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Kevin Zeese was a public interest lawyer, organizer and activist for 40 years who worked on a broad range of issues beginning with ending the drug war and mass incarceration to election integrity, peace, economic and trade justice, single payer healthcare, net neutrality, anti-imperialism and more. He was a truth teller and visionary who often started campaigns on issues that were either controversial or ignored. 

Kevin was a movement leader who served as a mentor to many young people searching for a way into activism. He saw the connections between all struggles and worked to bring people and organizations across issues and from across the political spectrum to work together toward a common goal. He did so with respect for all people, courage, creativity and love.

The Kevin Zeese Emerging Activists Fund will provide a small grant to one or more activists or a small grassroots organization each year that is in line with the life work and philosophy of Kevin Zeese. The emphasis for grantees will be on people or frontline grassroots organizations working for economic, racial or environmental justice or peace. 

2021 Grantees:

Ruth Rollins

Trinice McNally

DonChristian Jones


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