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Jump Into Dump Dominion Day Of Action!

Above photo: We Are Cove Point and friends at the Bank of America close to Cove Point, November 2015. By Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins.

UPDATE: See photos from today and add yours! CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

On December 16, we are telling Bank of America to stop financing Dominion’s dangerous gas refinery and export terminal in Cove Point with actions throughout the area.

Join an action or organize your own. We’ll help you.

Lusby, Maryland – We Are Cove Point is a coalition of people and organizations that is working together to stop a new liquefied fracked gas export terminal that Dominion Resources is trying to build in the residential community of Cove Point in Lusby, Maryland. This is the first liquefied fracked gas export terminal to be built on the East Coast and the first one to be built adjacent to a densely-populated residential neighborhood. 

Bank of America is a major financier of Dominion. It owns 1.5% of Dominion Resources and is helping to lend the $4 billion needed for the project in Cove Point. Bank of America underwrote $275 million in June 2013 to reduce Dominion’s indebtedness and contribute to capital expenses of the $3.8 billion liquefied natural gas export facility in Cove Point, Maryland.

Dominion Resources is a bad investment. On December 9, 2015, Bank of America Merrill downgraded Dominion Midstream (the portion of the company building the project in Cove Point) to an “Underperform” rating. Dominion Midstream’s stock has fallen almost 32% over the past  200 days, only buoyed by purchases of stock by executives like the CEO Tom Farrell.

This is the perfect time to tell Bank of America to Dump Dominion. Do it for the people in Cove Point who will be poisoned by toxins emitted from the project (22.4 tons a year) and at risk of a flash fire or explosion. Do it for the communities up and down the East who will be endangered from more fracking, pipelines and compressor stations built because of the project in Cove Point. Do it for the planet that cannot bear the Greenhouse Gas load of more fracking and gas infrastructure. The facility at Cove Point alone is the equivalent of 425,000 more cars a year.

Protests are being planned at Bank of America locations. These actions are simple. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Hold signs in front of a Bank of America telling them to “Dump Dominion.”
  2. Hand out fliers to bank customers urging them to change banks. Here’s a flier you can use: Cut the Card flier final
  3. Deliver a letter to the bank manager urging the bank to dump Dominion. Here’s a letter you can use: BoA letter for Drop Dominion actions
  4. Take photos of your action and of people cutting up their Bank of America bank cards. Share those photos with us by sending them to donny@wearecovepoint.
  5. Share your photos on social media using the hashtags #CutTheCard and #DumpDominion. If you tweet, please include @BankofAmerica. Here is a sample tweet:

Hey . Time to . Say no to dirty energy. That’s why I .

To learn more about this specific campaign, visit

Here is a list of actions:

Visit the Facebook event page here:



• Bank of America Center at the corner of W. Pratt and S. Charles Sts at 12 noon

• Bank of America, 3121 St. Paul St. at 12 noon

Contact Margaret at for information.



• 50 Catoctin Cir NE, time TBA

Contact Lee at for more information.

Washington, DC


• Bank of America in Dupont Circle (3 Dupont Cir. NW) at 9 a.m.

• Bank of America in Columbia Heights (3100 14th St. NW, #101) at 11 a.m.

More locations and times may be announced. Contact Donny at for more information.

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