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Last Call: A Manifesto For Transformation

Originally posted in Spanish at
Translated by Popular Resistance.


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This is more than an economic and political crisis: it’s a crisis of civilization.

For the most part, European citizens believe the idea that consumer society can “progress” into the future (and that it should). Meanwhile, a good part of the inhabitants of the planet hope to achieve our level of material comfort. However, we have succeeded in achieving this level of production and consumption at the cost of exhausting natural resources and energy sources, and disrupting the equilibrium of Earth’s ecosystems.

None of this is new. The most lucid researchers and scientists have warned us since the 1970’s: to continue with the current trends of growth (economic, demographic, in the use of resources, generation of pollutants and increase in inequality) the most probably result for the 21st century would be the collapse of civilization.

Today the news has accumulated that indicates that the path of unrestricted growth is already a genocide in slow motion. The end of cheap energy, the catastrophic scenarios of climate change and the geopolitical tensions over resources show us that the paradigm of progress of the past is bankrupt.

Before this challenge, the superficial mantras of sustainable development are not enough, nor are the bets on eco-efficient technologies, nor a supposed “green economy” that covers up the general commercialization of natural goods and the services of the ecosystem. Technological solutions, with so many environmental crises like the decline in energy production, are insufficient. In addition, the ecological crisis is not a topic that can be separated from all aspects of society: food, transportation, industry, urbanization, military conflicts… It concerns the base of our economy and our lives.

We are trapped in the perverse dynamic of a civilization that will not function if it does not grow, and if it grows will destroy the resource base that makes it possible. Our technocratic and commercial culture forgets that we, at the roots, are dependent on the interdependent ecosystems.

The producer and consumer society cannot be sustained by the planet. We need to construct a new civilization capable of securing a dignified life for an enormous (today more than 7.2 billion), constantly growing human population that inhabits a world of diminishing resources. There need to be radical changes in the modes of life, forms of production, design of cities, and organization of territories. We need a society that aims to recover equilibrium with the biosphere, using research, technology, culture, economy, and politics to advance towards this end. For this, we will need all the political imagination, moral generosity, and technical creativity that can be deployed.

But this Great Transformation will confront two titanic obstacles: the inertia of capitalist life and the interests of privileged groups. To avoid the chaos and barbarity that up until today we are being directed towards, we will need a profound political rupture with the current hegemony, and an economy whose ends are the satisfaction of social needs within limits imposed by the biosphere, and not the accumulation of private profit.

Fortunately, more people are resisting the attempts of elites to make them pay for the consequences of crisis. Today, in the Spanish state, the awakening of dignity and democracy that created 15M (in the spring of 2011) is creating a constitutional process that opens possibilities for other forms of social organization.

However, it is fundamental that alternative projects aware of the implications of the limits to growth design much bolder proposals for change. The economic crisis and the crisis of regimes can only be overcome at the same time as the ecological crisis. In this sense, it is not enough to return to policies of Keynesian capitalism. These policies led us, in the decades following the second world war, to a cycle of expansion that brought us to threshold of exceeding the planet’s limits. A new cycle of expansion is unfeasible: there is no material basis, nor ecological space and natural resources that could sustain it.

The 21st century will be a decisive century in the history of humanity. It will be a great test for all cultures and societies, and for the species in their vicinity. A test that will resolve our continuity on the Earth and the possibility of calling “humanity” to the life that will be organized after. We will face a transformation analogous to major historical events such as the neolithic revolution and the industrial revolution.

Attention: The window of opportunity is closing. It is certain that there are many movements of resistance around the world pursuing environmental justice (the organization Global Witness has registered almost a thousand murdered environmentalists in the last ten years, who died in struggles against mining or oil projects, or defending their land and water). But we have at most five years to settle a broad debate on the limits of growth, and to construct democratic ecological and energy alternatives that are both rigorous and feasible solutions. We should be able to win large majorities in the struggle to change economic, energetic, social, and cultural models. Besides fighting injustices arising from the exercise of domination and the accumulation of wealth, we speak about a model that acknowledges realities, makes peace with nature, and makes possible the good life within the ecological limits of the earth.

One civilization is ending and we must build a new one. The consequences of doing nothing or too little will lead us directly to social, economic, and ecological collapse. But if we start today, we can still be the protagonists of a society that is caring, democratic, and at peace with the planet.

