Let’s Not Be Fooled By Bernie Sanders

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Let’s not be fooled by “progressives” who can’t find their spines when the colonial regime in Israel bombs the crowded ghetto of Gaza.

Bernie Sanders ends his recent column “Let’s Stand Together” with this piece of advice: “Let’s not be fooled.”

Quite right. Let’s not be fooled by any politician appealing to high ideals when they are in the business of war and empire.

Sanders not only defends military contracts that benefit his constituents in Vermont, he also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate to give unalloyed moral and political support to the state of Israel during its most recent bombing campaign against Gaza.

Above: Sanders confronted at town hall meeting in Vermont on his support for Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Elizabeth Warren, the other darling of “progressive” Democrats, also joined that vote. Her brand of populism amounts to a campaign against corruption and for regulation of big banks and high finance. In other words, capitalist utopianism.

Above: Elizabeth Warren runs from question about Israel.

My job in this miniature column is not to argue about the definition of such words as liberal, progressive, or even socialist. Once in a while the blatant contradictions not only speak for themselves, but make any thinking person cry out for justice.

Did the “progressives” of the Democratic Party learn any lessons from Obama’s campaign for hope and change? Nothing at all. They go right on debating the fine points of the stupid horse race between Hillary Clinton and any “left” contender among career Democrats who might run a symbolic campaign against her for the presidential nomination.

Sanders is the lone avowed socialist in Congress, though in official partisan terms he was elected as an independent. This has two practical consequences, neither good. In Congress, Sanders caucuses with the other career Democrats. And Sanders does nothing to build the base of any independent party of anti-corporate resistance. Thus any challenge he might raise against Hillary for the presidential nomination amounts, first and foremost, to a vanity campaign.

Let’s not be fooled by “progressives” who can’t find their spines when the colonial regime in Israel bombs the crowded ghetto of Gaza.

Independent political action against the corporate state is the single most important issue, not only in every big election but also in day to day resistance against capitalism and militarism. Otherwise every other issue of great importance— yes, including fossil fuels and climate change, the militarization of police departments, the ruling class war of attrition against the working class— will gain no traction. In class struggles, there is a law of nature: No friction, no traction.

Not one cent and not one vote for the parties of war and empire.

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  • Kevin Talmadge

    He didn’t “lose it”, the few people who kept interrupting prevented a clear discussion from taking place…

  • Ethan Erickson

    uh oh.

  • Herbert J. Hoffman

    I see very little in the way of constructive alternatives in this article. Unfortunately, we are limited in finding the “ideal” candidates for whom to vote — especially at the Presidential level. When we get caught up on a single issue or single vote — given a broad spectrum of public record with which we largely agree — I believe we are not doing ourselves a service.

  • David Kramer

    “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” — Emma Goldman

  • Stephen

    I don’t see the value of a purity test. This is what has driven the GOP into the madhouse of the Tea Party. On the issue of Israel there is, I agree a maddening orthodoxy. However, I would rather argue with Bernie and Elizabeth as to the wisdom of their position than turn my back on them for this single issue.

  • ed2291

    The choice is third parties. Voting for the Uniparty is throwing your vote away. Read the Popular Resistance newsletter, check out the New Progressive Alliance, read the Black Agenda Report, or investigate the Green Party to see how much good the lesser of two evils is.

  • Missing the point. They belong to the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren already endorsed Hillary Clinton in writing, for example. Why? Because she belongs to the Democrats. The Progressive Caucus is the largest Democratic caucus and has not put forward a progressive agenda even within its own party, let alone in the country. Why? Because they belong to the Democrats, a corporate-capitalist political party. This isn’t purity. It’s the logic of capitalism.

  • Emma Goldman was right, voting does change things. That is why the Democrats and Republicans work hard to keep alternative political parties and independent candidates off ballots by breaking laws and making new unconstitutional ones. Emma Goldman is right, voting matters, which is why the duopoly is making it harder to vote for anyone but itself.

  • larrysherk

    Of course we need to be realistic in our organizational efforts, but I think we should avoid negativity and negative thinking about existing thrusts in the right direction. I also was appalled at that 100-0 Senate vote supporting Israel’s actions, but we must do everything we can to support what’s positive.

  • cruisersailor

    Shame on Senators Sanders and Warren for their support of the Israeli genocide in Gaza.

  • aeskylos

    At least he is going in the progressive direction, unlike Boehner and McCain.

  • History301

    I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops forever it feels like. There IS NO TWO PARTY SYSTEM in the U.S. Only the party of BIG BUSINESS or as we used to call it; The Establishment. Whatever you name it, it’s us against them and we’re going to throw the bums out on the rear if we agree to work together. This site is as good a one as any. It’s non-partisan and accepts all who wish to participate. Thank you Margret and Kevin. Without you, this would not have been possible. Thanks also to ed2291 as his was the first comment I saw and is absolutely correct.

  • History301

    Quite right concerning candidates Herbert J. Hoffman. One huge problem on the national scale and even below is that, in my experience with organizing in my community, I often am asked to run for an office. Congress usually, but I am well aware of the very real physical dangers that await should any type of charismatic, informed, and other positive attributes a candidate possesses and one who can truly reach out to people across the entire spectrum, touching that unique chord most everyone feels when they know they are hearing the truth in it’s unvarnished form, also well understands should they gain enough traction to raise the attention and the hackles of the self-appointed owners of our world, they may well be dead before gaining office. Not a joke at all and something we’ve seen before, so we so know exactly what dangers lie ahead as we create what must be created for our world to survive the onslaught of these owners. I have pondered this in some detail and should I find the right candidate to promote and there are some out there, I’m open to suggestion on how to protect them. All at once, our choices in all states, federal, state and local might be the best way to protect those who would truly unseat the current status quo and bring at the very least, a bottom up democracy, thereby eliminating the current top down one, and of course, it’s far worse than the term, top down democracy, a somewhat inadequate phrase for what exists presently. Obviously, much organizational work will have to be done, but I happen to believe we can do it in spite of the best efforts aligned against us. How about you Herbert? How do you feel about this?

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  • Art Myatt

    The easiest way to describe Sanders and Warren is to say they are moonwalking in a progressive direction.

  • govt12

    I did this. I changed my registration from Dem to Green. So now what??? I wish Bernie Sanders would run for president as a Green. At least most people have heard of him, and his concerns are for the most part like mine. Nobody is perfect. Who is Thomas Scott Tucker to expect perfection?

  • Herbert J. Hoffman

    I agree with much of what you say. I am not as cynical as you seem to be about the difficulties that candidates will experience. I will share with you my personal experience as a candidate — a progressive candidate with a platform that incorporated most of what Dennis Kucinich was running on in 2008.

    After Dennis withdrew from the race, I decided to run as an Independent for the U.S. Senate [ME}. The incumbent was Susan Collins and the Democratic contender was Tom Allen, a long standing member of the House. I gathered my petitions, over 4800, and was approved as a ballot candidate by the Secretary of State. The State Democratic party challenged my petitions and lost at the Superior Court level. However, the Dems appealed and the State Supreme Court ruled in their favor. I did go to the Supreme Court and the US Court of Appeals to no avail. I continued my Campaign as a “write-in” candidate and of course had no legs left. I was able to document that a substantial number [don’t know how many] were not counted by the election clerks in many towns and cities. I estimate that the Democratic Party, state and national, spent approximately $100,000 in their effort to remove me from the ballot — and make certain that my message did not get widely disseminated.

    The irony is that Tom Allen lost to Collins by about 22% points, while Obama carried the state by 20% points — a swing of 42%.

    As a result of my experience as a write-in, I filed a bill designed to give more fairness and visibility to write-ins. About 85% of my bill was incorporated into state law.

    Do I support principled, progressive candidates for office; would I encourage those who are interested in running; would I help to recruit new, courageous candidates? The answer to all is a resounding YES! Will I be such a candidate? No. My time has passed, I’m 82 and I just became a resident of New Mexico.

    It’s a rough, tough rode to travel in our efforts to effect change, and we must continue to do whatever we can — however small or seemingly insignificant — to create that change.

    Thanks for asking,



  • George Costanza

    at the very least register for a third party and unenroll from duopoly so both parties at least have to try to get your vote instead of thinking it is a lock and ignoring you.

  • Rosemary1155

    I believe “not looking for perfection” is a specious argument. Voting for, and advocating killing is NOTHING LIKE standing for or against domestic policies, such as marriage equality. It’s a deal-breaker, or should be. Those possibly still enamored by the great Black hope can sigh happily over Sanders or Warren because they seem to be “progressive” when it comes to rights in this country. However, they are advocating–or at least not condemning–for others a violation of the paramount right: to remain alive.

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  • upthepeople

    The first two options ceed our power to the ownership class and runaway security state. We must wake up to what’s been going on for over 30 years, and that it’s been a bi-partisan effort.

  • lynn

    I am not fooled. Changed from Dem to Independent. The Greens are full of Zionists. Check out Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party.

  • John Hanna

    The choice is to recognize that American politics, the so-called left included, is about as significant as what deodorant Kim Kardashian uses. A total and utter charade.

  • RalphJ_Kramden

    As Gore Vidal said: “The USA has one political party: The Property Party, with two right wings—Democrat and Republican.” Or some such.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Your only making it easier for a conservative nutbag to get elected.

  • You mean like Barack Obama, the ally of Wall Street, the enemy of Main Street, and the wager of war around the planet?

    Or do you mean Hillary, a woman so far to the right she makes Spiro Agnew look like a flag burning commie.

    America consists mostly of conservative nuts. Even those who claim a progressive or liberal label, like Bernie Sanders, support war, the military industrial complex, and the lynching of Muslim children.

    What gets more conservative and nutty than that? Oh, I forgot, opposition to gay marriage and opposition to gun control.

    Who cares about those things in the grand scheme of things? If gays want to make the mistake of demanding the right to marry like other slaves of the patriarchy, then let them have what they want. Even most republicans agree with this, although they wouldn’t frame it the same way.

    And gun control? The democrats support the MIC and its perpetual wars. Sanders supports the F35. What can a pea shooter do against an F35?

  • bartleby

    What about Direct Democracy? Can there be a political party or person that could leverage a more direct national governance? Is there anybody to vote for who is in favor of handing power to the demos?

    We have on-line banking, we could have on-line voting. And we could educate the masses, turning their atomizing technology of cellphones and personal computers into a unifying political force where any interested people could learn and vote on policy directly. No more (or less) “representatives” servicing as inept and corrupt intermediaries between the masses and their government’s policies.

    The technology that enables this is new! Why aren’t we taking advantage of it yet? Why are we still musing over which cyclically elected, least Evil, temporary Tyrant to vote for?

  • Russ

    Where is the “positive” to be found, in a 100 – 0 result?

  • Russ

    Yes. Techno-democracy.
    No more “representative” democracy, which has been proven so many times to not work. Let people represent themselves.

    If we can directly-elect America’s next pop-star, then why not the next president?
    We should abolish all political parties at the same time.
    Individual opinions and votes, only. No more “party whips” and corruption.


    Considering the alternative of A.L.E.C. and the repuglican lack of core values supporting ANYTHING except for the corporations and the wealthy, I would rather take my vote and put into a political party that is changing toward a populist progressive direction than one that would destroy all the institutions of government except the DOD. At least we stand a chance with the democrats in power and numbers don’t lie, every democratic administration has outperformed on the economy over any repuglican one.

  • bartleby


  • modeforjoe

    So where do we turn. To whom.

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t find the Greens to be filled with Zionists. They have a good position on Israel-Palestine.

  • kevinzeese

    We turn to ourselves, build a mass movement that changes the political culture so the zeitgeist supports the kind of change we need.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Did you forget that the Wall Street bailout was written by Dubya?

  • alsodanlowe

    I’m not aware of any state that doesn’t have some sort of mechanism of recalling public officials either through a legal process (if they’ve broken the law) or through petitioning and re-election. Though our subscription to corporate media is a huge impedance to social action for a lot of people, we still live in a constitutional republic where we ultimately decide who stays and who goes. All this complaining about representatives is never going to be acknowledged until a few more Eric Cantors get the door.

    There’s also the problem of voters approving of their own representatives while completely disapproving (seriously, >10% and they’re still in office!?) of the rest. So long as we identify ourselves as united states, we have to look in the mirror and say that when things do not change, it is because we have not changed them.

  • Patrick Wright

    So voting for someone who I think shares my conscience and morals makes me the bad guy? Why do you hate democracy so much?

  • twopesos

    Is it possible to be elected without the support of AIPAC? Should we throw the baby(Bernie) out with the (dirty Zionist) bathwater?

  • April Garland

    I’ve been a registered Independent since I signed up to vote, yet I only get to pick between Rep/Dem. The rules need to change.

  • “The Greens are full of Zionists.”

    Complete bullshit. The Green platform is highly critical of Israel. It calls out Israel for its apartheid. It says Palestinians have the right to armed resistance. It says the Palestinians have the right of return. It calls for an end to the Israeli occupation. The Green platform calls for boycott, divestment, and sanctions of Israel for christsakes. You don’t pass platform resolutions like these if your party is “full of Zionists.”

    Rocky Anderson was a Democrat up until the moment he ran for president as a whatchamacallit, a Justice Partier? Rocky Anderson ran only to pressure Obama, naively thinking Obama would offer him a cabinet position. You doubt this? How many campaigns nationwide is the Justice Party running in 2014? Zero. How many campaigns nationwide did the Justice Party run in 2013? Was it zero? I think it was zero. How many campaigns nationwide did the Justice Party run in 2012? Two. No, I’ll be generous and say three campaigns in 2012, because Anderson managed to find a VP running mate. But of course, by 2014 the Justice Party’s 2012 VP candidate had decided to run as a Green for governor of California. In other words, the Justice Party is not attempting to build itself into a viable political party. It is not doing anything. But it just might run a presidential campaign in 2016 for the hell of it. In 2012, the Justice Party got fewer votes for president than the lunatic Constitution Party did. The Justice Party even got fewer votes than the lunatic Roseanne Barr.

    Build your Justice Party first and then try running a presidential campaign, not the other way around.

  • Bernie Sander is not interested in having a “discussion” here, and his audience knows it. Regurgitating IDF and US government propaganda points is not having a discussion.

  • Jim C

    Interesting thought , but might you expand a bit . How exactly does that work ? It’s hard to change anything when the powers that be have control of the means of communication , practically unlimited funds and are quite skilled at propaganda . So if you can figure out how to build a liberal / progressive movement that won’t be relegated to the fringes let me know . I’m sure there are more than a few of us that would gladly come aboard . But at present you have to penetrate a lazy , uninformed , indoctrinated , complacent public that is being dumbed down daily and fed a steady diet of propaganda by the oligarchs . So if you can figure out a workable method I’m all ears . But frankly at present it looks rather bleak .

  • lynn

    Thanks for your reply. It appears that I’ve been misinformed, and took information at face value from a trusted friend. My excuse is that I’ve been distracted by Gaza, Ferguson, Egypt, Syria, et al. I appreciate your information.

  • lynn

    Yes. People with integrity stand up for what they believe. It’s not “just” about Palestine. It’s that every decision he and Warren make will reflect their fear of AIPAC. It’s just possible that the U.S. public is tired of Israel pulling our strings and would applaud a politician who tells the truth.

  • lynn

    Welcome to New Mexico. Your voice is needed here.

  • lynn

    If your idea of a viable candidate is one who supports Israel’s genocidal occupation of Gaza, go for it. But it’s not just about Gaza, as horrific as that is. It’s about AIPAC and The Israel Lobby controlling your votes on a myriad of issues, or face their smear campaigns and campaign donations. (aka bribes).

