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Leonard Peltier Turns 79; Here’s How You Can Help

Tuesday, September 12th is Leonard Peltier’s 79th birthday. Peltier is the longest serving Indigenous political prisoner in the history of the United States, having served nearly 50 years in federal prison. Please join us in demanding clemency for Leonard Peltier.

“The Leonard Peltier Ad Hoc Committee is thrilled to announce the release of this new video about the life of Leonard Peltier, created by a group of his friends and supporters. This video is being released free of charge to all of Mr. Peltier’s supporters. Please share it with your contacts and on your social media channels.”

The Leonard Peltier Official Ad Hoc Committee exists to secure Leonard’s release from Federal prison so that he can be with his family and community.

This committee is the only organization authorized by Mr. Peltier to act and raise funds on his behalf.

In addition to the video from the Leonard Peltier Official Ad Hoc Committee, a separate collaboration between Amnesty International and NDN Collective organized a 4-stop caravan pick-up for Leonard Peltier supporters in Rapid City, Minneapolis, Chicago and Pittsburgh. Details below.

From NDN Collective:

Join NDN Collective & Amnesty International USA at the White House in Washington D.C. on Leonard Peltier’s 79th Birthday—Tuesday, September 12th, from 12-2 PM EST —to call for his release.

Leonard Peltier remains imprisoned despite serious and ongoing concerns about the fairness of his trial and legal process. He has always maintained his innocence. For nearly 50 years, Indigenous activists, organizers, and allies have spoken out for his freedom. Let our collective voice be heard by uniting to support the fight to free Leonard Peltier – see you in Washington D.C.!

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