  • Written in various parts of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands, in the summer of 2014.


(Fill in a comment, your email, name and website)

List of signatures:

  1. Ada Colau , social human rights activist in the PAH
  2. Afonso Fernandes , farmer and activist (VESPERA Nada)
  3. Agustín García Moreno , social activist (Green Tide)
  4. Albert Cuchí , architect, professor at UPC
  5. Albert Recio , economist (UAB)
  6. Alberto García-Teresa , social activist (Ballotpedia)
  7. Alberto Garzón , economist, deputy for IU
  8. Alberto Matarán , professor of environmental sciences (UGr)
  9. Alejandro López , member of the board of GoiEner S. Coop
  10. Alejandro Sánchez , director of the Foundation EQUO
  11. Alexander Carrodeguas , environmental activist
  12. Alfons Cervera , writer
  13. Alicia García Ruiz , professor of philosophy (UB)
  14. Alicia Alonso Gil , Platform in Defence of Children Education 0-6
  15. Alicia Puleo , professor of philosophy (UVa)
  16. Alicia Valero , professor of thermodynamics (UniZar)
  17. Alvaro Aguilera , general secretary of PCM
  18. Álvaro Porro , social activist (Opcions, PAH and GUANYEM BARCELONA)
  19. Amaia Pérez Orozco , feminist economist
  20. Amaya Olivas Diaz , Judge of the social, Barcelona
  21. Amparo Merino Segovia , professor of labor law (UCLM)
  22. Amparo Cabello de Alba Mora , art conservation National Park Picos de Europa
  23. Ana Etchenique , vice-president of CECU
  24. Ana Hernando activist feminist movement
  25. Ana Miranda , europarlamentaria (Galician Nationalist Bloc)
  26. Ángel Martínez González-Tablas , economist (UCM)
  27. Antón Sánchez , MP for AGE (Alternative Esquerda Galega) in the Galician parliament
  28. Baylor Antonio Grau , professor of labor law (UCLM)
  29. Antonio Campillo , professor of philosophy (UM), chairman of the Spanish Network of Philosophy
  30. Antonio Casado da Rocha , professor of philosophy (EHU / UPV)
  31. Antonio Crespo Massieu , writer
  32. Antonio González Vieitez , economist
  33. Antonio J. Dieguez Lucena , professor of philosophy (UMa)
  34. Antonio Orihuela , social activist (CNT)
  35. Antonio Serrano , an engineer and economist
  36. Antonio Turiel, investigador del CSIC, blog The Oil Crash
  37. Antonio Valero , professor of thermodynamics (UniZar), director of CIRCE
  38. Araceli Reymundo Izard , bioclimatic architect, Platform for a New Energy Model for Canary
  39. Arcadi Oliveres , economist (UAB and Procés Constituent)
  40. Armando Ojanguren , social activist and militant Solidaridad Obrera
  41. Arnoldo Santos Guerra , biologist, Scientific Committee Biosphere Reserve La Palma, Canary
  42. Artur Sixto Tàpia , biologist, former manager knowledge transfer in the CSIC
  43. Beatriz Larraz Iribas , professor of statistics (UCLM)
  44. Begoña Bernardo Miño , responsible for them “Center for Resilience Pousadoira”
  45. Begoña Herce Melendrez , activist and broadcaster neorrural peak oil (VESPERA Nada)
  46. Bethlehem Gopegui , writer
  47. Bibiana Medialdea , economist (CAN)
  48. Carlos de Castro Carranza , professor of physics (UVa)
  49. Carlos Fernández Liria , a philosophy professor (UCM)
  50. Carlos Montes , ecologist (UAM)
  51. Duce Carmen Diaz , industrial engineer, activist ecofeminism (IU)
  52. Carmen Madorrán Ayerra , social activist (IU)
  53. Carmen Magallon , director of the SIP Foundation (Research Seminar for Peace Zaragoza)
  54. Velayos-Carmen Castillo , a professor of philosophy (it)
  55. Carolina López , co-spokesperson of EQUO
  56. Cayo Lara , IU federal coordinator, deputy
  57. César Vicente Hernando , writer and playwright
  58. César Rendueles , professor of sociology (UCM)
  59. César Santiso Councilman United Esquerda – Os Verdes in ayto. A Coruna
  60. Comba Campoy , actress and journalist