  • Romi Elnagar

    Me, too.
    Also for Cynthia McKinney in2008. After the election, McKinney RAN the ISRAELI BLOCKADE OF GAZA to bring them desperately-needed medicine. Now, THAT takes some SPINE!

  • Romi Elnagar

    19BH, I’m sorry to break it to you, but the entire Democratic Party are puppets. The vote to support Israel showed that IMHO.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Join the Green Party!
    Just my advice.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Try the Greens!

  • Romi Elnagar

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • Herbert J. Hoffman

    Thanks, Lynn. I do attempt to use my voice in NM. Most recently as part of the Webber campaign. He could have made a difference and he would have been a formidable opponent for Martinez.


  • Romi Elnagar

    Yes. When people say that I’m “wasting my vote” to vote for a third party, I tell them I’m wasting my vote to vote for politicians that lie to me on Election Day about what they are going to do and then sell out to AIPAC and the big corporations EVERY TIME.

  • Romi Elnagar

    More like SLEEPWALKING.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Yes, it really doesn’t seem like there’s any crack in the wall of support for Israel’s genocide, does it?

  • Romi Elnagar

    The US Green Party website has a Platform Page. Section E.2 has a lengthy statement of the Party’s position on the Palestine/Israeli conflict. I haven’t been able to post the URL here.

  • And implemented by Obama, the more effective evil. Obama gave $85 Billion a month to Wall Street since 2008, buying back toxic mortgage backed securities. But when the poor black citizens of Detroit needed a one time bailout of $17 billion to avoid bankruptcy, Obama kicked them in the teeth.

    So every month Obama gave 5 x $17 Billion (exactly, ironically), and you think of him as a decent person.

    Obama, like W, Clinton, GHWB, and Carter, all belong in prison for war crimes. The rest of the US presidents since WWII belong there, too, but they have died.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Before his vote of support for Israeli genocide, I would have supported Sanders, but I would not do so now unless he recants.

  • Romi Elnagar

    There’s not a lot of daylight on some issues between “conservative nut bags” and spineless “progressives.”

  • Romi Elnagar

    And carried out by Obama and his equally corrupt Party.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Maybe you’d feel differently if your kids were in some of those bombed-out apartment buildings in Gaza.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    You people need to stop watching your “hate-news” channel and you “hate-radio” and actually go out and find the truth for YOURSELVES. IT actually will take a bit of work, I know that will be difficult for you, but at least try.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    The world will not be held back anymore by you ignorant, racist fools.

  • Art Myatt

    To clarify: If you look at a snapshot, they are facing in a progressive direction. If you pay closer attention to where they are going (supporting the lesser weevil, to paraphrase Captain Jack Aubrey), then you see moonwalking.

  • lynn

    Thanks. I’ll check it out.

  • kevinzeese

    During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama came back to DC and twisted arms of the Congressional Black Caucus to approve the Bush bailout and as president he could have put restrictions on the banks, e.g. bailing out homeowners from the housing bubble created by big banks, having taxpayer representatives on the boards of big banks to protect the public interest, investing in the economy rather than executive salaries and bonuses and dividends to shareholders. But, he did none of that.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Really? You have SUCH A CHARMING way of expressing yourself. Such tact! Such wit! I am SO impressed!


  • Romi Elnagar

    I am really, REALLY disillusioned about Bernie Sanders. I have never trusted Warren. They are both part of a system that has completely rotted.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Delighted! You are very welcome.

  • kevinzeese

    We are big fans of Glen Ford and the other writers a Black Agenda Report. We recommend them highly.

  • An underlying criteria for US democracy is separation of church and state, that is the problem, we the people are supporting a religious state with public funds. Our Senators are confused and conflicted by this plain fact.

    A similar pattern of thought can be applied to deficit spending; no politician of any brand mentions it removes funding taxed by living voters from the election process and thus distorts democracy from reality.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    You are being fed false information by hate-mongers. The fact that you truly believe it is the most troubling. Stop being simple and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    I thought hate, for hate’s sake, was right up your alley. I thought it best to speak down to your level, children.

  • So, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are insufficiently progressive for you? Good luck with that.

  • acme

    I couldn’t agree more. I was appalled at that vote. I’ve been saying for 30 years that if liberals and progressives would just stand fight for what they believe in rather than weaseling along, placating the Repubs so they would play nice, people would support them in that fight. That was, of course, before legalized bribery was the Official System and the Dems learned to love it. Fighting the right is now relegated to those of us who don’t run for office and so are not included in the gravy train of “campaign donations”.

  • Marsh_Owl

    What’s needed –and quickly, while intelligent dissent still has access to mass communication– is public education to expose the lies and fatal flaws in what we’ve embraced as “the American way of life.” Chief among those lies –especially now that Americans are expected to pledge their allegiance to “one nation, under God”– is the so-called “Christian” (but unloving, anti-Christ) teaching that the hawkish, land-grabbing, favorite-playing, blood-sacrifice-seeking, “eye-for-an-eye” God of the Old Testament (self-described as “jealous” and vengeful) and the compassionate, merciful, conciliatory, imminently egalitarian, “turn-the-other-cheek” (i.e., liberal) God of the New Testament are one and the same entity.

    That lie –which has so many citizens and a consequently today’s gridlocked Congress trying to emulate and serve the conflicting values of a basically schizophrenic deity– is the foundation of this nation’s predictable downfall, which is proving to be its internationally condemned, disgracefully anti-social, (not to mention self-destructive and globally, ecologically disastrous) history of imperialistic misadventures and abuse of both foreign- and native-born “outsiders,” those alien “others” whom Jesus commanded his followers to love as themselves.

    As the online petition by Jewish Voice for Peace asserts, the shocking and extremely morally offensive idea that an Israeli life is more valuable than a Palestinian life calls for strong objection –for a defensive outcry from every responsible human being everywhere! –But among this nation’s (R) Religious Right, the wrong-headed idea that God has a “chosen people” who rightfully ought to be bullying and inflicting suffering and death upon whomever their pastors deem to be “the infidels” (a dangerously delusional “we’re OK; they’re NOT OK” self-justification which actually has its roots in the brutal, now-transcendable meat-eating food chain) has the United States and all its military and financial resources on the wrong side of history.

    As a fan of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, I, too lament their already-evident need to compromise with the war-mongers among their constituencies, just as i lament Obama’s capitulation to the pressures that enveloped him upon his election. I feel, however that we ned to “cut them some slack,” because as long as a majority of Americans (60%?) do not mind letting Israel (represented by AIPAC and the neocons) pursue total control of the world’s military industrial complex, (including but not limited to the Pentagon and Wall Street’s manipulation of the U.S. economy) no one who openly wishes to revise our nation’s foreign, domestic and fiscal policies to better fit our people’s needs and collective conscience will stand any chance of being elected.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    And where did you get that information? The Limbaugh pedophile report or fox “news”?

  • Religionistheenemy.

    And you are as stupid as your “information” is.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Unfortunately, racist simpletons, such as yourself, will only see hate.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    So, your morals include concentrating the wealth of the country at the top 1%? Racism against anyone who isn’t blindingly white? It is so easy to see why you fools have fallen so far.

  • kevinzeese

    Wow — check your facts. Please point out anything inaccurate I said and provide a source for your claims.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Why is your only source for news a blog by racist simpletons?

  • kevinzeese

    Here’s the history, from a pro-Democratic Party website, definitely not racist, but is reporting the facts on how Obama convinced the Congressional Black Caucus to support the bailout after they initially opposed it


    This was widely reported when it happened. So, there are lots of articles making these points, but wanted to give you one from a site that supports the Democratic Party.

    The article also provides links to Obama’s Wall Street support, since you seem not to believe that either — despite how obvious it is and how widely understood it is even by people who supported Obama.

    Do you have any evidence to support your view?

  • Religionistheenemy.

    I suppose the recovered economy isn’t evidence enough for you? Just because conservatives have said they won’t start hiring until Obama is out of office, isn’t enough for you to see the travesty? What I was calling false was the CONTINUED windfall of money for wall street, it was a one time thing, and it worked.

  • kevinzeese

    Above I provide you a link to a Democratic Party aligned website that proves my points. Where is your proof?

  • kevinzeese

    Economy in recovery is more propaganda than reality. The unemployment numbers are deceptive for two reasons (1) much of the downward number is because millions have given up looking for a job and are no longer counted; and (2) the jobs people have gotten are at much lower wages, with less benefits and less hours. So, on the jobs front there really has not been a recovery.

    As to Wall Street, that part of the economy is doing fine. Of course, when Treasury gives then hundreds of billions and the Fed gives them more than $16 trillion — how could it not be fine!

    Sadly, the so-called recovery has only been good for the wealth — poverty continues at record highs, incomes are down, the middle class is shrinking and recent college grads have high debts and low income. More than 90% of the income since the economic collapse has gone to 1% of the American people — the already wealthy.

    So, no, the Obama economy is not one that is “good enough.”

  • kevinzeese

    Maybe you should broaden your perspective beyond partisan Democratic Party/Obama talking points.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Wall street did NOT get 16 trillion dollars from the federal government. Now I know you are COMPLETELY INSANE, and I don’t need to discuss anything with you.

  • kevinzeese

    The Fed is the Federal Reserve, and yes, they did get well-over $16 trillion from the Federal Reserve.

  • kevinzeese

    By the way, don’t think I did not notice you changed the topic. You described the bailout as Bush’s bailout and I pointed out that Obama twisted arms in Congress to get it passed. In fact, Obama changed enough votes to turn a House vote against it, into a House vote for the bailout. You lost that argument, so now you are changing the debate to Wall Street continuing to get a windfall.

    In my response below I pointed out that the expansion of income since the crash — over 90% went to the wealthiest. And, the stock market has recovered, but the rest of the economy has not. This was all during Obama’s presidency; and Wall Street is doing quite well while the rest of America suffers.

    Beyond that, the Obama Justice Department failed to criminally prosecute any of leaders of big banks that caused the crash. It is a shameful history of letting Wall Street off easy. But, that is not surprising since he appointed Wall Streeters to the most important economic positions in the government. It has been a Wall Street presidency.

  • eaglemount

    You guys have a troll on the line :))

  • I appreciate that. Thank you.

  • Darcy Faegre

    If the qualification to vote for a candidate is that you agree with EVERYTHING they say and do then you are fucked. This is ridiculous, like most of American society this article is off the deep end and leads people astray from making things better in the misguided ideal that things even can be perfect.

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t think anyone is saying you have to agree with a candidate on everything to vote for them, rather there are some very important issues on which you do need to agree. One of those issues is US militarism and empire, at least for many people, maybe not for you.

  • kevinzeese

    You mean like Hillary — a Wall Street Democrat who believes in US Empire?

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t think anyone is saying that, rather there are some very important issues on which they are off base and the one discussed here is militarism and Empire. For many people that is a very important issue, maybe not for you.

  • Darcy Faegre

    I’m sure if you actually asked Bernie Sanders about these subjects you would get a nuanced answer. But don’t bother because it might not be easily boxed up in “US militarism and empire.”

  • It is an important issue for me. It’s simply not accurate, though, to say that Sanders and Warren haven’t opposed militarism. But I’m willing to be persuaded. Who in Congress has a better record on these issues?

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Sounds like someone is afraid… what you have no one for 2016? Oh yah, conservatives are all washed up, we have seen the hate in your eyes and we are sick of you all.

  • PamB1

    save the gas if you are voting 3rd party……Which major party is going to work with a 3rd party ? NEITHER…….

  • ed2291

    which is exactly why we need to vote third party and stop supporting the Democratic Republican Uniparty. We need other actions too, of course.

  • modeforjoe

    I looked into the greens last time around; agree w their program, but they just haven’t organized to become an effective voice. Locally I voted peace and freedom party or something approximating that; they were direct, they were clear, and my vote was not thrown away.

  • Romi Elnagar

    The Greens are a small party, and when you say, “THEY just can’t get organized…” it makes me unhappy. If you really want to effect social change, you cannot just show up and vote on Election Day, you need to get involved. If Greens aren’t organized enough or powerful enough, but we say what you think is right, then you really are not being fair to say that we are not an “effective voice.”
    If you agree with the Platform, then JOIN US and work to expand the Party. THAT’S THE ONLY WAY TO EFFECT CHANGE.
    And, yes, the Peace and Freedom Party is another good party. You are not “throwing away your vote,” when you vote for ANY party that (1) says what you believe in, and (2) does what it claims it will try to do if elected. You ARE “throwing away your vote”when you vote for corrupt politicians who only say what they think you want to hear before elections, and after the election, vote for their cronies and “corporate sponsors.”
    Best wishes for Peace,

  • Romi Elnagar

    I’ll tell you one way it works: get out on the street corners, the post offices and libraries and pass out leaflets. Talk to people.
    If the MSM won’t open the gates to us, then we have to do it ourselves. We cannot blame OTHER people for being “lazy, uninformed, indoctrinated, or complacent” if we haven’t done what we can in our neighborhoods and towns to tell people what we think.
    It takes time and effort. I spent literally YEARS of my life passing out leaflets, going on neighborhood canvasses, manning (or womanning, rather) tables for petitions (petitions are a great way to start a conversation) at libraries and other public places (they can throw you out of malls, which are privately owned, but there’s nothing they can do about you at libraries and post offices and some libraries even have free rooms you can use to show videos and talk about your issue).
    I started in the early sixties, when most people didn’t even know the name “Vietnam,” or that we had a war there, and it took years to build the anti-war movement, but–along with the successes of the Vietnamese resistance themselves–we succeeded in ending that war, and we can do it again.
    And, once the movement becomes strong enough, the MSM will HAVE to pay attention. Look at Ferguson. And look at Gaza this time. Israel got away with war crimes during Operation Cast Lead, but I don’t think it worked this time.
    And one more thing: becoming active changes YOU. Yes, the future does indeed look bleak if all you do is sit at home and wring your hands. But if you get out and e and working to change things, your perspective will change.

  • Romi Elnagar

    It’s true that it is a lot, but it wasn’t ideological purity that motivated their vote for Israel in Gaza. I have hope for these two, though, that they will see the error of that vote and recant, because until they do, they are no better than anyone else on Capitol Hill as far as I’m concerned.

  • Romi Elnagar

    Thanks for this post, which somehow never made it to my inbox, and which I only discovered because I happened to be looking at this article again for other reasons.
    It took you some time to look up the Platform plank about the I-P conflict and post it, and I hope it changes a few minds!

  • kevinzeese

    If you are saying the two corrupt parties only work with each other to support the interests of big business — you’re right, they would not work with a party working for the people. When we hear the word bi-partisan coming out of DC, the people better be worried because they are about to do something stupid.

  • kevinzeese

    Unfortunately, it looks like Sen. Warren is more and more a senator for Israel. At a recent town hall she spouted the Israeli line at a town hall — special relationship, liberal democracy, rule of law, cited for Israel; approves bombing hospitals and schools if rockets were nearby; says we should not demand they stop the expansion of settlements — what more could Israel want from a US senator! She acts like a senator representing Israel.http://www.capecodonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=%2F20140821%2FNEWS%2F408210325%2F-1%2Fnews11

  • Romi Elnagar

    Good reply! Thank you for engaging with this troll!

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t know where you get the view that anyone here supports concentrating the wealth in the top 1%. Do you know what website you are on? No one here supports that perspective, but that does not mean we support the Democratic Party, which unless you are a blind partisan, people can see is allied with Wall Street!

