Letter From Truthdig’s Editor-In-Chief, Robert Scheer

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Above photo: Robert Scheer by Mr. Fish.

To Zuade Kaufman:

I want to register my strongest possible disagreement with your unilateral decisions to bar me from the Truthdig site, close the site, and discharge Truthdig’s employees. Each of your actions represents a violation of Truthdig’s Operating Agreement, which requires that you and I agree on actions such as those you have taken on your own. To make myself clear, you have not consulted me, and I disagree.

Although you claim that your actions have been required by Truthdig’s shaky financial situation, it appears that you have not taken into account funds that have been raised from third parties to support Truthdig. My understanding is that those funds are sufficient to continue Truthdig’s operations, although perhaps at a reduced level. I do not understand how you believe that you can unilaterally determine how those funds should be used going forward. Likewise, I am sure you understand that the Senate agreed today on a financial bailout package that could provide funding to maintain Truthdig’s operations at some level. The combination of potential funding and the need for Truthdig’s voice at this critical time in our nation’s history makes your actions incomprehensible and indefensible.

Additionally, I am very concerned that you have given Truthdig’s employees powerful ammunition to use against Truthdig. They will be able to argue that you both closed the site and terminated them from employment in retaliation for their protected collective activities in going on strike and for filing complaints with the National Labor Relations Board and State Labor Commissioner. Your actions have greatly contributed to the potential success of their claims with the NLRB and with the Labor Commissioner.

I urge you to reconsider and reverse these reckless actions.

  • Western exceptionalism

    As the world take a turn to the right, more and more leftist websites/blogs/groups close or are discontinued.

    If thats a good or bad thing…only future will tell.

  • I had not read this when I posted my comment responding to the latest update on the situation at Truthdig, so perhaps there is some thin thread of hope left that Truthdig can be rescued from the oblivion to which Zuade Kaufman has determined to consigned it. Kaufman’s arrogant mendacity apparently knows no bounds at this point, and so it doesn’t look good. But I hope that’s the case and that Scheer prevails in his effort to persuade her to reverse course.

  • JohnDoe00

    Gaslighting is infinitely easier to achieve once your defense is relegated to the pages of a site far too few people are reading and commenting on.

    “Divide and conquer“ may be an old strategy but is once again proving Itself timeless in its effectiveness.

  • jwreitter

    The loss of Truthdig would be tragic because so many rely on this counter balance to the conservative and neoliberal press that is dominant in America. I would especially miss the radical, “to the root”, work of Chris Hedges every Monday morning. He is a beacon of light in a darkening world, where few have the courage or insight to stand up and tell truth to power and defend the oppressed. I hope something could be done to rectify the situation for both the dedicated employees and the many admiring readers! Do we have to rely on RT to discover the truth of what is going on behind closed doors?

  • Gareth Smith

    Why the ambivalence? Fewer left and more right pressure is an unmitigated disaster. You need to jump off the fence and get active!

  • If there are two (co-equal?) “owners” of TruthDig, and one believes the site is no longer financially tenable, but the other disagrees – the one who has lost interest or would prefer to close the site should leave it to the partner to keep it going or not.

    Last man standing, and all.

    Alternatively… what exactly IS TD anyway? Is it just a sales and marketing brand? In that case, it is easily dismissed and abandoned. While there is the question of what to do with residual third party funding that is alluded to by Scheer here, why doesn’t the core TD staff create a new “brand” and forget the old one? Or move their operations to this site if it is amenable?

  • 0040

    I’ve followed Mr Hedges for years and enjoyed his debates with the late Christopher Hitchens immensely . However I never found him radical , or for that matter an effective polemicist ala George Galloway . Mr Hedges is an islamophile which is troubling , and a form of stone age sand god promoter himself , having a divinity degree based on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. He has become a part of the loyal opposition and supporter of a moderate status quo in his efforts to find/enlarge his constituency. I used to enjoy critiquing his arguments on Truthdig before I was censored last year. I occasionally watch his program on RT as well. A great teacher but like Chomsky hardly radical.

  • 0040

    Truthdig first and foremost was a business, and is now out of business , as the pretense of a left in America fades , and the final chapters of the Reagan Revolution unfold. Mr Scheers plea for Coronavirus emergency funding to keep his business afloat, certainly made me chuckle.

  • mwildfire

    How could it possibly be a good thing?

  • 0040

    The solutions offered by Truthdig for the problems this world is enduring [ pacifism and liberation theology ] were unworkable in the !960s and are impossible today.

  • True. But “business” is an abstraction. There is nothing apparently tangible about this particular one. No brick and mortar necessary, for example. The “business” is the people who comprise it. This means that it – or a surrogate can exist if those who comprise the “business” decide to do so as it looks like Kaufman has forfeited her “rights” wrt the “business”.

    The Cornavirus “emergency funding”… come on… you don’t buy into that boondoggle public theft do you?

  • 0040

    Business is based on profit which is tallied in currency which puts bread on the table . Calling business as an abstract defies our current reality ?

