Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Found Guilty On All Counts

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Above photo: From the Kings Bay Plowshares Support Group, Nuclear Resister.

NOTE: Listen to our interview with four of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 on Clearing the FOG.

Brunswick, GA – More than 18 months after they snuck onto the site of one of the largest known collections of nuclear weaponry in the world, a jury found the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 guilty of all four of the charges brought against them.

The defendants face more than 20 years in prison for destruction and depredation of government property in excess of $1,000, trespassing, and conspiracy.

Late at night on April 4, 2018 Mark Colville, Clare Grady, Martha Hennessy, Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J., Elizabeth McAlister, Patrick O’Neill, and Carmen Trotta used a bolt cutter to enter a remote gate at Naval Base Kings Bay in St. Mary’s GA and walked two miles through swamp and brush. They then split into three groups and prayed, poured blood, spray-painted messages against nuclear weapons, hammered on parts of a shrine to nuclear missiles, hung banners, and waited to be arrested.

“The Pentagon has many installations – and we just walked out of one of them,” Colville said outside the courthouse. “It’s a place where they weaponize the law. And they wield it mostly against the poor, the people who have all the redlined neighborhoods in this county know that very well.

“And once in a while the people who are privileged like us get a taste of it. And when we do we should hear the word guilty as a blessing on us because it gives us an opportunity to stand with people who hear guilty all the time every day.”

The seven expect to be sentenced in 60 to 90 days. Until then, six of them have been released under bond conditions each had prior to trial.

During the course of the trial, which began Monday morning, the defendants and their supporters had expressed pleasure with the unexpected amount of information they had been able to provide to the jury about their reasons for undertaking their protest. Federal Judge Lisa Godbey Wood had issued an order late last Friday night restricting any evidence or testimony having to do with a necessity defense, international law and treaties restricting nuclear weaponry, and religious and moral reasons.

“I really think that the verdict was, frankly, reactionary,” Trotta told supporters outside the courthouse. “They heard a lot. The judge allowed them to hear a lot. And it’s a little frightening that nuclear weapons could be hidden in plain sight. We have to understand that we are a remnant.… We remain a remnant of the spirit that I think was stronger in our country at other periods on time.

“But we all know which way the wind is blowing. There’s the Black Lives Matter movement. There’s the Extinction Rebellion. There’s the Me Too movement. There’s an activist community waiting just behind us.”

  • Jo McIntire

    Power to the people!

  • Steven Berge

    If we can take it. Too many people live a precarious life where they can’t afford to take time to resist or are afraid to be arrested and lose their family or job. There are more and more of us retired types that don’t have much to loose though, so maybe there is more hope. 🙂

  • David Eberhardt

    back w Max from KingsBay trial in Georgia- 2 hrs of deliberation and guilty on all counts- jurors, judge, prosecutors right out of the Bible (mob at crucifixion ) and out of lynch mob photos and Nuremburg-moronic, cipher like beings- under beaming. clownish photos of trump and pence
    judge adminishes even laughter in the courtroom
    defendants also out of the Bible- on the prophetic side
    one observation- word definition, word choice- to the prosecutor and base personnel you destoyed a missile display, to the defencants we performed a cleansing, a sacramental action at your shrine to weapons that can destroy life as we know it- blasphemous as were the golden calves and money changers in the Bible

    the judge in the case blocked Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and other expert witnesses from testifying in the trial to explain why the activists broke into the military base. Ellsberg said, quote, “An action which would under other circumstances be illegal can be justified as legal by a reasonable belief that it is necessary to avert a much greater evil, in this case omnicide, the killing of nearly every human on Earth, in a war in which the nuclear missiles aboard Trident submarines were launched.” Daniel Ellsberg is the author of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. deberhardt

  • David Eberhardt

    yes and the Jains in India move humbly, naked, begging their food and trying to avoid stepping on ants- americans not the slightest quotient of spiritualy- nada

  • David Stevens

    Amazing and inspiring group!

  • Steven Berge

    The cradle to grave indoctrination system has been quite effective. Advertizing is even creeping into all the nooks and crannies of the internet now. And the old TV advertizing has gotten up to more than a third of the air time. Reminds me of the CIA directors statement at a meeting many years ago, “We’ll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the american public believes is false.”

  • David Eberhardt