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K. J. Noh On The Coming US-China Clash In Asia

The United States is no longer able to exert its will in the very arbitrary and unitary way that it has been able to and the problem with this is that it is a very dangerous moment because as the Empire weakens, as it senses its power waning and slipping away from its grasp, it becomes more dangerous. It’s like the drunk at the bar and the bar is closing and the drunk is drunk with power. It has maxed out its credit cards and it has struck out with everybody. It is time to go home. It is time for the Empire to go home but it doesn’t want to go home. It wants to pick a fight even if it has to take on the whole bar.

Topics discussed:

  • The danger of the current moment; nuclear risks and pre-emptive war
  • Dollar Hegemony and De-dollarization
  • Neocon ideology: Why Tony Blinken can’t play the blues
  • The Neocon tripwire; Ukraine–Why the US is not agreement capable
  • Two front war: Pivot to China;  Russia as bloody appetizer
  • US escalation in South Korea, Ukrainization of Taiwan, Philippines/SCS
  • No-think zones: Information warfare and shutting down antiwar resistance
  • Why China’s rise is a threat: How China rose; why China must be destroyed
  • Global Supply chains and war; Financialized and Productive economies
  • SCS; AUKUS; Australia’s role in war; Gough Whitlam
  • Japan’s role; JAKUS and history of LDP; Hatoyama, Kishi, Abe
  • Multipolarity, Comprador Elites, the Global Agenda, Domestic Repression and Popular Resistance
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