Lee Camp: Liberal Media Attacks Me And A Tribute To Kevin Zeese

| Resistance Report

A liberal media criticism outlet recently published an article where they used one of my jokes as evidence of a grand Russian plan to subvert the 2020 US elections. Also, my memories of a great man, lawyer, & activist — Kevin Zeese. Rest in power.

  • zak1

    A moving tribute to Zeese – with some welcome details about the precise contributions of Zeese and Flowers – we need more of this kind of coverage –

    The major project Kevin Zeese was engaged in most recently has been the Green presidential campaign of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker

    Apart from the ongoing struggle for nationwide ballot access – the major obstacle here has been the media blackout of the Hawkins/Walker campaign – AND MOST ESPECIALLY, THE BLACKOUT AMONG PROGRESSIVES AND AMONG THE PROGRESSIVE MEDIA

    Hawkins/Walker have mentioned this – but, since it’s their campaign, this often comes across as he said/she said – they need allies in the media who will bear witness to what is happening – most urgently, people need to call out this insidious censorship among the progressive media of independent electoral politics

    Solidarity is supposed to be a key value of the left – I think progressives and progressive media have been infected by their proximity to the Democratic Party with its Corporatist value system of market competitiveness – under cover of Trump-o-phobia, they’re treating Hawkins and the Green Party like some kind of rival to be discredited and neutralized, instead of a crucial and well-tested ally in promoting progressive policies and addressing our national crises

    The Greens are the fourth largest political party – they’re the ONLY national party that’s non-corporate and fully independent of corporate and duopoly influence – they’ve survived in this form for the past 35 years, while multiple third party initiatives fell by the wayside or were co-opted – this is a remarkable success story – and reason alone for progressive media to cover Greens regularly, the way they cover AOC and the Sanders Democrats

    – Sanders’ astronomical success was due largely to his ability to smuggle the decades-old Green Party platform into the duopoly spotlight – the media showered Sanders with attention while continuing to ignore the Greens – now Sanders’ organizers are trying with their People’s Party to monopolize DemExit and keep their constituents away from the Greens, refusing to support the Greens even in 2020, when their voters are clamoring to leave the Democrats, and the People’s Party is offering no alternatives to Hawkins’ campaign

    – Hawkins/Walker are the only remaining presidential ticket that continues to fight for the hugely popular policies endorsed by Sanders and his voters

    – this campaign was a labor of love for Kevin Zeese –

    – if you want to honor him as a friend, I would say one way that he’d appreciate would be if you’d use your own media platform now, in these coming weeks, to help Hawkins/Walker to counteract this scandalous blackout and lobby for the policies the public has been clamoring for –

    – and, beyond this, it would be a great service to all of us if you could call out the progressive community and bear witness to their toxic and undemocratic behavior here for the way they’ve been censoring this vital campaign that Zeese was managing

  • John R.

    Good post – thanks.

  • zak1

    We need to generate an echo chamber to counter this imposed silence

  • John Chadwick

    Each vote for the Green Party represents a loud shout that “OUR SYSTEM IS BROKEN!!”

  • zak1

    Yes – and it’s a reminder to people that their vote is a lobbying instrument that can be most powerful when it’s aimed at what the voter actually wants

    The Greens have covered a lot of distance and gained a lot of ground in the form of the ballot lines they’ve achieved and maintained

    – this hard-won ballot access is a resource for people across the country to build on and organize around – that’s why the opposition is so eager to distract people from realizing this and capitalizing on it

    – in my view, anyone who claims to be supporting progressives who avoids or dismisses this resource is automatically suspect as to their real agenda – this is why we need a supportive left media echo-chamber to announce this and keep it in people’s minds

    – the presidential ticket is what secures and preserves these ballot lines – so then afterwards Greens across the country can run for these offices at the state and local levels

    – let’s see Hawkins/Walker push past that 5 percent! And get them into the debates so people can see what they’re missing!

  • SLR

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Nylene13

    The Peoples Party and the Greens need to work together.

    If they can’t do this, then they won’t accomplish anything.

  • Nylene13

    In 9 states, there is no left 3rd party party on the ballots.
    Nevada is one.

  • Nylene13

    “Trump is Terrible.
    But Biden is No Better.”