  • modeforjoe

    Thank you for that nice reply. That’s a great suggestion and I will do so. As for my comment about “throwing away”, I did not mean a vote for the Greens would have been throwing it away; not at all. I meant what you also said, that die hard Dems, for example, claim we are throwing our votes away when we don’t support that party. I just don’t agree. In my view, winning the immediate election is not the main goal; the main goal is to make voting effective, make it mean something, and it may take decades for us to turn this big ship around. But we have to start, and stop throwing away our votes on either major party.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Well, if you support conservatives, you support their plan to re-enact slavery, abolish the minimum wage and force the citizens of the US into working for barely enough to survive by and further concentrating the wealth of the nation at the top. Yes, President Obama signed the bail-out bill that was completed before he became president by Cheney. Yes the bail out-bill DID work but no, money is not still flowing into wall street from the US government. Which shock-jock, conservative radio hate-monger convinced you of that? Oh no, Obama wasn’t even born in this country, Obama is a muslim, Obama want to flood the US with illegal immigrants to get more votes for himself. Obama is going to force all us christians in one state and then drop a nuclear bomb on us. It is very clear how you racists are being manipulated to believe anything those conservative pedophiles(Limbaugh) and asshats from fox “news” want you to believe. I see no further information I can gain from the likes of you.

  • canyonguy

    I have known for a while there is no politician who wants all the things I want.

  • canyonguy

    While I don’t agree with Lizs stance on Israel and while Bernie declined to vote on it each of them represent the best in moral politics on all other matters.

  • kevinzeese

    No one is urging support for conservatives. You need to review this website so you understand where people who participate in Popular Resistance stand.

  • dubinsky

    you’ll never get an answer because he doesn’t have a lucid one.

    he dissembles and tries to hide his agenda behind a facade of “reasonableness”. but it doesn’t withstand scrutiny.

  • dubinsky

    anyone who would vote for the deranged McKinney is a fool and a troll.

    ” McKinney claimed that the Department of Defense used hurricane Katrina as a cover-up of the execution of 5,000 prisoners. McKinney claimed the Pentagon authorized the execution of the prisoners with one bullet to the head three years ago and then dumped their bodies in a Louisiana swamp.”

  • dubinsky

    it looks more that you’re simply wrong.

    support for fighting against Hamas is not akin to being a “senator for Israel” as so so slimily claim.

  • dubinsky

    here are very of “ourselves’ to turn to….. radicals in the US are thin on the ground and that is highly unlikely to change.

    my grandfather waited decades for the workers to rise up and instead the workers grew prosperous and content.

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t know why you think this has anything to do with so-called “hate news.” This is legitimate criticism of Obama. It is not what is heard on right wing radio or TV, rather it is a criticism from the left that Obama puts Wall Street interests ahead of people’s interests. You are the one that needs to open their mind to non-Democratic Party aligned news. You seem to think any criticism of the Democratic Party of President Obama is unacceptable.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    I see the pathetic racism and stupidity of the republican party and we won’t be fooled again.

  • kevinzeese

    No one here is advocating for the Republican Party, but that does not mean we should be blind to the serious shortcomings of the Democrats.

  • Religionistheenemy.

    Since republicans have absolutely no chance in any future national elections, Independents need to push harder to advertise their attributes.

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  • Tim Agami

    Go IDF. Go Bernie. Those Arab scum would be better off bombed, but it’s just not in style to speak plain anymore. It’s important to remember that Islam is the enemy, an expanding brutal fascist ideology backed by the Saudis, Qataris, Hamas, Islamic State. Don’t spare any of them. The cities in the gulf would look like Berlin in 1945 if the US would do the right thing.

  • Anthony Noel

    Glad to see KZ seeing thru Sanders and Warren.

  • yabbed

    Bernie Sanders is a citizen of Israel. No one holding divided loyalties can be President of the United States. His dual citizenship in Israel disqualifies him from being the leader of the United States.

  • Heywood J.

    Any proof?

  • SpiritOnParole

    *shrugs* you know… if all those who actually WERE a part of the Occupy movement really did vote if they were legally able to then we would have seen change already. But the vast majority (if the turnout is any indication) just post on the net and and rail against all the wrongs and unfairness but somehow think not voting will send a message. SMH.

  • kevinzeese

    How do you know they don’t vote? My guess is they vote at a higher level than most communities. But, the real problem is no one decent to vote for and two corrupt political parties that represent money before people and planet.

  • jeffsalzberg

    Please post links to what I’m certain must be the many, many sites on which you’ve posted your outrage over the thousands of rockets and mortars launched at Israeli civilians, and at Hamas’s locating those launch sites in the midst of their own civilian population so that Israel is forced to choose between killing Palestinians or allowing attacks on their own people to continue unchecked.

    …Because if you cannot or will not provide those links, you should admit that your concern is not with the deaths of civilians; your concern is with the deaths of civilians who happen not to be Israeli.

  • jeffsalzberg

    Well, my earlier comment has been removed.

    Hint: If the truth is so uncomfortable that you have to stifle it, you should rethink your position.

  • James R. Olson

    The perfect is the enemy of the good. All sane effective politicians know this. Johnny one note idealogues such as will be found on this site clearly don’t

  • Margaret Flowers

    I’m not sure how your comment relates to this article, but I want to mention that it’s amazing how often that phrase surfaces to undermine activism for real (not ‘perfect’) solutions. Using your logic, I guess that slaves shouldn’t have struggled for abolition when it would have been more ‘reasonable’ to ask for better working conditions.

  • James R. Olson

    Assuming facts not in evidence.

  • ConcernForHumanRights

    Or, for that matter, to vote at all. Lots of voter suppression laws pushed successfully by Republicans, to make it hard for many Democrats and others from voting.

  • Skyler Wind

    I was so very disappointed with my Senator Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren when they backed the murderous bombing of thousands of innocent civilians in Palestine. Are they really”terrorists?” , in light of the illegal land grabbing, cutting off our taking all their water, limiting food, limiting access to medicine, power, and any other resource that is rightfully theirs and that would support their return to an Independent nation, I’d say that Israel is the real Terrorist group, and the people of Palestine are the terrorized.

    I have been a Bernie believer since he was the Mayor of Burlington, VT, and never found a a moral to quarrel with, until this. It broke my last bit of faith….

  • James R. Olson

    Margaret, may I ask you how many hours a week you spend at on the ground political activism? Please don’t tell me what my logic suggests, that is above your pay grade.

  • Ralph Adamo

    This article is clearly pro-IslamoNazi and anti-Israel. Whenever a person uses the term “colonial regime” to mischaracterize Israel, that person betrays his real position. So naturally the person writing this article is a total hypocrite, and a proud one, as all IslamoNazis are. That is, they just LOVE Islamoterrorism worldwide. They simply cannot get enough of it. But should Israel dare to defend itself against those IslamoNazis that want to exterminate its own people, the IslamoNazis get all bent out of shape.

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  • Darris

    Voting is ok as a hobby but if you want to change anything you need to organize the workplace and take control.

  • jstsmlbrlcnsrvtvguy

    #5 – Is Hillary listening to progressives? (from AlterNet)

    “And Sanders does nothing to build the base of any independent party of anti-corporate resistance”

    Any Independent … independent … party… like the Greens?

    Williamson/Stein 2016 !!!!

    Sanders/Williamson 2016 !!!

    Stein/Williamson 2016 !!!

    Sanders/Stein 2016!!!

    Williamson/Sanders 2016 !!!

    Stein/Sanders 2016 !!!

    Grayson/Warren 2016 !!!

    Grayson/Sanders 2016 !!!

    Vote Green !!!

    Vote Brown !!!

    Vote OSCYS Party 2016 !!!


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  • Michael Cavlan RN


    this person is a Democratic party troll. facts are irrelevant. These folks are just as delusional as tea baggers.

    Just my 2 cents

  • citizen8

    SOMEBODY will get elected President next Nov. There is no perfect candidate. Hillary will be as Republican as Obama has turned out to be. So Bernie Sanders is the candidate with at least a somewhat credible shot at winning, given the popular discontent with corrupt government. You may not, indeed do not, like every position he has taken, but he is our best shot at improvement. He needs votes to keep his job as Senator of Vermont; I’ll bet he sees support for defense contracts in his state as a jobs program, not a good one, but better than flippin’ burgers until we can get things straightened out. He is our best bet at this point. If not Bernie, who will YOU be voting for?

  • citizen8

    Jill Stein will not win. Rocky Anderson is not running. Jesse Ventura isn’t either as far as I know. I don’t want Bush or Clinton or Rand or any of those other GOP clowns, so I’m voting for Bernie Sanders; he supports workers over corporations.

  • Thomas P Lloyd

    i think it is a bid to be Hillarys running mate .. and seems there are a lot of people who think that could be a good match … personally … in this country being a devout Socialist is giving the conservatives a bazooka to fire at them with.

  • Istlota Everyman

    Which conservative nutbag are you talking about … Jeb or Hillary?

  • Religionisadisease.

    Everyone in the republican clown car.

  • Religionisadisease.

    I assumed this was another Koch-funded hate-brewing death-squad site. I apologize…

  • tailwagsthedog


  • theoacme

    Or that women should happily accept “legitimate rape”, from Jews, Christians, Muslims, or Hindus…and not complain when Bill Clinton makes Ms. Perfect’s daughter fellate him…

  • theoacme

    One Russell Feingold, even, would have been nice…I remember his speech on the Senate floor during final debate on the original USA Patriot Act (you know, the 98-1 with one abstention, vote in favor of treason against the American people)…

    …Bernie could have been a Russ, but he fell to the same level of McConnell, Reid, and all the rest…

  • Bob Boldt

    I’m not at all sanguine about any aspect of Bernie’s candidacy If you want to support him and do some good, make that support dependent on his repudiation of Israel’s right to self-defense AKA Palestinian genocide! There’s something you are never gonna see. BTW.

  • Are you for real?? Do you actually think Greens are conservative? I cannot believe you are not playacting

  • “if you support conservatives”

    Please name one conservative that this website has supported. You can’t of course. You are a troll, and have no intention of genuine dialog.

  • rather glib apology. So what is your new enlightened summary?

  • Religionisadisease.

    LEARN TO SPELL if you are ever planning on insulting anyone, DOOCHBAG.

  • bohemianstyle

    The proper spelling is actually “douche bag.”

  • recovered economy? sure, printing 3.5 trillion dollars can buy one hell of a “recovery”.

  • Religionisadisease.

    Just because some fat losers won’t accept jobs that are below their “standards”, doesn’t mean the economy isn’t on it’s way to recovery. If the “conservatives” hadn’t been blocking Obama on EVERY SINGLE THING he tried to get done, maybe the economy would better than before…?

  • Religionisadisease.


  • ” If the “conservatives” hadn’t been blocking Obama on EVERY SINGLE THING he tried to get done, maybe the economy would better than before…?”

    oh, yes… i am familiar with this meme… it is common and easy to blame others isnt it?

    but if we are sincerely interested in discovering the reasons for why things are the way they are in the world, the answer is in the mirror.

  • also, lets us not forget reality:

    we live on a finite (and overpopulated) planet with finite (and depleting) resources. unlimited growth is no more an option for us “intelligent” human animals than it is for the yeast in the test tube,

    but rather than wisely realizing there are limits, we continue to pimp growth. everyone feels their lifestyles are non-negotiable, so of course necessary change will not happen by choice (or the distraction of voting), but from reality forcing that on us… which will not be pretty… so enjoy these good days, because this will not end well.

  • David Christie

    Copy that. Fake, phony liberal shills on the Jew Payroll. They’re all for human rights and peace – unless Isra-Hell has to comply. Then it’s the old “Isra-Hell can commit any human rights atrocities they want and we should pay for it”. These lying vermin don’t deserve to share the same air with honest people.

  • Religionisadisease.

    Who killed the jobs bills, Jackwagon?

  • What “jobs bill?”

    Do you mean The Jobs Act?

  • i would say trying to have unlimited growth on a finite planet is what killed jobs. this is basic math… not politics.

  • Oh come, everything is politics, even math.

  • Gina

    Even if he took it back through the front door, he’d slip it in again through the back door.

  • greenferret

    Jill Stein is the only prospective presidential candidate who has consistently supported human rights and self-determination for all people.

    Here is Jill Stein’s position on Israel and Palestine from 2012:


  • Romi Elnagar

    I really supported Sanders before this, and I hate to think that he is so untrustworthy now that what you say might be true. I think he is under pressure from the Israel Lobby, the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill and caved in to their pressure. If so, he probably will continue to be dominated by them, and may very well act as you suggest. The fate of legislators who have resisted “the Lobby” is not good: Paul Wellstone was killed, supposedly in a plane crash, shortly before he intended to expose the Lobby, and Paul Findley lost an election because he opposed the Lobby.

    Until we can overcome the influence of these weasels, I’m afraid that we cannot trust ANY legislator to act in America’s best interests, rather than the interests of the racist, genocidal Zionist state.


  • Religionisadisease.

    Can’t think of a response so you start picking on semantics?

  • flyaway

    uh…can’t help wondering if you’re not a little over the top?

  • Tom Carberry

    Why, because I can recognize war crimes when I see them? Because I protested the Viet Nam war (the first one in my teens) and have protested all wars since, even those started by the “good” democrats like Carter, a mass murderer of Afghans and Latin America?

    Name a president since and including FDR who didn’t commit massive war crimes? Name one.

  • I thought you dealt with the GOTP machine. I was right.

  • flyaway

    Oh dear, you are off and running, aren’t you. I suspect those presidents, those national leaders, those war-criminals had all the passion and tunnel vision you do, and if you could, you would…what? cut off their heads? No? That’s how it sounds.
    As for Israel, I don’t have much in the way of an opinion, except that they’re probably a whole lot more realistic about their situation than you.
    I.E. there’re are about 8 millions Jews in Israel, (or so I’ve read) surrounded by 200 plus million Arabs. It’d give me pause in the Israelis’ place.
    Long ago, when I was in College, I heard of a Poli-Sci major who drafted a bunch of the ‘serious’ questions most people don’t ask themselves before deciding on their allegiances. For example, in which country (Palestine as was or will be) or Israel, would you rather be tried for a capital crime. In which country would you rather be a member of a minority (an Arab in Israel or a Jew in an Arab country).
    In which country would you rather be a woman, in which country would be you rather be a prisoner of war, or any other prisoner, and so on. See if you can answer them honestly, then…according to this fellow from all those years ago…you may find yourself surprised at where your sympathies lie.
    “Honestly” is the key word. Give it a shot. Maybe nothing will change for you, maybe it will.

  • kevinzeese

    I don’t see anyone talking about cutting off anyone’s heads other than “flyaway”

  • Tom Carberry

    White people make those arguments.

    Where would a Muslim rather face prosecution, in Iran or in the USA? I suspect Iran, which has a much less corrupt judiciary than the USA, as do most civilized countries.

    Israel engages in apartheid, a nice term for confining people in concentration camps and periodically entering them for a little ethnic cleansing.

    Israel has allied itself with Saudi Arabia, so what moral authority can it have?

    Israel just last summer lynched 513 Palestinian children, without charges, without a prosecutor, without a defense lawyer, without a judge, and without any right to appeal.

    How can any decent person say a Muslim would stand a better chance of justice in Israel than elsewhere when Israel lynches children by the hundreds and imprisons them by the thousands.

    Much like the USA, another bastion of cruelty to children.

  • kevinzeese

    There is a lot of pro-Israel propaganda in the United States so many people do not see the reality of this brutal apartheid government. Israel is a racist theocracy and it is getting more extreme, not less.

  • flyaway

    this is kind’a fun. But I hoped for a more considered response. Wrote a lot besides ‘cut off their heads’. I’ve come to believe smart remarks…that is picking out a phrase, taking it out of context (naturally), and replying to it as a substitute for discourse or argument is the refuge of the ill willed. Sort’a thing Newt Gingrich does.

  • kevinzeese

    There are lots of articles on the war crimes of the United States and the mistreatment of Palestinians in Israel. When someone misinterprets these fact based realities with a silly comment, they get a response they deserve.

