tell US why facts bother the party of tRump so. It’s A hard row to hoe to be a tRumper.
    Ignore Experts, facts, what you see with your own eyes….and go Against America.
    You could be a Poster Boy for why abortions are sometimes neccessary, Comrade. Hopefully you Didn’t reproduce.

  • Normlhippie

    Your Proof Obama and Clinton approved??
    And drumfs Favorite thing in the World (besides Bankruptcies) is making People Suffer. You Must be trying to apply for a govt. Post position.

  • Normlhippie

    As anti American as drumpfs sheep are i wouldnt Even wish this on them…..Well, probably not.
    However, the Orange Slime deserves much worse. I guess we will see if he really is a billionaire after him and several of his litter are convicted, when the US confiscates the family ASSets….

  • Normlhippie

    I agree—the invasion of the Party of tRump. They refute facts, Even if you show them and insist their Opinion, or “alternative facts” are more important.
    In order for you to propose a rebuttal you must show facts to support your Lying claim. Buh bye

  • Normlhippie

    Proof Komrade??

  • Normlhippie

    Buzz words ?? It’s called Truth sparky

  • Normlhippie

    Perhaps we should reinstate them after trumps Conviction to integrate the party of tRump back into the human race.
    Since the repugs approve of them so much lol

  • Normlhippie

    Racist policies such as banning an entire race? Like muslims, mexicans, or whoever is disliked that day. Oh, my bad. Thats drumpy, your hero.

  • NudderTaxpayer

    White supremacist with a Black wife and Mexican son-in-law and granddaughter?! Nice try pal.