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Unacceptable Culture Of Lying in US Intelligence Leadership Gets Obama’s “Full Support”

Heads of Both the CIA and NSA Have Been Caught Lying To Congress and the American People, They Are Not Prosecuted for Perjury and They Keep Their Jobs

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This week it became clear that the head of the CIA, John Brennan lied when he said: “As far as the allegations of CIA hacking into Senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth. We wouldn’t do that. I mean, that’s just beyond the scope of reason.”

Yes, it is beyond the scope of reason, but it turns out that in fact the CIA was spying on the staff of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Last year, James Clapper, the head of the NSA, responded falsely to a question from Sen. Ron Wyden when he claimed that the NSA did not spy on Americans. Sen. Ron Wyden asked whether the National Security Agency “collected data on millions of Americans.” Clapper testified falsely, saying: “No sir, not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect but not wittingly.” Documents leaked by Edward Snowden showed his statement to be false and in fact Americans are subjected to dragnet surveillance by the NSA.

President Obama has expressed his full support for both men, the Department of Justice has taken no action to investigate or prosecute either.

These are not minor lies. The separation of powers that gives Congress the power to be a check on the executive branch is foundational to the US Constitution. We are supposed to have three equal branches in order to prevent abuse. How can there be any check on the intelligence community if they spy on Congress and then lie about it in congressional testimony? Already intelligence oversight is too weak and allows intelligence abuse, this practice will surely intimidate Congress and create an even weaker check on intelligence agencies.

And, the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution which was clearly designed to prevent law enforcement searches of Americans unless there is a warrant based on probable cause loses all its meaning if an intelligence agency can conduct dragnet surveillance of the American people as the NSA is doing.  The Fourth Amendment has been weakened over the years by courts interpreting it to allow searches based on less than probable cause, without warrants or based on warrants justified by anonymous sources; but the NSA went further to decimate it of all meaning.

President Obama who advertised himself as a constitutional scholar has put an imprimatur of approval on the actions by the leaders of the CIA and NSA by not demanding their resignation. His actions are an affront to the Constitution and to every American. Does he really see these lies as minor offenses that do not require action to hold Clapper and Brennan responsible? Is President Obama, for some reason, afraid of the intelligence agencies?

Surely there must be some people in the field of US intelligence who could replace these men and bring some integrity to these agencies. What message is President Obama sending to the people who work in the CIA and NSA about the need to respond honestly when testifying before Congress? Or, the necessity of telling the truth to the American people? The failure to demand accountability ensures these practices will grow.

US intelligence agencies are in a crisis. Their role in foreign affairs has included supporting coups of democratic governments, spying on foreign leaders, taking leadership in illegal actions such as torture and drone murders as well as other unethical actions. The massive intelligence complex, closely intertwined with corporate security and intelligence actions, put the privacy of all Americans at risk. We cannot have leaders who have shown deep ethical failures. It is time for Clapper and Brennan to go. This makes it even more important for Obama to demand the resignations of the heads of the CIA and FBI.

  • World government is finalizing its positions around the world and the money system will end up being a implanted chip or some other mark on the hand. The serious positioning has been going on since the United Nations became a reality in 1945. All wars fought since WW 2 have been positioning wars. We lost N. Korea and Vietnam and no other conclusive winning anywhere. world government is communist and government run economic monopolies will rule – at least that is the intention.

  • Vivienne Perkins

    The worst thing the US ever did was to create the CIA. It long ago gave up its role in intelligence gathering to become a system for carrying out secret operations designed to overthrow legally elected governments that the U.S., for one reason or another, disfavors. The most recent instance is the overthrow of the legal government by the CIA/State Dept/Blackwater mercenaries last Feb. in Ukraine, for the sake of installing the absolutely corrupt oligarch Poroshenko in order to enable the IMF/EU/NATO and US corporations to strip Ukraine of its resources, build ABM sites there aimed at Russia and to encourage the Poroshenko government’s immediate attack on the Eastern provinces. CIA Director Brennan was actually in Kiev while this coup was being carried out in conjunction with the local Right Sektor Nazis. The record of the CIA’s misdeeds is extensive, and since it is NOT UNDER any real CONTROL by CONGRESS, it is used by our presidents to get us into wars we ought not to be in. I hope for Clapper to be fired, but nothing will stop the illegal behavior of the NSA.