    It is not fun the way Israel treats people who are not Jewish. Their racism has become more evident and with their new extreme right wing government — where the party of illegal settlements is in charge of the Justice and Education Departments, things are going to get much worse.

    US war crimes have a very long history and are also not “fun” feel free to browse wars and militarism in the cloud on the left and learn about this history. The more I learn, the more ashamed I am of our country. Sadly, the propaganda about the glory of our warrior — they are all heroes in the media, not allowed to be called anything else — makes it hard for many to see reality.

  • If Bernie Sanders, as a Democratic candidate, has any effect on our political condition, it is most likely to be to pull the Demos back toward the left. Even if he were to win, he could make no real difference by himself, but by running and creating a threat to the status quo, he may compel change in spite of himself.

  • Were you fooled by it before?

  • That is unfortunately not true. As horrific as they are, Republicans will continue to get elected as long as they can distract enough voters with wedge issues.

    All part of the “two-party” game, I’m afraid.

  • Good question.

    Try using some, and see if anyone gets it.

  • Religionisadisease.

    Meaning, we won’t be fooled into thinking that you “conservatives” would do ANYTHING in your own best interests.

  • I’m going to have to take a screenshot of this page, frame it and display it on my wall.

    Otherwise, no one will ever believe someone just called me a “conservative.” 😀

  • MB

    I see the mod conveniently skirted around the racism issue. Also I have no interest in reading anything from a website called “black agenda”

  • kevinzeese

    Maybe you should check out Black Agenda Report. It is an excellent news site. Don’t let your prejudice about a “black agenda” blind you.

  • Mike Fox

    For God’s sake, people, my ex significant other shook the hand of the head of Hamas in Gaza with a Code Pink contingent, and I’m the president of my Vets for Peace chapter. Am I pro Palestine? No question. And am I pro Bernie? NO QUESTION. Why? Because NOBODY in congress is as pro-Palestine as I am and I don’t demand it of those I vote for who are solid on the other issues I also hold dear. And let’s remember Bernie was the FIRST member of the Senate to walk out on Netanyahu, and he voted AGAINST invading Iraq. And elements of the Occupy movement have made him the first candidate they’ve ever endorsed.

  • De Neice Kenehan

    Curious where is the evidence that he holds dual citizenship. Is there a photo of his passport posted some place. I cannot find it. Thanks.

    Also, he takes NO MONEY from the Israeli lobby,w hich you can find at Open Secrets.

    He was the first legislator to state that he would not attend the controversial joint address by Netanyahu this year.

  • De Neice Kenehan

    There’s another story that pops up about Bernie related to that “Unanimous Consent Resolution” ISen. 498) suggesting that he supported the blanket support of Israel and condemnation of Palestine last summer. He did not but the media didn’t make that clear.

    Senate Consent Res 498 was read and no one vocally objected, so it was recorded as UNANIMOUS. That’s the way it works. The way you OBJECT now, for political reasons, is to not SIGN the bill– 21 did not sign it, including Sanders.

    Also, significantly, he was not PRESENT the day it was read — he has a 97% attendance score, so his absence SAYS something.

    Yes, it is not as directly express as saying you OBJECT and having that recorded, so the resolution is not reported as “unanimous.” But, indeed, the Israeli lobby is powerful (too). Anyone who objected would feel repercussions — be primaried, receive no money (Sanders’ name does not appear on their donee list, btw) etc. So not signing and not attending the Resolution reading is a moderated, political way to object.

  • sallyhampton

    Thank you! You are the only one on this thread who has any common sense.

  • sallyhampton

    yes, the Democrats are far from perfect. but the party platform is light years from the Republicans who are wholly, 100% corporate subsidiaries. If the Greens were smart, they would do what libertarians have done with the Republican party and run Green Candidates as Dems – with the “Green Thumbs Up” stamp of approval to challenge Dems across the country in local, state and national elections. Because the 3rd ticket is a loser and they can’t even get media or in the debates because they don’t poll high enough. Huge waste of time and like pissing in the wind. Would be far more effective for real change to take over the Democratic party and turn it from Blue to Green. And I am thrilled that Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat and see it as an opportunity to vote for the most progressive candidate we have had in decades without throwing away the vote, which only enables the GOP more power to do even more damage on behalf of corporate interests.

  • Religionisadisease.

    ONE of the reasons things are the way they are in the world is because Cheney sent us into Iraq based on faulty intelligence just to pad his retirement account.

  • kevinzeese

    Not faulty, but intentionally false intelligence; not just Cheney, but George W. Bush, the neo-con foreign policy apparatus, the Pentagon, the humanitarian war Democrats and the corporate media which treated lies (obvious lies as there was also real intelligence showing it to be false) as truth and covered the airwaves with pro-war retired generals who now work for the military industrial complex.

  • kevinzeese

    There was a jobs bill? Never an adequate one. Both parties killed the minimal steps we needed for a decent economy.

  • yep… it is always easier to blame someone else then looking in the mirror…

  • stevemaxmusic

    I see this as a recurring ‘achilles heal’ in the progressive ranks. This
    guy…i.e. Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Nader etc….is not my perfect,
    spotless, candidate therefore because my principals are so high and he
    doesn’t measure up i will tear him down. Great….and did you find the
    perfect soul mate yet also? You know the one whom rings your bell in
    every possible way…does the dishes, romances you just right and makes a
    6 figure salary? Or did you find someone whom you can love, live and
    compromise with? We have no idea the pressure Aipac exerts upon
    candidates. You think any great leader that has arrived has not had to
    compromise his/her ideals along the way. Unlikely. Let the man have a
    voice in this process …he is saying enough that is good…that he
    needs to be heard. Don’t slow him down…he’s not perfect…agreed…but
    he’s damn good and his voice speaks for the common good more than any of the other candidates by far.

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  • t b

    Quite right. Might mention the other largely all-the-sames within our one party system and the hardly there almost entirely for show second party candidates, with their lame, go along for the most part phony rigormortis “opposition” to the status quo.

    Remembering well Obama’s talking a good bit of good talk before his wins. You can almost see where the Big Corporate wires attach to this little man often enough during his many speeches, him marionette dancing to their tunes. And there have been many moments during these many public PR performances when you could see his attention, and indeed often enough his head, jerking around in response to evident off stage direction.

    I am ready for “HILLARY?” I am very nearly laughing my ass off.

  • Kat


  • mikep

    Don’t really understand why the subject of Gaza and the Palestinians keeps coming up. At least in the context of a discussion of American elections. Virtually all Americans have long since concluded that Israel is in the right, and that the Palestinians are in the wrong. Period. We all think that the Israel won the war they didn’t want or start fair and square, and that the Palestinians lost and should surrender, and need to find somewhere else to live. They lost, too bad, get over it already, move on, and spare us this endless lamenting on a long-lost cause which has no relevance to today’s world.

    This really isn’t an issue in the American presidential campaign, since it’s already settled, and since all but a very tiny fringe of anti-semites in the US support Israel. This is an American election and it must focus on American issues, not on a tiny group of violent, hateful extremists on the other side of the world who represent less than 1/10 of 1% of the world’s population, and who even the Arab Muslim countries such as Egypt now oppose. Sanders knows this, which is why he isn’t squandering his momentum and good will beating a dead horse, which is why he’s focusing on issues that affect Americans, not Palestinians. He already did himself enormous damage by insulting Netanyahu when he came to speak, and I guess he realizes this.

    I think he also realizes that he represents populist forces, not leftist ones, and wants to distance himself from what is now considered by most Americans (including most true progressives and liberals) to be the anti-semitic loony left. No one is going to want to go near these folks and their neo-nazism. They’re poison. (And this is a long-time Green and lefty speaking.)

  • Religionisadisease.

    You really live in your own little world, don’t you?

  • Tom Carberry

    You mean the world of reality, and not delusional magical thinking?

    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.” George Bernard Shaw

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  • Will Jones

    Before God and Isaiah’s prophecy only America is “Israel.” Sanders is a false-Jew Talmud, no Jew and no American.

  • df NJ

    RE: “100 to 0 vote in the Senate”

    If he voted against this he would have been roasted to death. I’m not sure this vote means he’s a war hawk. I’m still hoping he’s not as bad as Hillary.

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  • disqus_yd54fFuNZm

    This Web site must be dedicated to the intellectually challenged.

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  • Brux

    Sir you are mistaken if you think that Palestinian politics of Islamic terrorism should be driving American elections or Western civilization.

    You are mistaken if you think that Palestinians are the 99%.

    You are mistaken if you think Iran is Liberal or a democracy.

    Sanders will do fine because he is the first sensible candidate solidly from the Left with a record of working hard and getting things done that has disconnected himself from the hate American first nuts like you, and he will win because of it. People who are so cynical they side with terrorists because they hate America so much don’t vote anyway, and Bernie will pull in the moderate Liberal Republicans who have been unable to turn to the Left because of folks like you.

  • Alan8

    “And Sanders does nothing to build the base of any independent party of anti-corporate resistance. Thus any challenge he might raise against Hillary for the presidential nomination amounts, first and foremost, to a vanity campaign.”

    Wrong in multiple ways. First, Bernie is exposing the masses to a real progressive platform. Most of them have never HEARD a progressive platform, due to the corporate censorship of the Green Party and other independent parties.

    I think many of them will LIKE the progressive ideas, and will expect them from future candidates; Bernie is raising expectations.

    Second, Hillary, the fake “champion” of the people is facing a REAL champion of the people, and is being forced to make progressive noises to maintain the illusion.

    Third, Bernie may actually win. He’s obviously the best candidate and the masses have many months to realize it. The strong early support is a good sign.

    Fourth, Bernie is under no obligation to build an independent party if he thinks he can achieve better progressive results through the Democrats.

    BTW, why the fixation on a tiny desert nation the size of Delaware on the other side of the planet? There is no right answer there; neither side is blameless. We have urgent matters here in the U.S. including a corporate/1% coup d’etat. We should support the first progressive that stands a chance of being in the presidential debates and on the ballot in all 50 states.

  • bemundolack

    Whooooa, perspective, man. Whatever joker the GOP nominates is DEFINITELY going to be bad news, honestly, the only thing that would bring about real change at this point is violent revolution, but in lieu of that, Sanders is the best, most realistic option for the United States right now.

  • sailorbill

    The big problem i see is its all nothing money,created by lending that becomes the asset now how the hell can a country grow on nothing,oh i forgot the trickle down theory there a nothing theory it just dosnt stop

  • Brux

    Not true, the bailout happened because of and by the Bush administration. Obama was not even in office.

  • Comrade Wingtardd 5467p

    Perfection is not something any democratic system offers, only despotic systems offer that.

  • Jay Cee

    We don’t need another socialist in office.

  • kevinzeese

    “Another” socialist. There has never been a socialist in the US presidency. Not sure how you define socialist, but I suspect it is inaccurate. Sanders is a very weak socialist, he is not challenging capitalism in any of his policies. All he is advocating is softening the rough edges of US capitalism. Maybe instead of using a word like socialist you should say which policies you do not agree with. The socialist label has been so red-baited in the United States that it is often misused and misunderstood.

  • Jay Cee

    Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist. Why would I not call him for what he is. “A government can’t control the economy without controlling people.” The problem is that he agrees wholeheartedly, and he’s all for it.

    “As the Washington Times reports, “former U.S. Department of Labor Secretary, Robert B. Reich, another renowned progressive socialist said that America “is creating an aristocracy of wealth populated by heirs who don’t have to work for a living yet have great influence over how the nation’s productive assets are deployed,” and called Mr. Sanders‘ tax proposal “a welcome step toward reversing this trend.” According to a study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute, raising taxes on the wealthy is not as effective as cutting spending to reduce national debt and make up budget gaps.”

    “Finally, in perhaps his worst betrayal yet, Sanders joined a host of liberal Democrats including Barbara Lee and John Conyers to vote for HR 282, the Iran Freedom Support Act — which bears a striking resemblance to the resolutions that set up the framework for the war on Iraq. The act stipulates that the U.S. should impose sanctions on Iran to prevent it from developing weapons of mass destruction and distributing them to aid international terrorism. It also calls for the U.S. to support democratic change in the country, thereby establishing all necessary pretexts for a war on Iran. Democrat Dennis Kucinich voted against the act and denounced it as a stepping stone to war.

    Sanders — like many liberal Democrats — rightly calls attention to the plight of workers and the poor in Vermont and across the U.S., demanding reforms to address low wages, lack of health care and the absence of a social safety net. He argues that much of this suffering is the result of U.S. free trade policy. But instead of agitating for internationalist solutions like cross-border unionization, as proposed by the global justice movement against neoliberalism, Sanders argues for protectionist policies and economic nationalism.

    Sanders support for the Democrats confounds his position. After all, it was the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton that passed NAFTA, established the WTO, cut the big deals with China and imposed some of the worst IMF structural adjustments programs on developing countries.”

    Obama is a socialist too. What planet are you even living on?
    Obama is a socialist hence “fair share”, “income equality” ,etc. All socialistic policies.

    Obama named Van Jones, a longtime revolutionary communist who famously declared that “we [are] gonna change the whole [economic] system,” as his “green jobs czar” in 2009;

    he appointed Carol Browner, a former “commissioner” of the Socialist International, as his “environment czar”;

    he appointed John Holdren, who not only views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment, but strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders, as his “science czar”;

    he named Hilda Solis, a former officer of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (the socialist wing of the House of Representatives), as his labor secretary;

    and he chose Anita Dunn, a woman who has cited Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers,” to serve as White House communications director.

    As Paul Roderick Gregory demonstrated in an outstanding article for Forbes, Barack Obama’s economic agenda matches the November 2011 Declaration of Principles of the Party of European Socialists almost point for point.

    “instead of using a word like socialist you should say which policies you do not agree with” Really? Grow some balls you pansy. Tell it how it really is.

  • So let’s vote. Right here: who of those contending is a shoe-in and why?

  • kevinzeese

    Defining Obama as a socialist gives you away. Obama is more accurately a crony capitalist, i.e. he unites government with his big business donors. For example, a socialist would not have made the insurance industry central to healthcare. His healthcare law subsidez the insurance industry with $150 billion in tax dollars annually. A socialist would not have treated healthcare as a commodity, but as a human right and a public good, gotten rid of the insurance industry, created a national health service and provided healthcare as a matter of right. I know that sounds terrible to rightwingers like you even though it would have cost the country less than the rip-off insurance industry approach.

    You could at every issue and see Obama’s crony capitalism (of course crony capitalism is a bi-partisan reality in the United States as both parties pay-off their donors with tax payer funded corporate welfare) with all of his policies. On banking and finance, the banks were bailed out rather than prosecuted, the people were left holding the bag of their rip-offs causing massive foreclosures.

    The current crony capitalist issue are the secretly negotiated trade agreements which will give up US sovereignty to transnational corporations, replace US courts with rigged trade tribunals where corporate lawyers are judge while temporarily on leave from their corporate job. They are putting in place laws to protect Monsanto’s GMO’s, pharmaecutical companies rip-off prices, deregulate Wall Street finance and on and on.

    It is easy to confuse crony capitalism with socialism since they both involve big government but in the former the corporations rule and government provides the money.

    On Sanders, yes, he describes himself as a socialist but there are a range of types of socialism. His is the Euripean style social programs, very mild form of socialist policies. It is not a central government controlling everything. In fact, even his single payer healthcare law does not leave the federal government in charge but gives power to the states (which in the case of healthcare is a mistake).

    So, what policies of Sanders do you disagree with — we have stated some of ours (and I am not supporting Sanders in his run for the Democratic primary) — don’t just throw around labels that are unclear. What policy do you not like? The Eisenhower progressive tax? Be specific.

