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Join The Fight To Save Dyett High School

Above photo: BEAUTIFUL banner created by educator & artist Azteca Fivehundred

A group of parents and supporters are on hunger strike to save the last open enrollment public high school in their area. Read about them below.

Chicago, IL – The attack on Dyett is representative of what is happening to public education and schools across the country. These resisters are on the front line of saving the human right to education. We hope you will take a moment to support them.

Take action now:

1. Contact Chicago Alderman Will Burns and tell him to support the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School by telephone at (773) 536-8103 or email him at, or sign the petition which sends an email directly to the alderman:

2. Contact Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and tell him to direct the school board to support the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School by telephone at 312 744 5000 or tweet at him @chicagosmayor.

3. Follow the hunger strike at #FightforDyett and #WeAreDyett.

From Teachers for Social Justice:

Day 1 – 12 Parents, grandparents, community members and supporters from around the city started a hunger strike on August, 17th.

Their demand is simple. Rahm Emanuel and his appointed school board needs to follow the community’s wishes and use the now shuttered Dyett High School Building at 555E 51st St. for the innovative, academically excellent and culturally connected Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School.

Donate funds to help the hunger strikers at the location or by clicking here.

Video of the launch:

Day 2 – The Reverend Jesse Jackson joined the hunger strike. Click here and here to read more.

Rev Jackson at Dyett

Day 3 – Karen Lewis supports the hunger strikers.

Karen Lewis at Dyett Hunger Strike

The #FightForDyett hashtag has been trending on Twitter … help us keep it going.

Black Schools Matter

Brave Little Village hunger strikers refused to eat for 19 days in 2001 which lead to Mayor Daley agreeing to build a brand new innovative high school for their community. Two Little Village hunger strikers came to support the Dyett hunger strikers today.

Day 4 – Hunger strikers and supporters held a press conference in the morning in front of CPS and demanded CPS CEO Forrest Claypool to respond on Dyett now!

Here is a short photo album of Day 4. CLICK HERE!  Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez & Dyett Coalition member Jaribu Lee.

Day 5 – Hunger strikers and supporters held a prayer vigil at the offices of Ald. Will Burns and Rep. Christian Mitchell this morning.

dyett ald burns office

Dyett Strikers are Weakened and Emotional, but Still Fighting on Day 5 interviews Jitu Brown about the reasons for and the demands of the #FightForDyett 

A short photo album of Day 5!CLICK HERE! Please Share! Photo credit to TSJ member Ervin Lopez

Day 6 –Posted by the Chicago Freedom School: So much love, strength and appreciation to 9 of the coalition members on a hunger strike. They took the time to share the struggle and passion to save Dyett Global Leadership & Green Technology HS. Freedom Fellows brought coconut water and energy to let community know we are in full support!

Dyett with Chi freedom school

CPS teacher Michelle Gunderson talks about the “3 D’s” of education privatization and asks how far you would go to guarantee a community based neighborhood school for your kids on the Living in Dialog education blog.

Day 7 – Discussion with UIC Professor Pauline Lipman and Jitu Brown. Chicago Parents Launch Hunger-Strike for Community Input in School’s Future by The Real News.

Visit for more updates.

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