  61. Bértolo Constantine , editor and writer
  62. Cristina Carrasco Bengoa , feminist economist (UB)
  63. Daniel Albarracin , economist (CAN)
  64. Daniel Gómez Cañete , president of AEREN (Association for the Study of Energy Resources)
  65. Daniel Fernández Galván , coordinator Corners Atlantic
  66. David Fernández Sánchez , coordinator of Ecology and Environmental IU-Green Region of Murcia
  67. Gallar David Hernandez , agroecólogo (ISEC-UCO)
  68. David Hernández Castro , Ecosocialist of Murcia / IU
  69. David List , Debt Watch Globalization (ODG)
  70. Dolores Romano , chemistry, activist ecosocial
  71. Domingo Jiménez Beltrán , former director of the European Environment Agency
  72. Eduardo Rodriguez Farre , CSIC researcher
  73. Eduardo Benito Gutierrez , economist
  74. Eduardo Peris Mora , Professor of Construction Engineering (UPV)
  75. Elisa Nicole Veiga , lawyer, former judge of the High Court
  76. Emilio García Ladona , CSIC researcher
  77. Emilio Santiago muiño , social anthropologist (UAM), social activist (Institute of Transition Circle Break it)
  78. Endika Zulueta , criminal lawyer
  79. Enric Duran , Cooperative Integrated Catalan activist
  80. Enric Tello , economist (UB)
  81. Enrique Flores , cartoonist
  82. Enrique Jiménez Larrea , lawyer, former director of IDEA
  83. Enrique Pérez Lijó , sociologist, member of the Terra da Party (PT) and Integrated Project Corunha
  84. Enrique Santiago , lawyer, member of the federal executive IU
  85. Ernest Garcia , sociologist (UV)
  86. Ernesto J. Suárez Rodríguez , professor of psychology (ULL)
  87. Esther Velázquez Alonso , ecological economist (UPO)
  88. Esther Vivas , activist, eco (constitutional process)
  89. Eva Sempere Garcia , coordinator of IU ecology
  90. Eva Solla , Parliamentary AGE in the Galician parliament
  91. Federico Aguilera Klink , an economist ecológico (LLU)
  92. Frechoso Fernando A. Escudero , professor of electrical engineering (UVa)
  93. Fernando Cembranos , psychologist, activist ecosocial (Ecologists in Action)
  94. Fernando Gómez Aguilera , director of the Fundación César Manrique
  95. Fernando Prats , architect and urban planner
  96. Fernando Sabate Bel , geographer, activist ecosocial (Yes We Can)
  97. Ferran Puig Vilar , ecosocial activist (blog “You can not believe it”)
  98. Florent Marcellesi , ecosocial activist, co-diputado European (Equo)
  99. Párraga Francisco Trillo , professor of labor law (UCLM)
  100. Sarda Amills Francisco , CSIC researcher, Observatory Oil Crash
  101. Gemma Taraf , a researcher in public salud (UPF)
  102. Germán Cano Cuenca , professor of philosophy (UAH)
  103. Well Gorka Mendieta , Professor of Electronic Technology (UPV / EHU)
  104. Gustavo Duch , writer
  105. Ignacio Funes , a member of the union executive ESK
  106. Mancebo Ignacio Town , food sovereignty activist
  107. Ines Gonzalez Calo , agroecóloga (ISEC-UCO)
  108. Isabel Balza , a professor of philosophy (UJaen)
  109. Isabel Bermejo , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  110. Isabel Castro , a member of the union executive and responsible ESK same gender
  111. Isabel Sánchez Vara , agroecóloga (ISEC UCO)
  112. Iñaki Barcena , political scientist (EHU / UPV)
  113. The Errazkin , journalist and writer
  114. Iñaki Olano Goen , activist ecosocial (Ecologists in Action)
  115. Iñaki Uribarri , economista labor, fighting del union QES
  116. Iolanda Fresnillo , activist and sociologist debt
  117. Iosu Balmaseda , union activist (ESK)
  118. Isaac Rosa , writer
  119. Isabel Palomera , research in marine biology (Oil Crash Observatory)
  120. Ismael González López , coordinator of People’s Solidarity Network
  121. Gayoso Jaime Rodriguez , economist
  122. Jaime Pastor , a political scientist (UNED)
  123. Jaime Vila , food sovereignty activist