  • AnthonyKock

    When you have $1 BILLION in political campaign contributions for both democrat and republican parties, these representatives are ultimately supporting the same interests of the rich contributors. They want to get elected so they cater to the ones paying for their campaigns. You say voting for a third party is throwing away your vote when in reality, voting for either of the 2 main parties is throwing away your vote. Bernie Sanders is the first representative I have witnessed that doesn’t pray upon civil liberties in order to get elected. He presents us with the important economic problems that allow the rich to run this country. Bernie Sanders is different and that is what this country needs because every candidate that has ran for president in my life time has lied about the same bullshit. I am tired of picking the lesser of two evils. When did we allow evil to govern us.

  • Russell Erby

    While I completely agree with the instincts and sentiments expressed very explicitly by the individuals shouting at Bernie Sanders, this represents an ineffective tactic from my point of view. Case in point: Look at how Noam Chomsky conducts himself during interviews, talks and global public forums (UN). He remains calm, cool and collected throughout. By disrupting the process by failing to prepare and ask questions that really get to the absolute root/core of the problem, straw people are created who can then be used as target examples to deligitimize (see COINTELPRO)

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  • anna miller

    Are you a troll? Because honestly, I can’t believe anyone would still defend Obama at this point. The shadow government including but not limited to the Trialateral Commission (which almost completely made up Jimmy Carter’s administration) and the Council of Foreign Relations, who in truth work for the big bankers, have been calling the shots for decades. The entrenched evil calls the shots for BOTH parties. I find it ironic that you would counsel people to “think for themselves” when obviously you get your information from mainstream media and their “alternative” satellites. Just admit when you have been shown that your belief system holds erroneous information. None of us are perfect, it takes a few knocks over the head to understand, we don’t know everything.

  • anna miller

    Bernie (vote no and then vote yes on war) Sanders, is the Democrat’s planted sheepdog. He is a warmonger. He tells people what they want to hear, corrals their energy, and then delivers the goods to Hillary come November 16. I won’t get fooled again. His record speaks for itself.

  • anna miller

    Well let’s see now, Israel has no written constitution. Israel also has been cited as one of the worst countries on Earth, for female human trafficking. In 2006, the United Nations named Israel as one of the world’s primary
    destinations for trafficked women. According to a Parliamentary Inquiry
    Committee report, between 3,000 and 5,000 women are smuggled into Israel
    annually where they are sold into the prostitution industry and
    subjected to continuous violence and abuse. Most of the women are from
    the former Soviet Union, especially Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus
    and Uzbekistan.
    The deteriorating situation led the US State Department to rank Israel
    as a Tier 3 nation in its Trafficking in Persons report, the lowest
    ranking. You speak of honesty…honestly? How about this? Israel is a destination country for men and women
    trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation.
    Low-skilled workers from China, Romania, Turkey, Thailand, the Philippines,
    Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India migrate voluntarily and legally to Israel for
    contract labor in the construction, agriculture, and health care industries.
    Some, however, subsequently face conditions of forced labor, including the
    unlawful withholding of passports, restrictions on movement, non-payment of
    wages, threats, and physical intimidation.
    – U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2009 [full country report]
    Perhaps if our mainstream media were not completely controlled, we might get some real honesty. Just ask the families of civilians slaughtered last summer in Palestine, about those “democratic” Israeli soldiers.

  • anna miller

    If you are concerned about a working wage for citizens, perhaps you should educate yourself on the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, which Obama pushed through on fast track. Against a great swell of grass-roots outcry and activism by both Democrats and Republicans. Remember NAFTA, the precursor globalist trade agreement signed by traitor Bill Clinton? If you think the job outlook is bleak now, you better use all your fighting energy against the TPP. You seem to be obsessed with racism, and you use the tactic of supposed racism for defense against any legitimate criticism presented to your ideology.

  • anna miller

    Don’t forget his support of funding Iraq war, and support of Kosovo war.

  • kevinzeese

    That is right, TPP will lower incomes and increase the weath divide.

    One correction, fast track passed but the TPP has not been finalized or sent to Congress. We are organizing to stop Congress from supporting it. https://www.popularresistance.org/stop-the-transpacific-partnership-tpp/

  • anna miller

    From my understanding this means it can not be amended. The fact that our elected officials were not allowed to read this trade bill is insane. And the fact that these traitors did not revolt in unison is indicative of how disturbed our governance has become. Thanks Kevin, glad I found this web site.

  • Brux

    You vicious hater and liar … in the very report you cite on page is a color map that highlights problems in the Middle East. The hot spots are more in the Arab / Islamic world, Israel has a lighter and lesser rating.

    Due to your viciousness I cannot imagine this is any kind of misunderstanding or mistake by you Anna Miller, this is deliberate and raw hate that even on the Internet one does not often see so loudly and clearly. You sound ready to strap on a bomb and be a terrorist, so I hope you don’t really hurt anyone and you are just the kind of crazy person you sound like.

  • Religionisadisease.

    You need to stop being so easily led by pedophiles like Limbaugh…

  • Religionisadisease.

    Who gave huge tax breaks to companies that OUTSOURCED??? And WHO is keeping those tax breaks around way past their time???

  • anna miller

    Anyone who provides legitimate criticism based on factual evidence is labeled a “hater”.
    You make assumptions based on your own erroneous reasoning. You are projecting your own madness. The truth is, the west invaded the middle east, to capture the oil. If your country was invaded for natural resources, would you not resist? If your home country was invaded by aggressors, stealing your land and murdering your people for your most valuable commodity, would you lie back and allow destruction? Using inflammatory lanquage is a very juvenile and desperate attempt to shut down legitmate and necessary dialogue to occur. Indeed, the people now speaking truth are increasingly labeled as “terrorists”. How totally absurd and how totally evil.

  • anna miller

    Both Republicans AND Democrats. sad but true.

  • anna miller

    Crimestop is a necessary mental discipline for good party members in 1984.
    Good party members have no private emotions; they are in a state of
    constant enthusiasm about the goals set by the state. Even children can
    learn to avoid thinking any thoughts deemed dangerous by the state.

    The first
    and simplest stage in the discipline, which can be taught even to young
    children, is called, in Newspeak, CRIMESTOP. CRIMESTOP means the faculty
    of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous
    thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to
    perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if
    they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train
    of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. CRIMESTOP,
    in short, means protective stupidity… orthodoxy in the full sense demands a control over one’s own
    mental processes as complete as that of a contortionist over his body.

  • Fakir Smith

    Hegelian dialectic. You think you’ve got it all figured out when really you’re playing right into their hands. Bravo religionisadisease. The only disease I see is stupid people like you breeding more stupid people.

  • John Smith

    I think Bernie is the establishments pick to win the election. I wonder how much they paid him under the table to run, just so they didn’t get a president with real power to influence the government. How much they paid him to sacrifice his ideals. Those superPACs come in real handy when you don’t want your campaign tied to corporate money, don’t they.

  • bardgal

    We don’t have instant runoff elections, so no, Third Party is NO CHOICE, it’s throwing away your vote and screaming loud and clear you don’t care if the GOP take over the gov.

  • bardgal

    Yes you are advocating for the GOP if you’re advocating third party candidates without instant runoff elections.

  • bardgal

    Gerrymandering says how epically wrong you are.

  • kevinzeese

    If you think the only way change occurs is by winning the presidential election, you’re right. But history shows that the way people’s movements have won the changes they want is by building an independent mass movement and having a political party, independent of the two big business parties, that represents their views. That is how unions got rights, how women got to vote, how child labor ended — even the New Deal came out of third parties (Socialist and Progressive Parties) who continued to run during FDR’s time.

    If the two big business parties have two candidate who represent Wall Street (as they always do) and you see Wall Street corporate power as the problem, then isn’t it throwing your vote away to vote for a Wall Street candidate? You are voting for what you realize is the cause of government corruption.

  • ed2291

    Yes let us vote for democrats who will stop wars, save the economy, prevent climate change, stop the TPP….oh wait. See

    Civil Rights – http://www.newprogs.org/civil_rights_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Corporate Overreach – http://www.newprogs.org/corporate_overreach

    The Economy – http://www.newprogs.org/economics_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Economic Graphs and Videos – http://www.newprogs.org/economic_graphs

    Education – http://www.newprogs.org/education_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Election Reform Is Needed – http://www.newprogs.org/election_reform_is_needed

    The Environment – http://www.newprogs.org/the_environment_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Healthcare – http://www.newprogs.org/healthcare_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Our Crumbling Infrastructure – http://www.newprogs.org/our_crumbling_infrastructure

    Labor – http://www.newprogs.org/labor_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Poverty is Getting Worse – http://www.newprogs.org/poverty_is_getting_worse

    The Powerless Press – http://www.newprogs.org/the_powerless_press

    Diminishing Transparency – http://www.newprogs.org/transparency_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Continuous Wars – http://www.newprogs.org/wars_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    The War on Whistleblowers – http://www.newprogs.org/whistleblowers_under_the_democratic_republican_uniparty

    Widespread Police Misconduct and an Expanding
    Prison Population – http://www.newprogs.org/massive_police_misconduct

  • jamespannozzi

    Well done popular resistance …. !! I will visit this site more often.

  • Sean Ryan

    As a libertarian its nice to see an anti-establishment leftist for a change…

  • Sean Ryan

    As a libertarian its nice to see an anti-establishment leftist for a change…so sick of the Democrat Party hacks which pass for ‘liberals’ these days…

  • Sean Ryan

    “…if the government is owned by corporations, and you give the government the power to redistribute wealth, who are you really giving that power to?”

    Good point, let me add:

    1. People seem to not realize govt. is a corporation itself (people conducting their affairs under a fictitious name “United States of America”, “State of Vermont”, “City of Boston”, etc.).
    2. “Public” VS “private” distinctions (regarding corporations) are ultimately artificial, whether its a govt. or private corporation, its simply PEOPLE interacting w/other PEOPLE. The key is the NATURE of these interactions.
    3. PEOPLE in private corporations have fundamentally voluntary dealings w/other PEOPLE whereas PEOPLE in public corporations have fundamentally involuntary interactions w/other PEOPLE.
    4. IMO the commonly-understood political-economic spectrum (which runs from “Right/Fascism” to “Left/Communism”) is utterly wrong. In reality it should be “Individualism” VS “Forced Collectivism”…how many decisions can the individual make as opposed to how many decisions are forced upon him by the collective.

  • anna miller

    Thanks Sean. Yes, the Democratic Party is filled with neo-liberal degenerated golem. They are so utterly mind-controlled by group think, that it will not be a big step for them to volunteer to be transhumanized. Is it politically correct for me to say that? So sad to watch good love go bad. But like Gerald Celente says, I am a political atheist.

  • anna miller

    If I can not find a decent write-in, or no 3rd party candidate manifests then NO ONE! Bernie Sanders says he wants to go after the big banks, but supports Israel. Who runs the Federal Reserve? What is the most powerful lobby in Washington? It is hard, but to support Bernie Sanders is the equivalent of falling for another Obama, hope and change. We got the change alright.
    I refuse to fall for their ruse.

  • Sean Ryan

    Its amazing to me that so many people still get so worked up about elections that pit Establishment Candidate “A” vs. Establishment Candidate “B” where the only main difference is campaign rhetoric.

  • anna miller

    Reading through this entire commentary, it is obvious, these individuals, have not done their homework into even the most obvious history, such as who created and funded the Federal Reserve? Who are the banksters? Who owns the media? runs Wall St, owns the porn industry? Hollywood-cultural shaping machine?Who infiltrated and dominates the Freemasons? The Jesuits? The Bilderburgers? CFR? Trilateral Commission? Who created and funded both WW1 and WW2? The Napoleonic Wars? The sheep just can’t put 2 and 2 together, and insist on parroting info they get from institutionalized public schooling,straight-up mainstream sources or “progressive alternative news”. One would think by now, they would begin to get a clue, but apparently choose to remain hopelessly ignorant, and happy to remain so. It takes courage to face the truth, most are so mind-controlled, they just can’t shake the programming.

  • Brux

    As a long-time real Liberal Bernie Sanders would be so much more preferable than the pretend Nazi liar-liberals that make up nutty extreme left that are just paid to be hear and say the nutty stuff that our oil money allows them to pay for.

    The irrational extreme left who seems to mistake the Palestinians for Liberals and Islam for the 99% … you people get more nuts every day and you embarrass the hell out of the real Left and real Liberals. You are the ones who should be ashamed, and afraid because you people are just too stupid and hateful to change or to see information that proves you wrong.

  • Brux

    They are not insane as you and your friends seem to be.

  • Brux

    What kind of Americans are these who support the Palestinians
    over every cause in the US for the US people and the middle and working classes? There cannot be many of you and the nuts that Bernie Sanders loses from your racism and hate are the rational moderates on the Right who realize they are have no representation and Bernie looks good about now that they begin to see the truth about the far-Right.

    This far-Left pro-Palestinian, pro-Terrorist, anti-American nonsense I see here, and on FAIR and other extreme Left websites is an absolute embarrassment to Western Civilization, but then I doubt any of your haters hold any regard for Western Civilization and if we were to pull back the curtain on the crazy far-Left lot they would look …. uh, Islamic, and even crazier than we imagine they do.

    Face it, the Palestinians are not Liberals, they do not represent the 99%, and they brought everything Israel has done to them down on their own heads sadly because their leaders are corrupt bought off terrorists from Iran and other hardline Islamic regimes that seek to make sure that no minority from an Islamic country can gain and hold indepence as Israel has.

    No free Kurdish state … that is all they care about … keeping Islam in charge of tens of millions of people who just want to be free and throw off the yoke of Islamic terrorist and oppression. But I am sure you crazies cannot take the truth.

  • Brux

    Ah …. you’ve done “homework” on this subject have you?

  • anna miller

    We have all been socially engineered, quite deliberately to think in this manner. It’s like a big football game of hysteria, Red VS Blue, both teams owned by the same sponsors. Think tanks take a temperature of the nation, make a list of all the issues on which their consitutents are concerned, and then promise to correct those problems upon election. And the sheep fall for it every time. That is why Bernie Sanders is to the Democrats what Donald Trump is to the Republicans….a sheep dog. One would think that people would get a clue after the Obama disaster. Sanders claims to want to rule in the banksters but supports funding Israel, the crown jewel of the Rothschild banking dynasty. It is utterly ridiculous.

  • John Smith

    Bernie sanders is being installed for two reasons

    1. He will create a massive tax hike, but give nothing back in return
    2. He is Jewish, and we need Israel to go to war with us.

  • Sean Ryan

    Divide-and-conquer…TPTB get the rabble fighting over nonsense while they continue raping us all.

  • anna miller

    If people could just grow up, and stop fighting over petty social issues, for long enough to join together and address the major issues at hand, such as bankster fraud, harmful international trade agreements, spying and surveillance, a dismantling of our civil rights against an encroaching state, and allowing money to rule our governance via out of control lobbying, and set term limits, then we could hash out social differences. These are issues that BOTH sides agree upon. But instead of joining together on issues we agree upon, people slip into the mind controlled prompts by corporate media and focus on petty BS. But most are ruled by superficial ego, and are easily corraled by the controllers. There is nothing wrong with our constitution and Bill of Rights, it is simply being violated on an ever increasing level. It’s like anything goes now with these crooks. That is why we are having false flags every time you turn around. They want our guns. If a citizenry has no defense, we are defenseless. But the sheep believe everything they see on the teevee, or read in the corporate newspapers, and are quick to jump on the bandwagon of hysteria. Thus playing right into the hands of the ruling psychopaths, who lie and manipulate without conscience, actually enjoying it. We are a nation of children.

