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Leicester’s Israeli Weapons Factory Issued With Eviction Notice

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NOTE: The Canary reports:

“Israel uses drones to attack Palestinians in Gaza, and increasingly in the West Bank too. For example, Dr Ghassan Hamdan is the Palestinian Medical Relief Society general manager in the Nablus area. Ghassan told the Canary that Israeli forces used an armed drone when they attacked Nablus in February. 

Campaigners are gearing up for a mass action at Elbit’s Leicester factory. Palestine Action has dubbed the planned action on 1 May a  “siege”. It is part of a renewed move to push Elbit out of Leicester, just as the company was forced to leave Oldham and London.

Palestine Action is urging people to sign up and pledge to join their 1 May siege of Elbit’s Leicester factory. Click here to find out more.

Activists protesting outside of the UAV Tactical Systems factory in Leicester have issued Elbit with an eviction notice [1] – giving them one month to vacate the drone factory before the Palestine Action ‘siege’ commences on May 1st.

The notice, handed to Elbit Systems under the authority of The Court (of Public Opinion), provides 30 days notice before the site will be met by a mass action, as the people of Leicester and groups and individuals from across Britain convene to force the Israeli weapons factory to close.

At the same time, protestors gathered in Leicester city centre, publicly exposing Elbit and their activities a few miles away at the UAV Tactical Systems factory, holding banners, flares, flags and leaflets outlining their criminal actions. [2]

Palestine Action’s ‘siege’ will be the group’s first ‘open’ action, publicly declared and open to all people willing and able to stand against Israel’s British manufacturing of drones [3].

The site, jointly owned by Israel’s biggest weapons company Elbit Systems and by France’s Thales, manufactures drones for the British military based upon Israel’s Hermes drones, as well as exporting arms in large volumes directly to Israel [4].

After occupying the site in May 2021 [5], and blockading it in March and April 2022 [6, 7], the May 2023 siege will see the final action at the site: this time, we will not be not leaving until Elbit does.

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