Leftist Network Calls For Unity Against Neoliberalism

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Above photo: Latin American and Caribbean heads of state and representatives pose for a photo during the CELAC Summit in Quito, Ecuador, Jan. 27, 2016. | Photo: Presidency of Ecuador

The new Parliamentary Network echoed left-wing leaders in calling for regional unity to protect achievements in the face of a neoliberal resurgence.

Quito, Ecuador – Representatives of a newly-founded network promoting regional integration and sovereignty has called on countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to unite to confront the threat of neoliberalism in the region.

The Parliamentary Network for Latin American and Caribbean Sovereignty and Unity, officially founded earlier this week at the CELAC Summit in Quito, Ecuador, by lawmakers from 17 countries in the region, stressed the importance of unity to protect progressive achievements in the face of a right-wing resurgence and the “threat of a neoliberal agenda” in the region.

“CELAC creates parliamentary network in defense of democracies of the region.”

Ecuadorean National Assembly Chief Gabriela Rivadeneira presented the new Parliamentary Network’s manifesto on Thursday to the newly elected pro-tempore presidency of CELAC, Dominican President Danilo Medina.

The manifesto lists 25 points of common interest for the Latin America and the Caribbean and declares the organization’s commitment to “defending and deepening the achievements aimed at strengthening the region as an area of peace.”

The points touch sovereignty and the right to non-intervention, democratic institutions, regional integration and solidarity, economic cooperation, media hegemony, corruption and impunity, and right-wing assaults on progressive movements, among other issues.

The manifesto also rejects “any attempt to resume a neoliberal agenda in the region, taking into account the destructive effects this policy had in the region in the 1990s,” including austerity programs, privatization, and subordination to IMF policies.

According to Ecuador’s Rivadeneira, the manifesto was developed by 30 lawmakers from different countries with a progressive vision for the region.

“Gabriela Rivadeneira delivers manifesto to pro-tempore presidency of CELAC.”

The new Parliamentary Network and manifesto comes on the heels of right-wing victories in the region. In Argentina, 12 years of progressive Kirchnerismo ended with a right-wing win by President Mauricio Macri, who began to roll out a series of neoliberal reforms within days of taking power. In Venezuela, the opposition swept the parliamentary elections for the first time since Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998, taking control with a right-wing supermajority in the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, right-wing opposition groups in Ecuador and Brazil have been organizing for months to destabilize the governments of presidents Rafael Correa and Dilma Rousseff.

The next meeting of the Parliamentary Network for Latin American and Caribbean Sovereignty and Unity is set to take place in Buenos Aires.

  • jemcgloin

    Everyone on the planet that believes that people are more important than machines, trade, and profit must unite, regardless of our diversity of strategies to save the human race from corporate domination.
    Viva La Evolution

  • Jon

    A revolutionary process that only goes half way is very vulnerable to counter-revolution. It is time that people learned the lesson of what happened when semi-Marxist Salvador Allende, tried to appease his right wing opponents and then, with US agents behind the scene, they literally blew him and his government away, along with thousands of others. Unnecessary graves for brave people defending their own needs. Since then, many other examples abound, not the least of which is Haiti.

  • jemcgloin

    You don’t have to appease the right wing to unite with those who put people over profit. I am aware of what our government has done across the world so that corporations can force countries to give them cheap resources and cheap labor. That is why those of us that know this is wrong have to work together, even when we disagree on big picture strategy or detailed tactics. As long as we remember that the ends are the means, we can make the world a better place.

  • Jon

    jem, I hope you are not suggesting that I have appeased the right wing, as it may appear in what you wrote. I presume you are speaking of the generic “you” here. What I am saying is just the opposite, namely that most of the left governments of Latin America HAVE appeased the right in hopes for peace, rather than abolishing the state apparatus they inherited so as to preclude a counter-revolution, which has happened with unnerving frequency! In fact, it is precisely these far right wing gangsters and banksters who exactly do NOT ‘believe that people are more important than machines . . .” That is why they hire death squads that have conducted murderous campaigns of terror against ordinary people trying to survive. The most recent examples are the brutal of environmental heroes in Honduras just this month!

  • jemcgloin

    [Yes it is a generic ‘you.”] My point is that no revolution is going anywhere as long those that oppose the right wing banksters and state terrorists are divided by gender, race, ethnicity, class, and political strategy.
    Many that want to reform a broken system are are on the same side as those that want a revolution, or those that want to build new systems from the ground up. As long as we spend more time criticizing each other than fighting global corporate domination, we are #@&%ed.

  • Jon

    OK, But in order to achieve that unity, the existing profound racism that currently is dividing people must be combated. It is not those who are opposing racism that are causing division, but those who resist recognizing it and doing our part to deal with it. It is imperative that we who are white ally with people in Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Color of Change, etc. Without our unity with them, there exists insufficient trust for genuine unity. One positive example so such unity was the “cowboy and Indian alliance” which helped defeat the XL Pipeline, by getting white ranchers and Native people protecting their common heritage and appreciation for clean water and air.

  • jemcgloin

    Agreed. Racism is a tool used by the billionaires to divide the rest of us, as are other other divisions. We should all be involved in Black Lives Matter and other groups seeking to end these divisions, and those that call groups like Black Lives Matter a cause of divisions created hundreds of years ago are just blowing smoke.
    But it is also important for socialists and anarchists and liberals (using the common U.S. definition) to realize they have common goals but different strategies and that this is OK. It is the common goals that define us not the strategies.
    And just as whites must show up to anti-racism events to build trust, the fractured left needs to be much more supportive of each other to rebuild the trust that many mistakes have created.
    You can disagree with tactics and strategies, without accusing people of being the enemy. You can support other people’s actions without diminishing your own.
    Occupy Wall Street changed the conversation in mass media (and that conversation is extremely powerful) because for a brief time a few thousand anarchists, socialists, and liberals forgot our differences and worked together. Then our success gave us something to fight over and soon accusations were flying and lines drawn and our power was diminished.
    These divisions were helped along by those on the outside that made fun of us (many of whom liked our goals but not our strategy), and also by provocateurs that infiltrated the movement to sow discord and anger.
    We can soften the divisions that the billionaires sow among us with understanding, forgiveness, and generosity. Reform is not the enemy of revolution or vice versa. Government programs that help people are not the enemy of building new systems locally. The world will not be fixed all in one minute. We will need to move all of our projects incrementally.
    We will all succeed if we help each other.

  • Jon

    Good post! Nothing to quibble with here.

  • jemcgloin