  124. Javier Benayas , ecologist (UAM)
  125. Javier de Lucas , professor of philosophy of law (UV)
  126. Javier García Fernández , historian, activist SAT (Andalusian Union of Workers)
  127. Javier Gutiérrez , economist (UVa)
  128. Joan Benach , a researcher in Public Health (UPF)
  129. Joan Herrera , co-chair of ICV, ICV-EUiA deputy in Catalonia parlament
  130. Joan Martínez Alier , ecological economist (UAB)
  131. Joan Miralles I. Llobet , Professor (UPF)
  132. Joan Subirats , university professor and director of IGOP (UAB)
  133. Joan Tafalla , Espai member Marx
  134. Joaquim Ballabrera , Oil Crash Observatory (OCO)
  135. Joaquim Puig Muntané Universities Earth
  136. Joaquim Sempere , environmental sociologist (UB)
  137. Joaquín Aparicio Tovar , a professor of labor law (UCLM)
  138. Joaquín Araujo , naturalist and writer
  139. Joaquin Miras , miembro of Espai Marx
  140. Jordi Pigem , writer
  141. Jordi Roca Jusmet , ecological economist (UB)
  142. Jordi Salat , oceanógrafo (CSIC)
  143. Jorge Ozcáriz , environmental consultant
  144. Jorge Riechmann , writer, professor at the UAM
  145. José Albelda , painter, professor of UPV
  146. Jose Antonio Morán Valverde , activist ecosocial (Eve Nothing)
  147. José Bellver , ecological economist
  148. José Luis Centella , general secretary of the PCE, MP (IU)
  149. José Manuel Naredo , ecological economist and statistician
  150. José Manuel Roca , writer
  151. María José Carrascosa , professor of biochemistry (UAM)
  152. José María Ripalda , professor of philosophy (UNED)
  153. Josemi Lorenzo Arribas , historian and activist Platform for Civil Disobedience
  154. Juan Antonio García Villalba , beekeeper, provincial secretary of COAG-Málaga
  155. Juan Carlos Mestre , writer
  156. Juan Carlos Wallet , political scientist, social activist (CAN)
  157. Clemente Juan Abad , agroecologist, organic farm La Peira
  158. Juan Diego Botto, actor
  159. Juan Escribano , professor of labor law (UAL)
  160. Juan Ramón Capella , professor of philosophy of law (UB), meanwhile magazine
  161. Juan Sánchez García , university professor (ULL)
  162. Juantxo López de Uralde , ecosocial activist, co-spokesperson of EQUO
  163. Justa Montero , feminist activist
  164. Ladislao Martínez López , ecosocial activist (WE)
  165. Laia Ortiz , deputy IU / Plural Left
  166. Laura Gómez Hernández , feminist political scientist, Director General of Equality Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa (EH-BILDU)
  167. Bugalho Laura Sánchez , trade unionist, social activist and educator
  168. Laura Hair by Alba Mora , a professor of labor law (UCLM)
  169. Laws Pérez Leira , portavoz “La Izquierda”
  170. Lois Regueira Castro , President of Direct Digital Democracy (D 3 )
  171. Lola Santos Fernandez , a professor of labor law (University of Siena)
  172. Lorena Marco Tudela , food sovereignty activist
  173. Luis González Reyes , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  174. Javier Luis Miguel González , professor of engineering systems and automatic (UVa)
  175. Luis M. Jiménez Herrero , former director of the Observatory of Sustainability in Spain, president of ASYPYS
  176. Luis Valcarce , eco-socialist and member of Socialist Alternative
  177. Manoel Santos , director of the magazine Altermundo
  178. Manolo Monereo , political scientist and activist ecosocial (IU)
  179. Manuel Antonio García-Muñoz Alhambra , a professor of labor law (UCLM)
  180. Manuel Casal Lodeiro activist popularizer of Peak Oil (VESPERA Nada)
  181. Manuel Garí economist (CAN)
  182. Marga Ferré , general coordinator of IU areas
  183. Margarita Mediavilla , professor of engineering systems and automatic (UVa)
  184. María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop , professor of philosophy of law (UC3M)
