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L’Eau Est La Vie Camp Launches in Louisianna

Above photo: By Rae Breaux.

The L’eau Est La Vie (Water Is Life) Camp was launched on June 24, 2017 in the swamps of Southern Louisiana along the route of Energy Transfer Partners’ (ETP) proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This camp isa hub for the resistance to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

The camp is by Indigenous leaders, environmental justice communities, and many allies, the L’eau Est La Vie Camp will serve as a hub of resistance to Bayou Bridge — the final southern leg of the Dakota Access Pipeline system.

This video was released on the eve of the opening of the L’eau Est La Vie Camp in South Louisiana to provide some background on what the Bayou Bridge Pipeline is, it’s connection to the Dakota Access Pipeline, who the pipeline will impact, and why this pipeline needs to be stopped.

Stand with Water Protectors in the Gulf Region as they rise to protect their wetlands, Indigenous rights, and the water that sustains their livelihood and culture.

Follow L’eau Est La Vie Camp and visit for more info on the pipeline.

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