Leaked Draft Of Trump’s Peace Plan Reveals Creation Of ‘New Palestine’

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Above Photo: President Donald Trump talks with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017. , Kobi Gideon/GPO

A leaked document of “main points” from the Trump administration’s so-called “deal of the century” was published today by Yisrael Hayom, outlining a plan for a two-state solution that includes the creation of a demilitarized state of “New Palestine,” Israeli annexation of all settlements in the West Bank, a land deal with Egypt, and shared capitals in Jerusalem.

If either Israel or the Palestinians, including Hamas and the PLO, reject the deal, the document says the U.S. will impose steep penalties. The U.S. will cut off all aid to Israel and ensure “no country in the world transfers money” to the Palestinians, whose economy is reliant on foreign donors.

If the PLO accepts the plan and Hamas or Islamic Jihad in Gaza reject it, the document warns “the U.S. will back Israel to personally harm leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad” in a future escalation, and will hold Hamas’ leadership “responsible in another round of violence between Israel and Hamas.”

The plan goes on to caution, “It is inconceivable that a group of a few dozen will determine the lives of millions of people,” which echoes similar sentiments made by Kushner last week.

Yisrael Hayom reported the document was shared by officials in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although the newspaper could not confirm the identify of the drafter or authenticate the details of the peace plan. It was published with the caveat “Here’s the message. You judge,” and a response from an unnamed senior White House official who is quoted as calling the report “speculative” and “inaccurate.”

Mondoweiss was not able to independently verify the accuracy of the document. Some of the line items in the agreement are consistent with previous reporting on unconfirmed line items of the deal.

While the plan includes a general framework for final status issues such as borders and Jerusalem, as Kushner said his deal would last week, it also is comprised of specific details for an economic relationship between the proposed Palestinian state and Israel. A toll road in the West Bank, and the Palestinians would pay Israel a sum for providing security.

The deal includes significant financial support from the U.S., Europe and the Gulf states to the new Palestinian state, to a tune of $30 billion over five years, with additional support for specific development projects from Australia, Canada, Japan and South Korea. Most of the funding will come from “oil producing countries,” described as “the main beneficiaries of this agreement.”

Creation of a “New Palestine”

The plan calls for the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, and cedes all territory held by Israeli settlements and settlement blocs to Israel. Likely, this would mean the plan would annex a majority of Area C of the West Bank, around 62 percent. The entirety of the Jordan Valley, about 30 percent of the West Bank, will be annexed to Israel. It is unclear if the Palestinians who reside there, around 65,000, will become citizens of the state of Israel. The plan further states the main highway in the Jordan Valley, Route 90, “will turn into a four-lane toll road.” It is unclear if Palestinians will have access to this road.

The Palestinian state will control two international borders with Jordan, likely turning over the Israeli controlled Allenby crossing between the West Bank and Jordan.

New Palestine will have a local police force who will be allowed to hold “light weapons.” The new Palestinian state will be prevented from forming a military. Israel will be responsible for security for a fee paid by the Palestinian government.

Jerusalem as a shared capital

Jerusalem will be a shared capital for both Israel and New Palestine. The deal underscores that Jerusalem “will not be divided.”

Today Jerusalem is home to some 350,000 Palestinian residents who are neither citizens of Israel or West Bank residents, and 550,000 Israelis, including around 200,000 settlers in East Jerusalem. Under the agreement all Israelis and Palestinians will be able to stay where they are living, but Israelis will no longer be able to purchase homes from Palestinians, potentially abruptly ending future expansion of East Jerusalem settlements. The deal would also bar Palestinians from buying homes from Israelis, which they are currently able to do.

The Palestinians in Jerusalem would become citizens of “New Palestine,” but receive the same services as Israeli residents of Jerusalem from the Jerusalem municipality, governed by Israel. The plans says the Palestinian Authority will be responsible for paying the municipality for services, with the exception of schools, which will be run by the Palestinian government.

Land lease from Egypt

While previous peace accords have agreed to principles of land swaps between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the Trump deal reportedly calls on a lease of territory from Egypt for the creation of an airport and industrial zone.

“Egypt will lease new land to Palestine for the purpose of establishing an airport for the establishment of factories and commerce, and for agriculture, other than housing,” the plan said, “The size of the territories and the price will be determined between the parties through the mediation of the supporting countries.”

Under the deal Gaza would significantly open up to the outside world, albeit with the removal of Hamas’ military capabilities. Hamas would be required to turn over all weapons to Egypt.

Within one year New Palestine would hold elections where “every Palestinian citizen will be able to stand for election.”

The agreement notes “all the borders of the Strip will be open to the passage of goods and workers to Israel.” Gaza will be accessible to the West Bank through the creation of a land bridge.

The plan includes an additional Palestinian demands from past negotiations. Palestinian prisoners will be released over the course of three years. However, Palestinian refugees who today number some 7 million are excluded entirely from the document.

  • herbdavis

    The last comment re: refugees seems like a deal breaker even if the other thefts were accepted.

  • rgaura

    I was laughing at the repeated phrase, Palestinians will pay for Israeli control…..

  • Neville

    What would it take for the Palestinians to become self sufficient in that they don’t need donations to exist ?

  • dan

    is this some kind of US-Israeli joke? As usual the rub’s in the details. Where would this so-called “New Palestinian State” be; with the settlements part of Israel? Telling folks to take a so-called deal or pay the penalties; smells a lot like blackmail too

  • rgaura

    Let them develop the huge offshore gas deposits off Gaza.

  • Neville

    It has to be done for they can’t continue on bleeding everyone else for their survival

  • rgaura

    Well, since their lands and homes were appropriated, their businesses bombed, their borders blocked. Sort of like saying prisoners should support themselves. Oh, you mean slavery, like the US does in its prisons for profit? To your original question; stop the occupation and genocide. Palestinians are well educated people, they can run their own state quite well.

  • Neville

    You say they have been bombed ?
    By whom and for what reason , because those Palestinians who care little for other Palestinians fire rockets at Israel .
    They need a pacifist regime to administer them to bring peace .

  • rgaura

    Neville? Ground base to Neville? Houston, we’ve got a problem….

  • Neville

    Are you saying that the entire population of Gaza want to be involved in the destruction of Israel or is only those who are firing rockets .
    Those firing the rockets are responsible for Israel firing on Gaza , if there were no attacks on Israel the people could be living a more prosperous and peaceful life in Gaza .
    They can still disrespect the Israeli’s but by doing it without either mob being harmed in the process

  • rgaura

    Israel is in the process of destroying itself, due to its genocidal treatment of non `jews´ in its territories, occupied or otherwise. It is not a victim, it is an aggressor. Peaceful protestors are shot dead by snipers, even children, the press, and medical personnel. Neville, peddle your zio propaganda elsewhere.

  • Neville

    I am not pro Zionist I am stating fact.
    If I stand outside your house and throw stones at you ,you’d most likely come outside and whack me .
    I just read history tonight on how many holocausts of Jews of Europe have been been perpetrated since about the 1860’s and the number 6 million is repeated each time