  • Thu663r

    Spot on, Vivienne! The U.S. backed Nazis in Kiev are performing like the U.S. backed Zionists in Israel. World domination by corporations is the agenda.

  • Vivienne Perkins

    Dear Thu663r. I agree with your view of the “agenda”. We are so far down that path now that I think we have no option except to try for what Gandhi tried for in India–a boycott of all British cloth goods by individuals who wove their own homespun.
    What if everyone in our boycott stopped buying the crap the corporations are making? Another writer and I are thinking of writing a book about this decision to create everything we need for ourselves: grow our food, make our clothes etc.

  • Wacanta

    Well, we DID win in Granada! I think world government, when it happens, will be more fascist than communist, and the corporations will run the economic monopolies, in cahoots with the government.

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  • Donald J. Ludwig


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  • John Andersen

    Walking as transportation for daily errands.

  • Vivienne Perkins

    Thank you Donald J. Ludwig for putting it so well. The real question is
    WHY we are letting them do it? Are we brainwashed (yes), stupid (yes)
    indifferent (yes) hopeless (yes) powerless (yes). Those who refuse to be powerless wind up in exile or in prison under the so-called Patriot Act which a spineless and terrified public has been tolerating for the past thirteen years because we think it will “protect:” us against terrorists. It does not, however, protect us against our government, nor do the Constitution or Bill of Rights which are now dead letters from a remote period when our ancestors thought governmental tyranny could be restrained. We are now going to see the dark side of those two forces, technology and nuclear weapons, which we believed we could embrace without being destroyed by them.

  • geneiup

    There needs to be a power that they HAVE to answer to . Fear mongers are trying to take over our government, and silence the people.

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  • OakenTruncheon

    All this nose-holding while we choose what we hope will prove to be the lessor evil is getting pretty damned old.

  • wantrealdemocracy

    A real investigation of what really happened on 9/11 is imperative. People saw the videos of those planes running into the towers so many times with the voice over saying it was Muslim terrorists who did it, but that too was just another ‘official’ lie. All these wars and the loss of our civil rights were all passed while the people were in a state of fear and aprehension. And we are fed propaganda 24/7..We need a real investigtion of the events of that day. The truth will set us free and we will demand the people that lied us into these wars are punished. We need to clear up that mess and start over in an attempt to get a good government bases on direct democracy where our representative MUST vote as directed by their constituents and not vote as directed by their corrupt political party or their major donors. We got the worst government that money did buy—and we want it back!

  • Steven Berge

    We’re supposed to be the power, but most are too brainwashed by corporate media. Awareness is growing though. Don’t vote for the republicrat sellouts. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

  • Steven Berge

    There were lies and spin about 9-11, which tells you their agenda is not in our interests. Maybe it was even a false flag operation? Anyway, the only way to stop oligarchy is to make elections publicly funded, cost far less than is spent now, and last a much shorter time. Also corruption must result in jail and forfeiture.

  • Southernfink

    Omissions and Distortions about 911 written by David Ray Griffon provided ample proof that the investigation was severely lacking when it came to providing the fullest possible account of events on date fateful day.

    Considering who was initially in charge we can be surprised at the outcome, only to resign in order to avoid answering questions – let’s not forget – the Bush administration used the state secret privileges act a staggering 23 times – enter Obama and the sad saga continues.

  • Southernfink

    Ending corporate influence over government matters, such as the MIC.

    Who ever did 911 could not have done on their own, they needed inside help from very high up, my opinion that’s the reason why the Bush administration refused to answer question by invoking the state secret privileges act quite a number of times – and explains why the companies they were personally involved in made huge profits in the GWOT,.

  • Thu663r

    Thank goodness my mother taught me how to sew at a very early age. Before I could walk, she rocked me on the treadle of her White sewing machine while she made garments for the people in town. I have and use that machine for my own needs (114 year old White Rotary). I grow my own veggies and can some. I only repair clothes and make curtains, drapes and bed covers. If we all could do it, that would help defeat the corporations.

    Now, what to do about those that do not have the means.

