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Jumping Fences

Understanding And Addressing The Barriers To Access To Land For Agroecological Farming For Black People And People Of Colour (BPOC) In Britain.

We are very excited about a new collaboration with Ecological Land Cooperative and the Landworkers Alliance. The purpose of the project is to identify the barriers that BPOC face when considering a land based livelihood in Britain, to map existing and prospective BPOC led land-based businesses and organisations and to discover what challenges they face and how they seek to overcome them. Building off the initial research we completed for Rootz Into Food Growing, but expanding to the wider country to collect stories from across Britain.

The research findings will be discussed with a wide range of organisations in the agroecology sector to identify ways to support BPOC new entrants to farming. The final intention of the collective effort is to strengthen LION’s capacity to become a community land trust, so that we can provide practical solutions for BPOC land stewards including access to land.

For more information on the Jumping Fences project please email

The Jumping Fences report was published January 2023 and compiles evidence from interviews with BPOC farmers and landworkers throughout Britain, carried out during 2022.

You can read and download the full report here Jumping Fences 2023 WEB.

An appendix is also available here – Jumping Fences Appendix – Participant journeys into land work, which provides more detail on the rich stories that came out through the interview process.

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