Julian Assange And The Crucifixion Of Free Speech

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It didn’t take long for the computer intrusion case against Julian Assange to morph into a much larger and far more serious charge of espionage.

The murder of Julian Assange—the espionage act carries the death penalty—and the organized destruction of freedom of speech by the ruling financial and corporate elite are the final objective of this long-running drama. 

The corporate-funded internationalist sham known as Amnesty International has refused to support Assange and Manning.

This really isn’t surprising considering the folks who fund this “human rights” organization. It has received grants over the past ten years from the UK Department for International Development, the European Commission, the United States State Department, and other governments, as well as the Rockefeller Foundation. In other words, it is working for the people who want Assange prosecuted and executed. 

For decades, the state used “soft fascism” to rule, but this has changed over the last few years, especially since the awakening that naively put Donald Trump in the White House. 

As the economic house of cards begins to fold and an outlier takes office, the state and its controllers discard the soft fascism-corporatism facade in favor of more direct measures. 

The erosion of soft fascism for its more direct and menacing ancestor is an ongoing process in effect since 9/11, the Patriot Act, and a cascade of media-generated (from government scripts) fear mongering—first exploiting Muslims, and now going after real enemies of the state: the truth-tellers, the whistleblowers, and those who reveal the reality of naked modern fascism hidden beneath a soft fascist exterior. 

In order to accomplish the destruction of truth-telling media, the state unimaginatively created a monster—Vladimir Putin and the Russians. This is a recycling of the old Cold War Soviet monster and a make-over of the sort of induced hysteria and fear mongering that almost brought America to the edge of nuclear war. 

The persecution of Assange is a key element in the effort to destroy alternative media and investigative journalism. 

After Julian Assange is extradited from his hole in Belmarsh and brought up on charges for revealing the psychopathic activity of the US government, he will either be slammed in prison for the remainder of his life or marched to the little room where they perform lethal injection, the same sort of “justice” dealt Timothy McVeigh for his questionable role in the anomalistic Oklahoma City bombing. 

Henceforth, journalists may think twice about revealing government “national security secrets” for fear of the Assange Effect. 

The parallel destruction of alternative media—motivated by the absurd fantasy Russia wants to destroy our “democracy”—will make certain no war crimes are exposed and no malfeasance by the DNC to throw elections unmasked. 

The endgame is a return to a docile and submissive public indifferent to wars and the lawless and violent conduct of the state. 

“There is no subjugation so perfect as that which keeps the appearance of freedom, for in that way one captures volition itself,” wrote Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

But there is a problem. Millions of Americans in flyover country are fed-up with the government and Congress. They voted for Trump in the false hope the “deep state” would be confronted, the wars brought to an end, and the swamp drained of corporate and foreign lobbyists and parasitical crony capitalist profiteers destroying what is left of a crumbling republic. 

Plan B will resort too hard fascism. 

The soft variant is no longer effective in controlling the people. It’s a make-or-break situation for the ruling elite. If they are unable to control us with an endless infusion of propaganda hyperventilating over iniquitous Russians and the destruction of a “democracy” that does not exist, they will waste little time rolling out hard fascism under some dire and totally fallacious pretext.

  • Infarction

    The oligarchs and their lickspittles in Congress have been planning the ongoing crackdown on civil liberties and human rights for decades. Beginning in the post-World War II years the Democratic Party abandoned the liberal notions of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry Wallace to shoe-horn the reactionary Harry S. Truman into the White House. Truman brought to the world its first nuclear bomb attack and the CIA.

    By 1961, after he oversaw CIA-led government overthrows of democratically-elected governments in Iran and Guatemala, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation of the military-industrial complex, that grew like wildfire under nearly every succeeding presidency. During the 1970s, the FBI and its COINTELPRO spied on US citizens.

    During his administration Richard M. Nixon began the “war on drugs” that was escalated during the 1980s when neoliberalism bloomed in the US under Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton with vigorous support from Hillary Clinton encouraged the enormous growth of the prison industry in an effort to supplant the putative end of Jim Crow.

    After the so-called 9/11 terrorist attacks in the early days of the W. Bush administration, draconian laws like the Patriot Act were rushed through a frightened Congress by a power-mad cabal led by Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney. Subsequent laws further attacked the basic ideals of a free society.

    Barack Obama expanded Bush/Cheney’s wars for profit as he ordered assassinations of US citizens at his whim. Infuriated after Wikileaks, aided by then Bradley Manning, published indisputable evidence of war crimes in Iraq, Obama stepped up the attacks on Assange as he militarized police within the US.

    Donald Trump increased the legacy established by Obama as Trump began a crackdown on the torrent of refugees fleeing devastation created by Obama and Hillary Clinton’s military atrocities in Central America. Trump began building concentration camps in the US to illegally incarcerate refugees pleading for political asylum. Trump further escalated Obama’s war on civil liberties by calling the press the “enemy of the people,” a term used widely in Stalinist Russia.

    Thus the stage was set for the US oligarchs’ war against the First Amendment that the corporate media has been cheerleading until they finally awakened from their zombie trance. The assault on the press that many of us railed about for years has finally filtered into the glossy and expensive TV studios. The corporate media is now scurrying around like rats to claw back what they already lost.

    Meanwhile, true patriots like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning are locked in dungeons operated by the international corporate state.

  • mwildfire

    Two points I want to question: you state that the FBI and COINTELPRO spied on US citizens in the Seventies, period, implying that it ended in the Eighties. In fact it likely never ended and ramped up enormously under the Cheney Administration. And then at the end you say US media now scurrying and trying to claw back what they’ve lost–if so I haven’t heard mention of it before. What I’ve seen is many statements by left media in defense of Assange and warning of what his prosecution means for journalism and the First Amendment, but for “mainstream” (corporate) media, only cheerleading. Are they in fact now raising warnings?