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Kevin Zeese About

Family members who are coordinating this fund include:

Alex Zeese, the oldest son of Kevin Zeese. Alex worked with his father on his 2006 senate campaign and on various political issues, like the anti-war movement and voter rights.

Dora Hoyt is Kevin’s daughter-in-law of 14 years. She has worked and volunteered in the DC arts community for two decades and had organized and volunteered in the Queer community. 

Daniel Zeese is the youngest son of Kevin Zeese. Daniel is an artist, designer, and educator practicing in New England. Daniel’s work explores populations, belonging, and identity.

Eve Zeese is Kevin’s sister. She worked with Kevin on the book Drug Law: Strategies and Tactics and currently teaches at the Irvington Union Free School District.

Sara Stevens is Kevin Zeese’s niece. She works as an event producer and production manager in New York City. Some recent work has included stage managing the 2019 NYC Women’s March, the lights for Liberty immigration rally, and working on the 2019 Queer Liberation March.

Sarah Durand is Kevin Zeese’s cousin. She is a biology professor with the City University of New York at its LaGuardia campus. She collaborates with State and City agencies to provide student internships in the restoration of native salt marsh habitat to the New York estuary.

Aya Aziz is a writer, artist, and activist from NYC, and a cousin of Kevin Zeese. Aya works across mediums and examines history, community, joy, and resistance through her art. Her musical Eh Dah? ran at New York Theatre Workshop in 2019.

Paul Y. Song, MD is Kevin Zeese’s cousin. He is a board-certified radiation oncologist, progressive activist and president of the California chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. He worked with Kevin on National Improved Medicare for All.

Margaret Flowers is Kevin Zeese’s life partner and co-director with Kevin of Popular Resistance as well as co-host with him of the Clearing the FOG radio show. Flowers is a retired pediatrician and most known for activism on single payer health care.

Jack Flowers is the oldest son of Margaret Flowers. He is a scientist currently working towards his PhD in Germany on post-Lithium batteries. He traveled to Iran with Kevin and Margaret in 2019, and assisted on a handful of Green Party campaigns in 2016 and 2018.

Braden Flowers is the youngest son of Margaret Flowers. He is an engineer working on the future of electric transit, particularly electric cars, and helped Kevin by providing technical support for online meetings. 

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