  • kevinzeese

    There are major differences that should be aired during a campaign so the candidates hear them and learn from the people. But the big issue Sanders is wrong on is the Democratic Party. He gave up lifelong independence for the convenience of running for office, but he cannot win the rigged Democratic Primary. It is designed to prevent any insurgent from winning.

    And, by running in the Dem primary he is misleading and mis-educating people. While I agree with Sanders on 80% of domestic issues and about 30% of foreign policy issues, the big flaw is we cannot put into effect the kinds of changes he is calling for unless the power structure is changed. That means challenging the Democratic Party not aiding it. He is aiding it by keeping people from leaving it, making it look like a progressive can win when they can’t. Who was the last insurgent to win the Democratic nomination? There has not been one since they put this primary process in place over 30 yers ago. Sanders ensures the power structure does not get challenged. And, that is not a minor quibble but a fundamental one.

  • Brux

    Bernie is a very smart man. Trust him to be able to make the best choices based on actual experience and information he knows and has thought about, probably for a very long time. He may or may not win, but he can only take whatever options present themselves to him. Send him enough money and maybe he will run as an independent, who knows. It may now seem like it, but until we can think of and implement something better this is what we are stuck with.

  • kevinzeese

    Sorry, I’m not inclined to handing over my future to someone you think is a “very smart man.” I don’t believe in saviors on the white horse. We need to save ourselves, educate, organize and mobilize people.

    By the way, he cannot run independent not that he is running the Democratic primary. Too many states have “sore loser” laws that prevent someone who loses in the primary running in the General Election from a different party; and he will be too far behind in ballot deadlines to get on enough ballots. Sanders has said he will run independent, I take him at his word and know that he cannot run as an independent any way.

  • Sean Ryan

    Its frustrating and discouraging as hell to anyone paying attention…I gave up after 90% of the politicians who voted for (AGAINST the wishes of 90% of the electorate) the bailouts were RE-elected…

    Major structural flaws in the political system combined w/the irrationality of voters = we’re f*cked

  • 1rao10

    Absolutely agree lynn

  • 1rao10

    I knew benie and warren. Are not as real and genuine as they may come across. They are for bettet or worse jewish….they can not vote against either Israeli militarism or our deep ties to defense of Israel and our state dept is completely over run w those same ties….

    Plus do u really believe one is going to put the powerful jewish leaders in financial sector in prison over wall street fraud?? Really? Not in America…

  • Brux

    The side that supports the Palestinian terror state always seems to use the word genocidal in describing Israel … even though the Palestinians are the ones who keep fighting to destroy Israel, not the other way around.

    Israel must be really bad militarily is they are attempting genocide on the Palestinians since the Palestinians have one of the highest population growth rates in the world.

    There is no frigging genocide, but if there was it would be the highest desire of the backward Islamic death cult to destroy Israel and all Jews.

    Face it, Islam and the Palestinians are bad hombres and Israel cannot be blamed for anything they do since there is nothing they can do to combat crazy religious fantatics brainwashed in hate daily by their murderous culture.

  • kevinzeese

    Wow, amazing how people buy or put forth propaganda that is the opposite of reality. Check the maps on the shrinking Palestinian lands. Israel steals more land, kills more Palestinians, jails more Palestinians year after year. Reality is in front of everyone’s face. Ignore the foolish propaganda of Israel.

  • JudithDear

    Whatever you think on this issue, it should not be the defining issue in the next Presidential election.

  • Brux

    I did not mention the Palestinian land grab, but I don’t blame Israelis at all for that. They have tried everything but real war and real genocide and nothing can move or affect the Palestinians.

    It if not the fault of the Palestinian people, per se, their society forces them to be the way they are, and nothing can change or affect that because it is controlled by the murderous death cult of Islam.

    The Palestinians do not deserve a state of their own from which they will only launch more and bolder military attacks.

    So, instead of attack Palestinians, Israel hit upon a great idea … bit by bit build settlements on “Palestinian land” to give them the understanding that time is not on their side and they will have to make peace at some point.

    Get this, Israel has Palestinians living peacefully and productively inside Israel. But, Palestinians want to make sure that any Palestinians state has no Jews living in it … and Israel is the intolerant one?

    Hahaha … you Palestinian supporters are insane.

  • Brux

    In a very real way the issue of our time is what kind of global civilization we are going to have and live under. Do we stand up to Islamic terrorism, aggression and intolerance or do we coddle it and let it stand? it may seem like this is a peripheral issue, but respect for human rights and rule of law is of primary importance.

  • Brux

    There is no genocide, how can there be a Palestinian genocide when the population of the Palestinians is growing faster than just about any other country on Earth. This is a direct result of islamic war by population growth and creating more and more desperate impoverished suicide bombers. Face it, the Palestinian cause is at the spear point of Islam throughout the world, and if they are not put down Islam will not fall quickly enough by the wayside of historic ignorance.

  • In April, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and talked about government corruption and how the power of one in solidarity with people of like mind can change government policy; which inspired this Senior Correspondent to write “Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Crash Course in Apartheid Israeli Style”


  • Bernie Sanders embraces the ideology of Hitler and Stalin. He is not to be trusted, sure, but at least he is honest about his intent to make America far worse. and tilt the balance much more away from the people and toward the ruling elite.

  • Interesting map from an antisemitic loon.

  • In other words, because they are Jewish, they will defend the rights of the Israelis to live, against the strong efforts by antisemites in the Left and elsewhere to get rid of the Israelis.

    Your last sentence looks rather antisemitic.

  • 1) Sanders will not be installed. The voters will choose him, for good or bad.
    2) He will steal a massive amount of money from the people, as you describe.
    3) He is Jewish, and opposes the efforts to kill off the Israelis. That is a good thing.

  • Brux: So true. I see Bernie bashed for being Jewish from these same sort of rabid maniacal antisemites who insist that the Israelis be exterminated.

    I disagree with Sanders on most issues. But his rejection of the demand for a new Holocaust? I strongly support.

  • Joel Marcos Gallegos

    You’re an idiot Zionist. If you’re gonna be a piece of garbage, racist, Zionist, at least be a smart one. A rise in population among any group during genocide doesn’t negate the genocide itself. That is as absurd as when anti-Semites claim that “the project of Israel was growing during WWII so therefore there was no genocide!” < See, this is how stupid you sound.

  • kevinzeese

    Why is the map antisemitic? Is telling the truth about Israel’s action now anantisemitic act? We can’t mention that Israel is stealing land in the occupied territories, arresting people including women and children often for no reason? Brutalizing and torturing them? Finding any excuse for mass carpet bombing of Gaza? The truth is now antisemitic — that is a sad state of affairs. Israel is ruining Judiasm, once of faith of human rights it has a conflict with Israel. Some Jews, like Jewish Voice for Peace, resolve that conflict by standing up to Israeli abuse, others give up the traditional and exemplry human rights advocacy of people of Jewish Faith. Very sad.

  • kevinzeese

    Sadly, Israel’s illegal and brutal actions are going to increase antisemitism. Israel’s actions are like pouring manure on antisemitism, they make it grow. Antisemitism is not something the world needs but Israel creates and breeds it.

  • Israel does not engage in brutal nor illegal actions.

    Israel does not create or breed it, but it is definitely a victim of it.

  • Most of what you claim is simply untrue. You really really hate Jewish people, I can tell.

  • “Wow, amazing how people buy or put forth propaganda that is the opposite of reality”

    Perfect description of how you support those trying to kill off the Israelis.

    Israel does not steal any land. but it does “kill” Palestinians caught trying to murder them. You are amazingly well propagandized to support the aggressors, and blame the victims.

  • Kevinzeese just sent me a bunch of messages in which he justified the attempt to wipe out the Israelis.

    He even claims that killing them off is necessary to save Judaeism. wow

  • You are arguing with a bunch of neo-Nazis….

  • There is a strong antisemitic streak among the Left. Bernie Sanders will have trouble running due to them.

    I’ve read their rants long before Bernie started running. They HATE Sanders for insisting that Israelis have a right to live, too.

  • Your claims are anything but the truth: they are antisemitic lies.

    For one lie: ” Finding any excuse for mass carpet bombing of Gaza?”

    Israel does not seek excuses. It would rather not be forced to fire back at Gaza. And when it is forced to, they tell the civilians to leave the area of military targets.

  • Finally, if the Palestinian aggressors had given up their fight to kill off all the Jews decades ago, that map would be very different. What you are seeing is the result of the aggressors waging a new Holocaust war against Jews in Israel… forcing Israel to occupy more and more land in a buffer zone.

    I suggest you look at the Egypt situation. It was once run by Nassir, a very antisemitic aggressive imperialist. who tirelessly fought to invade Israel and kill off the Jews. This forced Israel to occupy a large part of Egypt as a buffer zone.

    Under Sadat, Egypt gave up the dreams of empire and holocaust, and acted like a reasonable nation. Israel was no longer forced to occupy the buffer zone in Egypt, and it withdrew.

    If the Palestinian government stopped preaching and perpetrating genocide, invasion, and cleansing, and acted in a civilized fashion, Israel would surely withdraw from much of the land in short order. The rest of it, if the Palestinians proved over time they were trusted not to go back to their “invoke a new Holocaust” ways.

    The truth is not antisemitic. But lies are.

  • Brux

    Let me ask you a couple questions.

    Palestinians live in Israel, so why should Jews not be able to live in the Palestinian territories?

    When Palestinians dig tunnels to attack and kill Israelis for no reason bringing a counterstrike against themselves, why is that Israeli genocide and not Palestinians reaping what they sowed?

    You seem to have sunk into the mindset of the liar Palestinian propaganda … so, answer the questions please.

  • Brux

    — Finding any excuse for mass carpet bombing of Gaza?

    Carpet bombing?

    Do you even know what carpet bombing is?

    Carpet bombing: also known as saturation bombing, is a large aerial bombing done in a progressive manner to inflict damage in every part of a selected area of land.

    Israel has never carpet bombed anything. The Israeli air force is very careful to respond with the best accuracy they can to specific Palestinian threats.

    Because the Israeli is so accurate it became common practice for the Palestinians to locate their military locations and firing bases near civilians, hospitals, schools and mosques so they can make false claims of Israel attacking civilians and force the Palestinian people to hate Israel ever more.

  • Brux

    Hardly, real Democrats and Liberals do not think like this. Somehow because of their pathetic lives and poverty the Palestinians have provoked sympathy with some Leftist people who do not like war, but do not understand the world.

    The number of people on the Left alienated by Bernie will be more than compensated by those on the right who can think and see clearly. Bernie is better off without the support of the Nazis here, he will and he is doing fine.

  • Brux. sorry I have not read too many of your messages. Are you coming at this from a progressive point of view, or something else?

    Personally, I think Sanders is courageous for standing up against antisemitism, in a political quarter often rife with it.

  • wmbrainiac

    This is stupid. No one will ride in on a white horse to fix things at the top. The resistance must begin at the local level to build an alternative. And that won’t happen in time for the presidential election. So while you work on the local level to build an alternative, you help NO ONE by dismissing as imperfect the best existing candidate for the job. And suggesting that the election of a Sanders is the same as the election of a Bush or a Walker makes you a moron. Support Sanders while challenging his support of the criminal government of Israel. Vote for Sanders while working for something better. And YOU ARE NOT WORKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER if all you do is weep and complain about the imperfections of those running. Withholding your vote yields another Republican, and that’s a loss for every man, woman, and child on the planet and does nothing but promote despair. Get to work and be serious.

  • Cheryl Lopez

    Yet they worry about Monsanto! What a joke!

  • Twinkie

    The article is about Sanders.

  • FranciscoCanales

    Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist – clearglobal2016@gmail.com

    Americas must realize that
    self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

    Truth and
    knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the reclamation and
    preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties

    George w. Bush is a war criminal. http://havacuppahemlock1.blogspot.com/2013/10/bush-cheney-charged-and-convicted-of.html

    Fellow Americans our moral duty and responsibility is to
    demand justice for humanity. We the people of these United States do not ever
    give any president carte blanche to commit crimes against humanity nor deceive
    and lie to the American people to enter into war against other countries.
    Complete disregard for the world’s rule of law, made us to be the world’s bully
    and the abusers of the peoples human and civil rights. The world hate us
    because the actions of our government, the Washington war mongers aggression need
    to be stop because the ramification of their agenda are the buildings of this
    so call terrorist networks that are against anything that represent American’s values and religion. We are creating enemies
    of our country in many places around the world, the world’s community does not
    trust our government, and they label us “The American imperialist”.

    Fellow American, we cannot continue acting as the world’s
    bully. We committed these crimes and as a country we have the moral
    responsibility to demand the arrest and prosecution of all the war criminals, peace
    and freedom comes by the mutual respect of all nations human, civil rights and
    their right to self-determination.

    To this date, the Obama Administration failed to hand over George
    W. Bush, Cheney and anyone connected to these crimes to the world court to be
    tried for their war crimes. At the beginning of his first term, the President
    said his administration was “looking forward” instead of backward when the
    issue of prosecuting the Bush war criminals was broached. That was over six
    years ago and now he is looking forward to a damning Senate report verifying
    what Bush and Cheney boasted about; committing war crimes by authorizing the
    use of torture against detainees. War crimes, by the way are being continue by
    the Obama administration.

    America lost whatever standing it had in the world after
    Bush launched a pre-emptive regime-changing war against Iraq, but it will never
    get that standing back as long as the admitted war criminals Bush, Cheney, and
    company are protected by our government from facing justice for their war
    crimes. Criminals, and their political supporters typically express anger when
    their crimes are exposed and defend the criminals and accused them of lying and
    slandering Bush, Cheney and all the others who committed the war crimes; even
    after these criminals have already been convicted of war crimes in absentia,
    Bush Cheney and all the others war criminals need to be arrested and sent to
    The Hague, and prosecuted for war
    crimes; to stop any future war crimes and to incentivize our soldiers and the
    CIA heroes into refusing to commit a war
    crime in America’s name.

    To share this please clicks here

    Sources for this article include:

    Who’s to Blame for Syria Mess?


    The truth about George Bush
    administration war crimes.


    Report Will Confirm Bush and Cheney’s War Crimes


    United States war crimes




    Sobering Truths About America’s
    Imperialist Crimes Against Humanity


    U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes
    for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War


    A Timeline of CIA Atrocities


  • fishcop126

    What the Marxist’s dolts are mad at the two top Marxist’s in politics today, Warren and Sanders????? Be still my beating heart!

  • kevinzeese

    Warren is a Marxist? I doubt she would agree.

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  • dahszil

    Yeah, i don’t like sanders and warren caving into Aipac but who the hell else is there that has a chance? If he wins maybe he should pick Ron Paul to deal with foreign policy. beautiful dream anyway….sigh. btw, how much of a distraction is the presidential campaign from who we vote for in local, state and congress?

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  • Gerr Gerring

    Hillary Clinton IS a right-wing nutbag. That’s how far down the drain the USA is, someone as right-wing, warmongering, extreme capitalist and evil as Nixon is being considered left and a savior. US democracy is broken, and it can only be repaired by breaking the two party system. Obama proves this beyond doubt. Vote for Sander or don’t bother voting, because you’ll make no difference.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Jill Stein sticks with the dishonest, Zionist propaganda narrative of equal, tit-for-tat conflict. When the truth is Israel is the overwhelming more power party. The conflict’s continuation is entirely Israel’s fault for decades now; they steal land and terrorize the people, they continue to oppress and occupy, they created Hamas “terrorists” with their violence, theft and apartheid. First car bomb ever used (Wiki obfuscates, but first automobile used to bomb innocents) was used by the Zionist Stern gang to murder Palestinians; to terrorize them off their land so it could be stolen. US wants peace and justice? End all military aid tomorrow. Denounce successive genocide Israeli regimes and demand reconciliation and compensation be paid. Charge and gaol the illegal settlers and Israeli terrorists and war criminals who make Hamas look like amateurs. Place economic and political sanctions on apartheid Israel until these things are done. This would be a good start towards peace and justice.

