Join Our Twitter Campaign To End Corporate Surveillance Of Students

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Above Photo: annebousquet/Flickr

We invite you all to a Twitter blitz! This blitz will begin Sunday, September 23rd and last through the month of October. Each of you will create your own tweets and we will retweet one another. 

Let’s each try and think of a new one for each week. If you are not on Twitter, Facebook works well too.

Here’s what you do:

We have to EXPOSE THE LIES perpetrated by profit-driven industries that harness technologies to disarm our democratic agency (and our right to know the truth about what is being done to us). The goal is to activate this public narrative: corporate-owned technology-driven policies have lied to the public. While our focus is generally K12 education, the tweets can go broader than that. For example, think of how Monsanto’s GMO food lies about consumer health and environmental effects. Or, how the coal industry brags that new technology creates “clean coal.”

And the main gist of each tweet will be this: Lies My Technology Told Me (a play on the book Lies my Teacher Told Me by James Loewen.)

The basic formula will be as follows:

“(Name of tech or co) says _(what they promise or claim)_, but (insert the truth here)” followed by hashtag and campaign address #liesmytechnologytoldme 

We have a few simple messages you can use in your feed.

1.Surveillance is a poor substitute for an education
2.Every child has a right to attend school free of corporate surveillance and control
Google says that one on one devices in schools will enhance my child’s learning, but every day he comes home with migraines.  #liesmytechnologytoldme
Suite 360 claims that their online program helps students succeed, but did you know they share mined social emotional data with law enforcement and other agencies as they deem necessary? #liesmytechnologytoldme
Ed Reformers promised that technology would personalize my child’s education and all we got was a lousy online tutor who replaces an actual human being #liesmytechnologytoldme
Online K12 education programs say they’ll disrupt the factory model of schooling, instead my child sits alone all day in front of a screen earning digital badges. #liesmytechnologytoldme 

See you on Twitter!!