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  • Kaecyy

    “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” —Dr Benjamin Franklin, Founding Grandfather

    As a pledge-bound defender of “liberty and justice for all”, and thus a real goddamn American— except under truly exceptional circumstances, I can no longer willingly cooperate with, utilize the services of, or respect the police or any other armed or coercive branch, of any government, that is existing and operating without the consent and support of the people who are most at risk in our civilization, that has a history of abuse coupled with a lack of accountability, that enjoys a de facto monopoly in society on violence even when behaving illegally or with criminal violence, or that is participating in, facilitating, or profiting from ongoing societal atrocities, such as poverty, social inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, the destruction of the environment, or the 1937 to present World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users.

    Thus, as of today, I declare my independence.

    As of today, I pledge as my patriotic duty, insofar as practically, legally, or covertly possible, to no longer recognize or respect the authority or legitimacy of the organized, criminal organization known as the “police”, nor that of any other armed or coercive force of parallel, analogous, or allied disposition, such as the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, etc etc.

    In fact, I am exercising my democratic right as a proud American citizen, RIGHT NOW, and calling, loudly and clearly, for these obsolescent organizations to be disbanded immediately, and rebuilt from the ground up towards the humanitarian ends that I stated above.

    However, using my intelligence and my social aptitudes, to the best of my abilities I WILL respect and personally engage with the individuals in these corrupt organizations— many of them unprosecuted war criminals still at liberty, carrying weapons and the badge of government, yes, but also many of them good people with good hearts who have themselves been grossly disinformed and disserved by their government and society, as have we all— and in my engagement with these occupying soldiers I will try to educate and encourage them into reform, into disobedience, into resistance, or even into going the full Edward Snowden.

    You see, my friends, most actual cops I meet I really like, and I hit it off with them. And this, too, is an important way for our rebellion to grow. And grow.

    And grow.

    I suspect that it won’t be too many years before we have a full on Underground Railroad going for these kinds of heroes— I’m convinced that the more incentive and facilitation we can give whistleblowers to blow that whistle, the more of them will come out of the woodwork. It will take organization. It will take resources. But it has been done, it can be done again, and I believe it will be done. (French Resistance, anyone?)

    Thus as an Eagle Scout and former POW, I will do my best, to do my duty, to the gods and our civilization, to help tune them in, turn them on, and drop them the hell out.

    I strongly suggest the rest of you do the same. Each of us, both alone and together— to the best of our abilities.

    If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably sharp enough to see the truth in what I say, and surely smart enough to make a difference. Let us do so— in any way that we can, for the rest of our lives.

    My friends— just because something is the law, it sure as hell doesn’t make it right.

    Total Civil Resistance is one key factor we must utilize toward attaining the post-police force we deserve, for the money we pay, to protect and serve ALL of us. Total Civil Resistance, in addition to seeking change through the legal channels, and through engagement with our governments.

    As Father History has proven, the legal channels for change available to us are utterly inadequate, and our resistance must move beyond the rigged selective punishment system to non-cooperation, divestment, and direct action at the least, and on up to outright espionage and sabotage where and when appropriate, available, and effective.

    With our police and security forces, we have a situation like the Wehrmacht and the Imperial Japanese Army— it’s the organization that is evil and must be destroyed, but not ALL of the people in it. But for the rest, we Americans really do need a Nuremberg/ Tokyo-style war crimes tribunal to mark the end of, for a start, the World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users, and to hold accountable those who have perpetrated, profited from, and perpetuated this ongoing, slow-burning social and racial genocide, which has been tearing our society apart for nearly a century.

    Obviously, the same is true for the not unrelated War of Terror… it just hasn’t been true for as many years.


    “…with liberty and justice for all.”

    It rings proud, and great, but hollow. All of us Americans have pledged allegiance to a country that does not yet exist, and never has existed on the face of this Earth. And so it is our duty to fulfill that promise of our civilization, and to build that society— no matter what powers we have to face, and what institutions we have to tear to the ground to make way and achieve this.

    Anything less is the very definition of un-American.

    Brothers and sisters— please join the Rebel Alliance. The Empire is strong. We need every kind of help it is possible to give, from every person that can give it, in every place that they can give it— at home, in the workplace, on the streets, in secret, and out in the open.

    We want you, and we need you.

    I’ll see y’all in the future!

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  • Phil Klostermen

    Two Globalist puppets $ucking at the teat of Soros