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Journalist Targeted By Ukraine Speaks Out: Wyatt Reed With Lee Camp

Journalist Wyatt Reed is based out of Washington, DC. That hasn’t prevented him from delivering some of the hardest hitting frontline reporting on an impressive list of critical events within the past few years. From Charlottesville to the Venezuelan Embassy, the BLM Uprising, the color revolution of Bolivia, and hot off the heels of a trip to the Donbas region as an international election observer. The quality of his coverage is rivaled only by his ability to ratio so-called “journalists” on Twitter like Keith Olberman in defense of Nicaragua’s democratic election process, which he observed during November 2021.

But there is a twist. Wyatt Reed was put on a dystopian kill list run by the Ukrainian Interior Ministry bearing the name Myrotvorets or Peace Maker.  He was added to this list less than two weeks before his hotel was bombed by the Ukrainian military while he was in Donetsk. Today, he told MintPress’ Lee Camp of the harrowing details of how he came under artillery fire on his way back to his hotel.

Two hours after arriving in Donetsk, maybe 1 hour after checking into my hotel and 45 minutes after communicating my location to a colleague in Donetsk I went to try to find some dinner. On my way back, I’m about 100 meters away from the front door of my hotel. A massive explosion happened directly in front of me, I screamed out ‘holy shit’, I took out my phone and started recording”.

Wyatt continued: “I was worried that they were going to follow up and do what is called ‘double-tap strike’ and hit the same location seconds or minutes later in an effort to take out survivors or first responders.”

This notorious list is being ignored by the mainstream media, but is becoming increasingly difficult for the public to ignore, for an obvious reason. Wyatt explains how this list is used by immigration officers and hundreds of court cases in the Ukrainian judicial system. Anton Gerashchenko, a top advisor in the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, has openly bragged about creating this list.

There is no question this was an effort by the Ukrainian military to target a civilian area, though it isn’t completely clear that Wyatt was the target of an assassination attempt. Wyatt, however, “strongly suspects” he was purposefully targeted. He is just one of multiple journalists who have come under suspected assassination attempts after reporting facts that the Ukrainian government disagrees with and being added to the Myrotvorets kill list.

“Every day I stayed after that was a middle finger to the people who wanted to kill me”, he said.

Wyatt wasn’t just dodging artillery while he was in the Donbass. He also took the time to get to know the people who live there and have faced this kind of terror every day for 9 years. Violence has become rampant since a 2014 US sponsored coup known as the Maidan overthrew the state’s democratically elected president. Leaked recordings show top American diplomat Victoria Nuland, plotting to install a new president in Ukraine.

Check out Wyatt’s first-hand account with Lee Camp this week on The Most Censored Interviews!

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