Join People’s Climate Justice Movement: Year Of Coordinated Action

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From coast to coast across North America, people who are fighting for climate justice are connecting and thinking big about how to work together to end the era of fossil and nuclear fuels and move to clean and just energy. We want to share what is going on and ways that you can get involved.

Sign up here for the Popular Resistance Climate Justice Affinity Group to stay informed about actions to retire fossil and nuclear fuels and move to renewable energy:

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Here are actions and calls that are coming up soon:


May 13 – Rising Tide NA “Flood the System” call – Join our conference call to get a sneak peak and start organizing! Wednesday, May 13th @ 8 PM EST (5 PM PST, 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central). RSVP here:…/re…/21TQEJNVHBJLJYE

May 15 – Coast to Coast No Gas Calls – where people who are fighting fracking, gas infrastructure such as pipelines and compressor stations and export terminals meet to share their struggles, their information and find ways to collaborate. Call is at 7 pm EDT/4 pm Pacific. RSVP to info@popularresistance for call-in information.

National Fast Track Resistance weekly calls – Every Wednesday at 9 pm EDT/ 6 pm Pacific. Click here for more information.



SHellNo! – Shell Oil is proceeding to drill the fragile Arctic while most of the world wants the oil to stay in the ground wherever it is. Activists in the Northwest are organizing a Flotilla in Seattle, WA to stop Shell. This is ongoing. Click here for more information.

May 21 to 29 – Beyond Extreme Energy – Stop the FERCus! Actions at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This agency is rubberstamping oil and gas projects without regard for public health or safety or the impact on the environment and climate crisis. In November, we shut the FERC down 5 days in a row. Now we are escalating our actions and forcing FERC to listen to front line families. Click here for more information and to register for the action.

May 30 to 31 – March and Solidarity Camp Out to Stop Dominion’s Dangerous Fracked Gas Export Terminal – Dominion Resources is currently building the East Coast’s first fracked gas refinery and export terminal. It will drive more fracking, pipelines and compressor stations up and down the East Coast. And it is the first refinery and export terminal to be built in a residential neighborhood where thousands of families will be exposed to toxic air and put at risk of a catastrophic event such as an explosion and fire. We will march to Cove Point Park next to the refinery on May 30 for a picnic and then camp out overnight in Cove Point. Come to show your support and learn more about this dangerous project. Click here for more information.

May 30 to June 7 – Mountain Justice Summer Convergence – In Kanawha State Forest in West Virginina. This is a place for all people who are working to end coal and other extractive industries in Appalachia, but those working on related social justice issues are also invited. The first 4 days will be a summer camp for sharing and learning skills and for recreation and the second 4 days will focus specifically on organizing. Click here for more information.

July 1 to July 8 – EarthFirst! Round River Rendezvous – A week of workshops, trainings, storytelling, music and poetry. There are opportunities to hear updates on campaigns and struggles from all over the continent, time to connect with lots of amazing folks during the week, and bond during the post-Rondy action (keep yr eyes out for a public action callout). The 2015 Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, hosted by Green Mountain Earth First!, will be held on occupied Abenaki land in so-called Vermont, *July 1-8*. The ancestors of today’s Abenaki are the original inhabitants of what is now Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Southern Quebec. The word Abenaki is derived from Wobanakik, which means “dawn land” or “eastern land. Many of the people organizing this summer’s gathering are currently involved in a campaign to stop a fracked gas pipeline under Lake Champlain – the largest body of water in VT (and also home to beluga whales!). Click here for more information.

August 11 to 17 – Localize This! Action Camp – is where we get inspired, recharge our batteries, and reflect, and cross-pollinate ideas alongside friends, allies, and some of the most effective change agents from across the U.S. It’s the NW’s dynamic Cross-Movement, Artful Activism, Strategy, Creative Tactics & Community Organizing Intensive Training Camp! Click here for more information.

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  • PaulK2

    We need specialists and groups of specialists.

    We need trucks to show up at events and produce big vats of beans and rice. 1000 compostable paper plates per event would also help. We need a group of specialists to handle the watermelon concessions too.

    For those tidal river demonstrations, we need seat-of-pants engineers to prototype and then show up with many rafts made of four barrels apiece. Tie the rafts together to make a bridge (or a low-cash naval blockade, but be careful out on cold water!). This happened at a Seabrook demonstration in 1979, and it was effective.

    We need inventors to relentlessly drive down the price of major solar products, including solar building heat storage and 24/7 stored solar heat for electricity. Every time you invent it, prototype it get it out there, one more oil field never gets drilled.

    We need social entrepreneurs to manage these efforts. Driving down world solar product prices should be a national charitable virtue, like the March of Dimes wiping out polio in the 1940s except far more important to us.

    We need to develop elections that are inherently hard to corrupt. I recommend the Cambridge, MA city council elections since 1940 as a great example. By all means, don’t imagine that Cambridge is the be-all and end-all of uncorruptible election systems. Shutting down the election corruption machine is at least 50% of climate change inhibition and reversal.