  • Gerr Gerring

    You’re moron mate. Your calling the ant a terrorist because it’s calling for the murder of the boot that steps on it. Wake up, your are supporting genuinely evil, racist politics that have caused this whole conflict.

  • Gerr Gerring

    “Palestinian land grab”? Are you insane? Deliberately lying or just ignorant and arrogant? New-Israel (No connection to the mythological one in the Bible) is entirely on land stolen from people who’ve lived there for centuries. The British carved that region up after they conquered, or came to dominate it, militarily. You’re just another disgusting racist who gets off watching Zionists murder & rob powerless, oppressed, exploited brown people (too bad you racist Yanks don’t realise how many Israelis are brown too).

  • Gerr Gerring

    Your willful ignorance is breathing. You really and on the bottom of the moral barrel. You are in complete denial of facts and reality Richard, and as such you are detriment to your family and country. Grow a spine and face the truth.

  • Gerr Gerring

    “platform is light years from the Republicans” You Americans set the bar so low it’s pathetic. It’s because you let the far right crypto-fascist capitalists purge your country of it’s best and brightest thru anti-communists hysteria. You never recovered, but Canada become the real light on the hill for a while; still a damn site better off then Americans.

  • Brux

    Pretty high BS density there Herr Goering.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Yes. Two parties representing the 1%. Either one has to start representing working people first (which hasn’t happened even for a second under Obama), or you’ll have to bring their system to it’s knees through strike action and radical protest, like burning yourselves alive at govt events in protest.

  • Brux

    I would not call 25% of all nations ( Muslims 50 out of about 200 nations ) ants.

    Name calling from someone like you is amusing by not worth my time. Palestinians are ethnic cleaners and Nazis too … look at who they sided with in WII.

    You want to imply that Palestinian society is somehow tolerent or diverse … and you call me a twit? Wow. Funny.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Obama has the very same ideology as the Republicans and Hillary; only real difference is pace and salesmanship. Capitalism have totally undermined US democracy and nothing short of radical mass action will make any real difference now, including, but certainly not limited to, encouraging non-voters to vote progressive 3rd party. US democracy would benefit greatly from preferential voting.

  • I seek out facts and reject ignorance. You defend immorality and ignorance. When caught in matters you know nothing about, you insult.

  • Obama has a hard-left ideology. Different from Republicans. but not Hillary.

  • The two parties represent the groups that vote for them. That is the reality.

  • With your antisemitic fictions and alternate reality, and support of the Palestinian land grab. perhaps you should call yourself Goering. You are a a very disgusting antisemite racist who is under the illusion that bashing Jewish people using the “zionist’ code-word.

    “too bad you racist Yanks don’t realise how many Israelis are brown too”

    It’s obvious that you are a racist who obsessed with “brown”.

  • The Israelis are the victims of genocide. The Palestinian aggressors should stop their war, apologize, pay reparations, and turn anyone who ever took up arms in Fatah, Hamas, or the PLO for trial for crimes against humanity.

    “You are no better then the blind 1930s Germans who voted for Hitler”

    You are EXACTLY like those Germans. You support a modern attempt to exterminate all Jews.

    if you think Israeli policy and politicians haven’t been genuine
    genocidal, your really know nothing about Israel, Palestine, history or

    How insane. You are blaming the VICTIMS of the Palestinians’ oft repeated goal of killing off all the Jews.

  • bsroon

    Thanks for reminding me of the power of cognitive dissonance. Unless of course YOU’D be perfectly fine with someone invading your state and city, taking it over, restricting your movements, raping your women, killing your children – when it was YOUR land that they invaded.
    Hmm – you are a very accepting person.

  • Brux

    >> Unless of course YOU’D be perfectly fine with someone invading your state and city, taking it over, restricting your movements, raping your women, killing your children – when it was YOUR land that they invaded.

    You’re laboring under the misapprehension, or your own dishonesty that this statement has anything to do with anything. It doesn’t. And you talk to me about cognitive dissonance? I don’t see any cognitive anything anywhere in any of your statements.

    Please, spend your next week doing something more productive than coming up with another attempt to show me the error of my ways, laden with goofy sarcasm.

  • bsroon

    Palestinians had a country. It was invaded by the Israeli Zionists – who are not necessarily Jewish at all. During WWII MANY people supported Hitler – like JFKs father, many British royalty and businessmen, and many in corporate America.
    When Hitler imprisoned, briefly?, Rothschild – that probably looked like a friendly thing to the Palestinians. Unfortunately, Rothschild and the Zionists did get their way, and invaded Palestine. Until that point there were a lot of Jewish people living in peace in Palestine.
    Magically, when their land was stolen, their people killed – they were rather irritated, and for some reason; still want their lands back. For some reason they are holding a grudge – the heathens.
    There was an attempt to get you to empathize with the displaced, murdered, assaulted, minimized Palestinians because if you were in a parallel situation – you would not be Gandhi-esque toward your attacking murderers. At least so i would guess.

  • Brux

    No, the Palestinians did not have a country.

    What you are calling Palestine had a real history that you are either ignorant of or trying to dismiss.

    The “Zionists” were of course Jews, and they never invaded this area. In fact about 30% of the original area of Israel was bought and paid for by the Zionist movement towards the creation of Israel.

    Again, no invasion, at all, ever.

    You also completely ignore the Jews that were expelled from all the surrounding lands, their lands and property taken and sent packing. Close to the same number of people, yet only the Palestinians count to you and your kind.

    The point is that the Palestinians are not suited to run a country because it will just be a violent army. There is nothing to do but for Israel to put pressure on the Palestinians, and they only way they can do that is by either violence, or taking land.

    Israel just wants peace. They have made peace with other countries, why not Palestinians? Because the Palestinian people’s real enemy are their leaders and the terrorists and the ones who give money to them to keep Palestinians primed and aimed at Israel and pulling the trigger.

    It is not hard to really miss what is going in here unless you just want to lie about it to attack Jews.

  • Dee

    this is just crap….who cares how he runs as long as he runs. He’s for the people, something the Democratic party doesn’t seem to be for these days with all their special interest crap.

  • kevinzeese

    You answer your own question as to why it matters. You cannot create the change Sanders talks about within a Wall Street financed party. And, the Democratic Party system is rigged to stop anyone who tries. No insurgent has won a Democratic primary in 35 years — they have designed it to prevent it.

  • Dee

    Something tells me this isn’t your normal campaign season. Lets hope not anyway….

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  • Gerr Gerring

    “The Israelis are the victims of genocide” Simply not true. Not even close to true.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Palestinians are not the aggressors; they don’t have an army, they haven’t occupied Israel, their resistance and feeble revenge attacks have killed a small fraction of the number Israelis have killed while ethnically cleansing and stealing land.

    You are completely deluded or thoroughly mislead. You desperately need to face reality. Get to the facts. from impartial sources without vested interests.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Keep telling yourself that mate. Meanwhile most of us can’t deny the huge and growing body of verifiable evidence supporting the conclusion Israel is an aggressive, expansionist, occupying regime deliberately engaged in systematic human rights abuses, like Saudi Arabia etc, and there is an agenda amid Israeli politicians to either indefinitely oppress, with occupation and apartheid, or wipe out, Palestinians. I don’t believe the latter is possible, but these racist Zionists (that is people subscribing to a political ideology) can hurt a lot of people trying.

  • Gerr Gerring

    You’re living in denial of the facts. Israel is not a victim as you make out. The conflict is very asymmetrical, and the Israel’s the overwhelmingly more powerful party. As for your assessment of me, it carries no weight. You can’t even see through elementary propaganda.

  • Gerr Gerring

    Gerr, as in the robot sidekick from the kids’ cartoon Invader Zim, FYI.

  • Ben Frank

    I love that quote and Emma Goldman in general. However I take the stance that Howard Zinn advocated for. That is not to vote in hopes that getting the right person in office will change anything. There’s an idea in America with Obama and Sanders once they become (or became) president they would change everything and get the right policies. But rather vote for the person most likely to be sympathetic towards popular movements. The people on the ground demanding change will do the dirty work while the elected officials should be more apt to listen to them and change policies based on those demands. With that being said I think that there is a strong argument that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with any kind of chance that would change the direction of Washington based on popular progressive demand. He’s a politician and in no way going to step into office and suddenly become a Western European utopia. However if he is in office and millions of people are demanding campaign finance reform, higher wages, paid sick leave, perhaps even a two state solution in Israel he is more likely to have policies reflecting those demands than any candidate in the limited mainstream spectrum.

  • Ben Frank

    Perhaps genocide is the wrong word but there is no doubt that an apartheid state exists. As well as no doubt that the Israeli military commits countless atrocities. I am Jewish and in no way want a destruction of a Jewish state. However there is undoubtly systematic issues from the Israeli that keep the conflict very much alive. For example the huge overreactions to any violence commited by the Palestinians. When Hamas fires a rocket in Israel (no way justifiable) Israel counters it with massive bombing campaigns killing thousands of civilians, secondly if Israel and wants peace they MUST end the settlements. How would anyone react if they basically live in prison like conditions everyday of their lives for no fault of their own. The west sets up conditions that will enrage Muslims and then when there is a predictable reaction of aggression from Islamic people we act surprised and use as an excuse to perpetuate those conditions. This approach hasn’t worked and there’s no reason to expect that it magically will start working.

  • Brux

    You cannot generalize from the person in office or the circumstances around them. Barack Obama had a very sketchy past, and if anyone bothered to look it was clear what he would be, anything else was wishful thinking.

    He had a lot of Republican support early on, mainly with the purpose of blocking Hillary Clinton. That is, Obama was meant to be a janitor mostly, to clean up the mess after Bush so a Republican would not have to take responsibility for it. The problem Obama had is that he did just that and did not take the time to explain it to the American people. From that I gather that he is basically an agent in the manipulation of the public .. .which, of course, all Presidents are and have to be to some extent.

    Bernie Sanders is a whole different can of whoop-ass so to speak. The election of Bernie Sanders whether he got anything done or not would be a huge signal and radical action for citizen-centric change. If Sanders could get elected, and if he can get his message across to the American people, he could influence and either knock out the radical right Republican fascists, or co-opt the moderate Republicans to get things done.

    1. Knock out Citizens United
    2. Reset the tax system to be progressive again.
    3. Fund elections federally.
    4. Expand Medicare to give the US universal health care.
    5. Expand Social Security into a Universal Basic Income and get rid of welfare as we know it, and possibly even the minimum wage, which ought to excite the still thinking members of the right … if there are any remaining.

    A Bernie Sanders campaign to me signfiies the coming to terms of the USA with the fact that the whole world cannot be wrong and that the USA along cannot be always right, and specifically right enough to interfere in Western democracies or use our military unilaterallly without a damn good reason and plan.

    Bernis is, and has been correct about all of this, and it is about time the USA grew up and quit being hijacked by the monied interests to the detriment of the 99% … and that is no exaggeration.

  • Ben Frank

    Excellent points! I sincerely hope that you are right.
    I’ve been a big Bernie supporter since I started becoming informed politically and his speech against the Bush era tax cuts sealed the deal. I’ve just learned to be very skeptical and weary of politicians even ones that I like. Yeah Obama was always a Wall Street candidate same with Hilary. To give Obama credit he walked into one of the biggest shit shows economically and foreign policy wise in American history. What’s funny about the republicans is that they block everything he’s tried to do and so the recovery hasn’t been ideal or complete but things have gotten a little better but he is blamed for all of it as if he single handedly created the debt, unemployment, quagmires in the Middle East literally everything. There’s a big myth that he and the democrats support ileagle immigration however Obama has had the most deportations in US history. Yet that is the key issue Trump and others use to juxtapose the DNC and GOP

  • David Kramer

    Bernie Sanders supporters should really take the time to examine his foreign policy record before making assumptions about it. No, he’s not antiwar. No, he’s not a noninterventionist. No, he didn’t only vote to “support the troops” stationed overseas. Bernie—like Trump, Hillary, Rubio, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and every other Republican and Democrat running for office—is an imperialist, and his long political history clearly reflects this.

    Bernie voted in favor of HR 3107—Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996, which “imposes sanctions on persons exporting certain goods or technology that
    would enhance Iran’s ability to explore for, extract, refine, or transport by pipeline petroleum resources, and for other purposes.”

    In 1997, Bernie voted for HR 2159—Foreign Operations FY98 Appropriations bill, which included: $3 billion for Israel, including $1.8 billion in military assistance and $1.2 billion in economic assistance; $2.12 billion for Egypt, including $1.3 billion in military assistance and $815 million in economic assistance; $770 million for former Soviet Republics; and $215 million for international narcotics control and law enforcement.

    He also voted for HR 4059—Military Construction FY99 Appropriations bill, which provided $2.82 billion for general military construction.

    In 1998, Bernie’s name was included as a YEA vote on HR 4655, the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998, which expressed the sense of Congress that it should be
    the aim of the United States to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

    President George W. Bush later used the Iraqi Liberation Act to provide justification for military action for the 2003 invasion.

    In 1999, Bernie voted for HR 2465, which provided $4 billion for military construction, and he voted for HR 3196, which provided: $2.16 billion for
    military and economic assistance to Israel; $760 million for military and economic assistance to Egypt; $535 million for Eastern European and the Baltic
    States, including $150 million for assistance to Kosovo; $300 million for military and economic assistance to Jordan; and $285 million for international narcotics control.

    Writes Ron Jacobs of Counter Punch, 3/31/2003:

    “For those of us with a memory longer than the average US news reporter, we can remember Bernie’s staunch support for Clinton’s 100-day bombing of Yugoslavia and Kosovo in 1999. I served as a support person for a dozen or so Vermonters who sat-in in his Burlington office a couple weeks into that war.

    Not only did Sanders refuse to talk with us via telephone (unlike his Vermont counterparts in the Senate-Leahy and Jeffords), he had his staff call the local police to arrest those who refused to leave until Sanders spoke with them. The following week Sanders held a town hall meeting in Montpelier, VT., where he surrounded himself with sympathetic war supporters and one university professor who opposed the war and Bernie’s support for it. During the question and answer part of the meeting, Sanders yelled at two of the audience’s most vocal
    opponents to his position and told them to leave if they didn’t like what he had to say.”

    In 2001, Bernie supported HR 1954, which extended the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act of 1996.

    Following the 9/11 attacks, Bernie voted in favor of H J Res 64 – Authorization for Use of Military Force, which allowed President Bush to use the United
    States Armed Forces against anyone involved with 9/11 and any nation that harbors these individuals.

    In 2002, Bernie voted against H J Res 114, which authorized President Bush to use military force against Iraq. However, he would continue to support bloated military defense bills that would ultimately be used to sustain the war he allegedly disagreed with.

    In 2003, Bernie supported HR 5010, which provided $355.1 billion in appropriations for the Defense Department for fiscal year 2003 – an increase of
    $37.5 billion from 2002 – as well as: $71.6 billion for procurement of aircraft, missiles, weapons, combat vehicles and shipbuilding; $7.4 billion for ballistic missile defense; and $58.4 million for foreign aid, which includes humanitarian assistance, foreign disaster relief and de-mining programs.

    He also voted in favor of HR 2800 – Foreign Operations Appropriations, FY 2004 bill, which granted $1.8 billion in military and economic assistance to Egypt and $2.2 billion for Israeli military assistance.

    In 2004, Bernie supported HR 4613, which allocated $25 billion for emergency defense spending for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and $77.4 billion for the procurement of new weapons.