  185. María González Reyes , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  186. Maria José Castelo , militant da Terra da Party and ativista galega língua
  187. José María Guerra Palmero , professor of philosophy (ULL)
  188. Jesus Mary Boo , Space Ecosocialista Galician
  189. Mary Simon Arroyo , professor’s of urbanismo (UPM)
  190. Mariana Ruiz de Lobera , sociologist
  191. Marina Albiol , MEP (IU)
  192. Marino Real Gallego , archivist and historian
  193. Marta Pascual , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  194. Marta Rivera Ferre , veterinary and sociologist (UVic)
  195. Marta Soler , a professor of environmental sciences (U.S.)
  196. Marta Tafalla , professor of philosophy (UNED)
  197. Miguel Montesinos Riera , director of El Viejo Topo
  198. Montse Cervera , feminist activist
  199. Nerea Ramirez , activist ecosocial (Ecologists in Action)
  200. Niall Binns , writer
  201. Nunzia Castelli , a professor of labor law (UCLM)
  202. Nuria mink , social activist
  203. Olga Abasolo , sociologist
  204. Olga Rodriguez , journalist and writer
  205. Orencio Osuna , journalist
  206. Oscar Carpenter , ecological economist (UVa)
  207. Pablo González Corrales , historian (SAT)
  208. Pablo Iglesias Turrión , political scientist and MEP (CAN)
  209. Paco Segura Castro activist ecosocial (Ecologists in Action)
  210. Patricia Dopazo Gallego , agroecóloga Association periphery
  211. Pedro Arrojo , economist (UNIZAR)
  212. Pedro Fernández Riquelme , general coordinator of Ecosocialist of Murcia / IU
  213. Pedro Ibarra Güell , political scientist (EHU / UPV)
  214. Pedro Prieto, ingeniero, activista divulgador del Peak Oil (AEREN), miembro de ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas)
  215. Pepa Alcrudo climbed Collective Childhood
  216. Piergiuseppe Carucci , Centre for Rural Studies and International Agriculture
  217. Pilar Vega , environmental research (UCM)
  218. Rafael Hernández Eagle , professor of environmental sciences (UGr)
  219. Rafael Valentin St. Thomas , Union of Teaching Madrid, CGT
  220. Camargo Raul Fernandez , a social activist (Ballotpedia)
  221. Raul Lozano Otero , association Touda
  222. Roberto Bermejo , ecological economist (EHU / UPV)
  223. Calero Perez Roque , author of several strategic plans for Integral Sustainable Development
  224. Salvador López Arnal , ecosocial activist (Rebellion)
  225. Santiago Alba Rico , writer
  226. Santiago Alvarez Cantalapiedra , economist
  227. Séchu Sende , writer
  228. Silvia Fajarnés , abogada
  229. Sira Rego, ecology PCE secretary , councilor of IU in Rivas
  230. Teresa Arenillas , architect, president of the Urban Debate Club
  231. Teresa Forcades , theologian, physician and Benedictine nun (Procés Constituent)
  232. Teresa Moure Pereiro , writer
  233. Teresa Rodriguez , social activist and MEP (CAN)
  234. Tom Kucharz , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  235. Thomas Pollan , professor of philosophy (UAM)
  236. Tomás Rodríguez Villasante , social researcher
  237. Toni Lodeiro Zas , promoter of alternative conscious consumer
  238. Toño Hernández , member of the managing committee of the Social Market Madrid
  239. Txejo Ortega , a member of the union executive ESK
  240. Vicente Manzano-Arrondo psychology professor (U.S.)
  241. Xabier Pumariño Vázquez , biologist, ornithologist and environmental consultant
  242. January Hard , Space Ecosocialista Galician
  243. Xavier Simón Fernández , ecological economist (UVIGO)
  244. John Dold Ramón García , ecological economist (USC)
  245. Xosé Manuel Beiras Torrado , spokesman and parliamentary Anova-IN AGE in the Galician parliament
  246. Yayo Herrero López , ecosocial activist (Ecologists in Action)
  247. Yolanda Diaz , deputy spokesman of AGE, coordinator of EU

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