Killer Drone Protestors Converge On Creech AFB Base Today

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CREECH AFB, Nevada – Anti-drone activists from throughout the county, including some driving in cars decorated with “Unarmed Civilians” and “Stop Killer Drones” signs,  will participate in five days of protest at Creech Air Force Base, where pilots direct killer Reaper and Predator drones around the world .The Creech AFB actions run Monday, April 7 – Friday, April 11.

Protests begin Monday/April 7 at Creech AFB (one hour north of Las Vegas in Indian Springs), and will run all week from 6-8 a.m. and 3-5 p.m.

1memAmong the direct actions are a simulated “Drone Attack on a Wedding Party”; “A Funeral Procession,” with white masks, coffins and a giant Mourning Mother puppet; “ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE” (illegal spying, domestic & foreign); “Call Congress Day for Drone Transparency,” “Fly A Kite, Not a Drone” (colorful kite display);  “Celebrate Whistleblowers”;  and, on the last day, Friday, April 11, a large convergence of drone resisters will hang “1,000 Drones,” around the military base property (each with names of innocent drone victims).


This avant-garde convergence will be the seventh such gathering since 2009, when the San Francisco Code Pink chapter held their its drone protest at Creech AFB.  Activists are traveling this week from as far away as Washington State, NY, SF and Phoenix, to converge in a united front against the remotely controlled targeted killing program run by the CIA and U.S. military.

“We are compelled to voice our outrage over this secret and illegal institutionalized assassination program that has killed thousands of people,” said Toby Blomé, organizer.  “The murderous rampage of our military paid for by our taxes is totally unacceptable.  We refuse to be complicit,” says Martha Hubert, co-organizer.