    In 2005, Sanders supported HR 2863 – Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations Bill, which provided $50 billion for ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In 2006, Bernie voted for HR 5631, which provided $70 billion for ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    In 2007, he supported HR 1585 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, which granted $187.14 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan operations.

    In 2009, he voted in favor of HR 2647, which authorized $309 million for research and evaluation, procurement, or deployment of an alternative Missile System in Europe, and also allowed the Secretary of Defense to increase the active-duty number for the US Army to a number greater than otherwise allowed by law up to the 2010 baseline plus 30,000 troops.

    During the same year, he called closing the torturous gulag at Guantanamo a “complicated issue” and ultimately rejected a proposal to shut it down.

    In 2011, Bernie co-sponsored S. Res. 85, which urged the UN Security Council to take action to protect civilians in Libya from attack, including the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory.

    In 2014, Bernie came out in favor of levying economic sanctions (an act of war) against Russia: “The entire world has got to stand up to Putin,” he said. “We’ve got to deal with sanctions.”

    That same year, Bernie didn’t object to having his name included – by unanimous consent – in S.498, which backed Israel’s brutal, summer-long military assault against Gaza.

    Most recently, he vowed to continue Obama’s murderous international drone war. Bernie also supports funneling weapons into Iraq to fight ISIS as well as airstrikes, and he continues to spread the myth that Iran seeks to build nuclear weapons.

    All of this information is publicly available and verifiable with a Google search.

    Maybe it can be brushed aside and ignored on the basis of him being a “lesser evil” who may kill less people than other presidential candidates – though that begs the question of how many foreigners a Bernie supporter is okay with butchering before it’s one too many. 100? 1000? 5000? What’s an acceptable body count? At what point does it stop mattering?

    Whatever the case may be, is it asking too much for Bernie supporters to stop smearing actual antiwar activists and noninterventionists by putting them in
    the same category as a warmonger? Even if he’s a “light” warmonger – even if he’s a “lesser evil” – he’s still a warmonger, he’s still evil, and he’s certainly not preaching a message of peace.”

  • Brux

    The problem with the middle east is nothing israel is doing, it is the power with which islam controls government, life, land, the people even non-Muslims, and refuses to change, and actively attacks anything that is a threat to it. israel represents a threat because it too “Muslim lands” and it represents non-Muslims throwing off the tyranny of Muslim rule, something that if allowed to stand every minority in any Muslim land will be asking for and wanting to do. The point being that Islam will keep attacking, lobbying against, or supporting to the extreme any force that opposes Israel or Jews, so there is no solution here, except the gradual reformation of Islam – certainly not anything any American President can do or say – except to support that goal of islamic reformation, and to that extent, kicking the anthill of corrupt Islamic countries, which is morally questionable if not ambiguous.

  • Brux

    Bernie’s foreign policy is very good actually.
    It is much like his attitude about guns, and
    to be as a Liberal very very very refreshing.

    On these issues Liberals are next to useless,
    and Conservatives are almost rabid.

    Bernie, to me, represents a hands on active,
    but pragmatic approach to the military and
    US interventionalism – which makes a lot of

    You can think about that the US is so socialist-phobic
    for one reason it is due to the fact that we foot
    the total global bill for police and military action.
    This is just no right for many reasons … first,
    we cannot afford it … but second, the money
    we blow up in bombs and often failed military
    actions is the money we need to apply in our
    civil society programs, and we are creating
    our own social chaos and problems, as well
    as our own right-wing nutcase Taliban/ISIS
    revolutionary group that opposes our own
    government and people.

    Bernie wants to get heavy-handed towards our
    European allies and push them to either participate
    more or spend more towards defense, and to get
    for example Saudi Arabia … 3rd biggest military
    spender in the world, to fix problems in its own
    backyard. he is right in all his ideas, you really
    cannot criticize this from either the left or the

  • Brux

    Please, the length of a long kitchen-sinking post like that really says you have no general point and are trying to make your argument by association.

    A warmonger is a person who supports wars of aggression and the idea that war is a natural and acceptable state in the world, and all your data – none of it says that about Bernie Sanders, so just stow it, and then if you still have an argument to make, try to make it, in ideas not with multitudinous lines that say nothing.

  • Brux

    This is off point, but Hamas has the option to fire rockets into Israel at civilians or not to … Israel does not have the option to decide to defend itself or not, and the suggestion that Israel must use the same amount of force against an unprovoked attack which is basically about destroying its country as Hamas used is beyond ridiculous to the point of being supportive of Hamas and terrorism.

    Palestinians live in the conditions they do because their leaders strategize about how to push their civilians into danger to draw defensive attacks by Israel and then claim victimhood.

    Are you aware Palestinians walking in the streets have pulled out knives to slice and stab innocent people going about their daily business? No, I don’t think you know or care anything about this situation but to troll and waste people’s time, and you own life.

  • kevinzeese

    Are you an Israeli propagandist? You call responses by Palestinians to daily land theft, harassment, abuse and arrests “unprovoked”? Either you have your eyes closed to reality or you are a propagandist, but either way you are wrong.

  • Brux

    When the whole area was owned by Muslims, the Ottoman Empire, who was occupying who? Who is still occupying who when it comes to Yazidis, Kurds, Jews, Christians in Muslim ruled lands … and what is the scale of that compared to what goes on in tiny Israel … propagandist is a good word, you yourself.

  • kevinzeese

    Sounds like you do not even believe Israel is occupying Palestinian lands. Wow. The entire word, even the United States which is Israel’s only ally in the UN, recognizes that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands and wants a two-state solution at the 1967 borders. Of course, Israel has made that impossible with its illegal settlements, apartheid wall (which took 10% of Palestinian lands), Jewish only roads, theft of Palestinian water, destruction of Palestinian olive trees, and security checkpoint throughout Palestinian lands. You can believe what you want but your pro-Israel propaganda is not welcomed on this site.

  • David Kramer

    Argument by association? What the heck does that mean? You’re just in denial that Sanders is just as much a supporter of the U.S. government’s atrocious warmongering foreign policy like all the rest of the criminals in Congress.

    And if he ever got to be President (he won’t, BTW), he would continue those atrocious policies.

    Nobody gets into the White House who doesn’t support the military-industrial complex.

  • Ben Frank

    I have mixed feelings on this issue. Compared to his counterparts he is dovish. However there is the implicit nature of American exceptionalism and imperialism that he seems to go along with. I am disturbed about his lack of opposition to the drone program. However some ways in which I like his forigen and military policy are: he wants to audit the DOD and cut down wasteful spending (wasteful is obviously subjective), he voted against the war in Iraq which cannot be understated in importance, during the debates he was repeatedly honest about US history in Chile, Iran, Guatemala etc which again was very important and I’ve never seen a politician on a prime time stage do (that’s Howard Zinn stuff), he opposes ground forces in Syria, as for his policy with ISIS I am aware of how damaging and horrific air strikes are, I am also aware of how horrific ISIS is, Middle Eastern policy is such a disaster and no win scenario I can’t imagine what an actual constructive and human rights respecting foreign policy would like

  • Margaret Flowers

    Check out the Project on Defense Alternatives for starters. http://comw.org/pda/ There are also groups creating true peace forces and other alternatives for conflict resolution.

  • Ben Frank

    That is awesome thank you! I think a major flaw with supporting or opposing a candidate is black and white thinking. There will be a next president of the US I support sanders for many reasons but I also try to bring in some healthy skepticism and reservation. It seems like in order for a candidate to be “legitamate” you need to think that they are all good and altruistic. No politician has ever fit that bill if we didn’t know that already we learned with Obama. I like Sanders as opposed to the other major candidates I think he’s the most progressive option, I don’t 100% think he’s amazing and a political savior not at all. I know I’m ranting and not really responding to your specific comment but it seems like the left is very factionalized and hostile to itself. You have centrists like Clinton etc that are basically conservative dead center of political discourse, you’ve got actual progressives the Sanders crowd which is actually somewhat left wing and progressive but in many ways status quo. Then you got true leftists people left of that, who are excellent and much needed critics of policy but largely marginalized. It seems like these three factions of the American left resent one another to a really hostile degree. Read any comment section on the primary race and you see exactly that.

  • Ben Frank

    I am a Bernie supporter through and through. I also realize he’s a flawed human being and politician. I think Bernie supporters need to calm down in the sense of seeming militant towards supporters of other candidates. Bernie’s great I want him to be president but civil discourse is also so important. Especially when the actual campaign and Bernie himself has worked so hard to maintain class and civility.

  • idic5

    no one is fooled by bernie : he is left of clinton but not left of marx, ,so…?

  • GodLeros

    We let them…

  • GodLeros

    I hope you consider doing more than shouting.

  • GodLeros


  • GodLeros

    Simply: The goal is not Genocide. If you think so, you are an idiot.

  • GodLeros

    How is it Genocide if they are Jailing?

  • GodLeros

    Racist? Brown People? All the middle east is the same “race”. They are all brown. It is just differing religions.

  • Stop Iphaggotry

    I believed in the core values Reagan had- this isn’t that party any more- it’s far right self righteous extremism. I know few who are native Americans- everyone else is an immigrant, so I do not understand the hypocrisy of the grassroot cornfeeders who seem to think they have some entitlement to think they can judge others who want to come to this country- just like their relatives did.
    The appeal of Trump comes largely because of the media- they are doing his work. For the past year, he commands a top spot in Google News headlines- every fucking day. He’s only spent 2 million dollars on his campaign. Whatever the outcome is, there will be nothing left of the Republican Party after 2016. The Democrats shouldn’t rejoice at this- the big picture is that there is a very large growing faction of people who would rather place their trust in an eccentric megalomaniac billionaire than they would in a career politician. However, a carreer established politician such as Hillary is the most qualified person to run the country. Sanders isn’t either. The reason Trump is where he is now is because of the failure of BOTH parties. The Democrats should realize that this is also a lesson for them to learn- their best chance at winning would be Clinton than picking someone selling idealism to new age nutters

  • Rachman Cantrell

    Bernie’s proposals make a lot of sense. I have a small business and I know that many small business owners would be happy not to be in the health care business. A universal single payer system would free small businesses to do what they do best by taking that burden away from them. It is only the big pharma and insurance companies who want to keep the present system! I like this Bernie quote “The greed of the pharmaceutical industry is a public health hazard to the American people. That has got to change.” I have had to forego medicine recently because of the extreme high cost so I know it is an important issue. It is strange that we are the only developed country that does not include health care as a right for its’ citizens and the high cost of medications is literally killing people who cannot afford them!

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  • America Firster

    No. The goal is a Jewish State throughout the region. They will drive off and suppress the native population to accomplish this — genocide is also a go if 1. They have to and 2. They think they can get away with it.

  • America Firster

    “islamic war by population growth.”
    Sick SOB

  • pbr90

    See nothing anti-establishment about a Senator paid for last 25 years during Congressional chaos, and is still Senator, but do see much wrong with Party choosing a candidate who isn’t even a democrat, but instead, a Socialist, seeking to use full power of the Party to get elected as if all was “normal.”

    Highly abnormal, and despite the presumed apptitudes, runs off with Democratic Party, and builds best campaign he ever had. Pretense, or legitimate?
    What a deal!




    Had to bring in the dreaded fabricated belief, geesh


    Nuthin gurl, the skys the limit, it dog eat dog world, eh

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  • c_dynes

    Dr. Jill Stein, the only REAL Progressive running is on the Green Party Ticket.

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  • Andy_Lewis

    Eat my chit.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Bernie is staying in the race because Hillary is going to go to jail. He wants to be the legit indisputable second place finisher by getting votes in every State, so when the FBI arrests Hilary for the email scandal, then Bernie will be the new nominee.

    I for one, hope the FBI arrests Killary on the stage at the DNC convention… That’d be some great.

  • Nathan Glazier

    Where the hell was this information six months ago when I was trying to look into some claims people were making that Sanders was/is a “sheep-dog” for the establishment? I really would have appreciated it then. Now its just fucking annoying.

  • me

    my mother went to school with Bernie
    We are Jewish as he is

    I am upset that Bernies ideals and talking points are very similar to those of hitler before he took over Germany

  • Fuck You

    They did make voting illegal.

  • Bernie Panders

    Bernie’s carefully crafted image would disintegrate in a matter of days if he won the nomination His baggage is real, and it’s not pretty.

    Bernie Sanders’ father was a high school drop-out, who tormented his family with rants about their financial problems. He blamed society and economic inequality for his plight, though as a white male in a middle class neighborhood, he was hardly among the downtrodden.

    This was Bernie’s inspiration to take up the cause of economic justice, though he would spend half of his life as an able-bodied college graduate living off of unemployment checks, and the women in his life, between odd jobs. By his own admission, Bernie was not a great student, starting at Brooklyn College and transferring to Univ. of Chicago , but his enrollment kept him protected from the draft.

    He joined socialist organizations and dabbled in far-left communist politics, gaining national notoriety by petitioning the school to let students have sex in the dormitories. This was before birth control and abortion were legal, when there were still very serious repercussions for women if the condom broke, but that didn’t stop him from crusading against those silly rules that were an obstacle to his own satisfaction.

    He participated in the 1963 March on Washington , a few demonstrations, and was arrested once, but his activism for civil rights ended when he became obsessed with socialism. NOT “democratic socialism”, but oppressive far-left Marxism.

    Bernie married his college sweetheart, Deborah Shilling, and spent his small inheritance on a summer home in Vermont on 85 acres. The shack had a dirt floor and no electricity, maintaining his proletariat credibility, but not impressing his new bride. He refused to get a steady job, so his wife didn’t stick around long, divorced after 18 months.

    The Viet Nam war was escalating, and when the next draft was announced, Bernie applied for a conscientious objector deferment. His deferment was denied, so he dodged the draft by having a kid out of wedlock in 1969 with his new girlfriend, Susan Mott, even though he STILL wasn’t working, and had no way to support the child. By the time his draft number came up, he was too old to be drafted anyway. He continued to subsist on odd carpentry jobs and unemployment checks, and occasionally selling $15 articles, including the one about how women fantasize about gang rape. He still refused to get a steady job to support his child. His girlfriend left him.

    In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll, and took a cold-war era honeymoon in communist USSR . His new wife supported Bernie financially through his many attempts to win a public office, and shared his radical leftist political views. They visited the pro-Soviet Sandinista Government in Nicaragua known for their human rights violations, support for anti-American terrorists, and the imprisonment and exile of opponents. Bernie blindly overlooked the carnage to stand with fellow socialists. They traveled to Cuba in hopes of meeting Bernie’s hero Fidel Castro, but access to him was denied.

    Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election, until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT, and eventually a Senate seat, which he has managed to keep off and on. For all of his years representing Vermont , Bernie Sanders passed a total of three bills, and two of them were for naming post offices.

    He’s a draft-dodging deadbeat dad, a globe-trotting communist dilettante, and a petulant detractor of hard-working honorable Democrats. His one skill is yelling about how unfair the world is, and how everything SHOULD be. But he has no plans for how to make it happen, and no idea what goes on in the rest of the world or how to deal with problems overseas. His excuse for not having a foreign policy or national security plank on his platform: “I’ve only been campaigning for three months.” His socialist friends are bitter about what they see as a betrayal of their values by Bernie’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination.

    His former wife and girlfriend run when they see reporters and will not speak to the press. Bernie’s past, including a brief stint living in a kibbutz in Israel is cloaked in secrecy. Former employees and coworkers describe him as hostile and belligerent. All of the Democrats in Vermont ’s government have endorsed Hillary Clinton. The people who know Bernie best cannot stand him. His supporters cannot explain how he is qualified to be president.. As for his detractors, we can only watch in horror as this Nader 2.0 works an appalling act of sabotage on the Democratic Party.

  • Jerry

    god help us if a bernie sanders was elected to potus. socialism spews from his warped brain.