    Kevin Zeese

  • zak1

    Yes – of course you’re right –

    This is what I see – when Hawkins is asked about the People’s Party, he points out correctly that they aren’t running any candidates this year – and so he says the logical move would be for them to support his campaign for now, and then after the election they can all get together and discuss what to do next – and Hawkins says he’s open to any possibilities

    Now, when people from the People’s Party are asked about the Greens, they give these bogus crap answers about why people should reject the Greens – national coordinator Nick Brana gave this insane answer about how we’re really in 1850 or something, and the Greens are the obsolete Free Soil Party, while his party is the mighty emerging Republican Party (and he gives no reason to support this – see his interview with Glen Ford on Black Agenda Report) – and the People’s Party website FAQ explicitly says the Greens aren’t worth supporting because every season they have to fight for ballot access – but this is true of all 3rd parties!!!

    So, the Greens give straightforward answers about how they’d be happy to work together, and the People’s Party give evasive and misleading answers that seem more designed to smear the Greens and undermine their support, rather than working together to build a progressive movement – this strikes me as deliberately dishonest – a disservice to their own DemExit membership and to progressives in general

    – at this point, based on their behavior, I’d need to be convinced that the whole People’s Party initiative isn’t simply a DNC PR operation to distract and neutralize DemExit voters in 2020 so they don’t join forces with the Greens – People’s Party is running no candidates this yearb, and yet they aren’t supporting Hawkins, either – in fact, they aren’t giving any ideas as to how their membership should vote in 2020

    Compare this to Socialist Alternative – on their website they voice certain criticisms of the Green Party, and explain why so far they don’t think the Greens are shaping up to represent a mass movement – but, at the same time, they say that for now, Hawkins/Walker is the strongest left ticket, and they call on the DSA and socialists in general to vote Green this year – to me, this is what an honest communication would look like

    In 2016, Kshama Sawant made the same points when she endorsed Jill Stein – and then Sawant spoke out on behalf of the Greens when Bernie’s People’s Summit tried to suppress talk of third parties

    So no – I don’t see this as a two-sided issue – as far as I’ve seen, the Greens, the Socialists, and Socialist Alternative are behaving like people who are willing to explore options and collaborate

    – whereas the People’s Party leadership, and all the leadership figures I’ve seen associated with Sanders seem to be repeatedly rejecting and sabotaging efforts at cooperation with independent parties, without giving any clear explanation

    What I haven’t seen ANYWHERE is any media coverage of this situation – nobody’s making any observations or speculating about this – no journalists or YouTubers are raising any of these questions, or pushing any of these people to explain themselves – the only place I see these issues raised is in the comment sections like this

    So this looks like something very toxic that’s infected left media in general – even the media supporting the Greens are silent on this question – in general, they’re silent about how the Green Party is being blatantly mistreated by people who should be their natural allies

  • Nylene13


    Let’s fight among ourselves while Trump or Biden get elected.

    Already the majority of Americans don’t vote. This next election could set a new record for low voter turnout.

    What if they gave an election and Nobody came?

  • zak1

    It is extremely frustrating –

    Well – going back to your earlier point about how they must work together to make anything happen – I think this is genuinely what the voters on both sides want – so, how to get them to work together – if one side’s leadership is willing, and the other side isn’t?

    Again, what I’m calling for is some kind of cooperation among media to point attention to this question – so maybe they could get Hawkins and Brana together on camera to discuss this – with a moderator who makes sure the questions stay focused and thoroughly explored

    I think such a move would promote unity – either the leadership would resolve their differences – or the viewers will see for themselves which side comes across as more credible – and then they’ll throw their weight behind that side

    Of course it’s difficult – otherwise it would have been achieved many years ago – there are reasons why it hasn’t happened

    In my mind, the only unity move this year is to support Hawkins/Walker, since they’re the only game in town – unless one makes the argument for supporting Biden, which I don’t – so I’m starting from that point and seeing how these different groups are responding to this question

  • Nylene13

    One of the last comments Kevin Zeese made to me was about organizing all the leftist groups to work together.

    Hard to do when my state (Nevada) has NO Green or any other progressive party on the ballot. I forget the number-9 or 13 -other states are the same.

    Kevin or someone else said there were people working on the Green Party getting on the ballot in Nevada, but I have not found them.

    Like you, I will not vote for Biden either.

    “Trump is Terrible-
    But Biden is No Better”
    Kevin Zeese

  • cechas vodobenikov

    voting ? in a military dictatorship, inverted totalitarianism–Mills/Cole/Wolin..police state–Thomas Drake worst than DDR, oligarchy–Gilens/Page, Shapiro, Lessig, Jimmy Cater, procedural republic worse than DPRK—Michael Sandel, where election laws only exist in dictatorships like azerbijian—Seth Ackerman
    “there is no functioning democracy in ameria…” Jimmy Carter