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Kathy Kelly and Georgia Walker Arrested

Kathy Kelly and Georgia Walker Sought to Redress Grievances at Whiteman Air Force Base, Were Arrested

Busloads of activists gathered today at the gate of this base in central Missouri to protest drone warfare waged from inside its boundary. The action was the third in a triple-protest called the Trifecta Resista, which also addressed nuclear weapons and the imprisonment of the whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Voices co-coordinator Kathy Kelly crossed the property line with Georgia Walker, community activist from Midtown, a neighborhood in Kansas City.

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A few hours ago Kathy Kelly and Georgia Walker were arrested at Whiteman Airforce Base where US killer drones are operated from. As the 2 approached soldiers at the base Kathy was carrying a loaf of bread with the intention to break bread and talk with the soldiers while Georgia carried caution tape to symbolise the danger to life which drones impose.

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