Launch Of Apartheid Off Campus

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Take Action to End University Complicity with Israeli War Crimes.

Banner drop from Apartheid Off Campus

Apartheid Off Campus was born officially just over a week ago and it could not have come at a better time, with the new and ever-mounting challenges the Palestinians have had to face. In this 7-day window, AOC acquired over 2000 followers across three social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. AOC has received far-reaching and overwhelming support from students and activists alike, enough to remind us that now is as perfect a time as any to launch an active, dynamic student-led movement for Palestine.

After an online-only (courtesy of the lockdown!) student campaign launch, hundreds of students across the UK posted pictures of themselves with placards and posters calling for the decolonization of universities, by ending their complicity with Israeli apartheid and divesting from the companies embroiled in such oppression. AOC’s student activists were joined in action and solidarity by others around the world, and in Gaza, where students shared their own slogans and placards declaring the right of Palestinians to their lives, homes, and land.

This was followed by popular engagements on a number of key issues promoted by AOC so far, such as the commemoration of the 72nd Nakba Day (and the ongoing catastrophe) and the screening of a Palestinian-made and directed film “Ambience”. The popularity of the launch, and the continuing engagement with AOC, highlights the passion and energy that is waiting to be released… with what has been seen so far representing but a small sample of what is to come from this national and international solidarity movement for Palestinians.

AOC will push the momentum forwards with its upcoming launch webinar on Wednesday 27th May at 18:00, with rapper and activist Lowkey and journalist Malia Bouattia, who will be joined by AOC campaigners Huda Ammori and Adam Abdalla. Anyone interested in joining this webinar should register now!

Now is the time to get active and support the call for divestment and the decolonization of our campuses, which you can do either by Joining Now or contacting us on AOC’s website (leave your name and email to get involved in the nearest student group).

Spurred on by the success and popularity of our launch and other events, our network grows by the day, and these calls for boycott and divestment will swell in student spaces. With a host of future events, actions, and campaigns lined up, our movement is ready to build, strive, and campaign for Palestinian human rights, justice, and dignity. We will not stop until we get APARTHEID OFF CAMPUS!