  • herbdavis

    A stepchild of HRC?

  • Nylene13

    “MANKIND was my Business!!!”-
    The Ghost of Marley screaming at Scrooge while rattling his Chains.

  • Mensch59

    Truthful, first and foremost, is or was a website used to propagate, promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. It had an active readership. Now these readers and writers and editors and support staff must take their talents elsewhere, unless of course this work stoppage can be resolved.

    Personally, I don’t believe that this labor dispute will be resolved. I suspect that Zuade Kaufman simply wanted to make the particular political cause of Truthdig to be friendly with the Democratic Party.

  • Mensch59

    Given that Z. Kaufman is the moneybags behind Truthdig — apart from the private donations TD receives, her dictatorship over business decisions is pretty much guaranteed by the system into which we conduct all of our social relationships. The system wins again.
    “I think that the hurdle that most people must pass is not in Marx or Socialism but in the very unsettling thought that there is nothing in the existing social system that is accurately portrayed and nothing within its bounds that may be employed to change that. Get used to that revolutionary kernel of the revolutionary age and Marx is a breeze to understand.” ~ Anaxarchos (as provided by Steel Pirate)
    Z. Kaufman is exercising her dominance, i.e. the aggressive coercion allowed to her by the system. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc4b843f00966d678af2d04739c55e2350aa0a3b29d624df360722513ab6e8d7.jpg

  • IconoclastTwo

    I actually really like the last idea of their moving (OK…with one exception) because if they did, there’d at least be some lead time before all of the far righters that Truthdig tolerated or used to tolerate found it.

  • Dimitris K

    Thank goodness there still Paul Craig Roberts and Jimi Dore…

  • IconoclastTwo

    Its a terrible thing. Its even worse than it was during the Bush years.

  • Debra Legorreta

    Is there any organizational structure that over time does not turn evil?

  • Margaret Flowers

    The staff responded to her allegations here: https://popularresistance.org/striking-truthdig-staff-respond/.

  • blessthebeasts

    RT is my go-to site for breaking news. There are many others, like this one, Consortium, informationclearinghouse and more for good analysis. The thing that stood out on truthdig was the quality of the commenters/discussion. Most of the time at least!

  • Western exceptionalism

    Right wing is not a good thing nor a bad thing.

    Same with left wing.

    Both have valid and decent ideals that can work out perfectly. The secret is to find a balance between the two. I am in for a Nordic/Canadian system: Capitalism with social welfare.

    The extreme poles of both left wing (nationalism, unregulated capitalism) and right wing (communism) are ineffective.

  • Bill Meyer

    Yes, I read it after i posted. Thanks. Margaret, you and BAR are doing stellar work! I’m honored to get even a little post like this from you!

  • chetdude

    Not when domination hierarchies are involved…

  • chetdude

    You seem to be a captive of the consensus trance. (and your bias appears to be showing with this silly phrase: “right wing (communism)”

    Nationalism and capitalism in the service of the masters in domination hierarchies has been tried and found to be a monumental (and possibly fatal) failure.

    “Communism” has not been in effect in any “nation” over the last 8000 years:

    “In political and social sciences, Communism is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the Common Ownership of the means of production and the ABSENCE of social classes, money and the state.”

    We’ll need a much more highly evolved version of Homo Sapiens to successfully return to that model — if we survive the backlash to centuries of fossil-fueled madness…

  • Thanks to the regulars here for welcoming the influx of Truthdig refugees.

  • i find fault with the employees. They put consideration of personal wealth and vacations ahead of dispensing truth. Hedges especially,whose writings I loved, but he is not poor. I have only a SSD payment of $1469 a month which has always been sufficient, havent made one dollar from my books, and dont complain, it is enough. I have experienced incarcerations and beatings for my work, and these crybabys dont get enough pay. I hope that the result, a weaker and less informed public dont all die or become slaves now, due to people’s ignorance which has as a foundation, the media news people who put income over reporting.

  • Margaret Flowers

    I can attest that the Truthdig staff and writers are not “crybabies” and Hedges does not live a wealthy lifestyle. He works long hours and has a family to care for. A writers life is often precarious. We don’t appreciate your morally superior attitude but we do share your concern over the loss of an important media website.

  • Vida Galore

    This is so heartbreaking. I love TruthDig, it’s been one of my most regular go-to’s, and Scheer is one of the few who held out against neoliberal usurping unlike so many other so-called lefty outlets.

  • i have not had any vacation for fifteen years, and only three times a long weekend in the ten years previous. I have had no weekends off, worked 70-80 hour weeks, and HEdges does not have small children- he is as old as me. So dont say he has family to take care of- he is too old to have living parents. So ;please dont BS me with your appeasement of their lack of concern for the truth to be told. Hedges went to war zones and other dangerous work IN HIS PAST, he now sits in comforts and fame, and this letter was not all true. i am not complaining,regarding my work conditions, i am glad to have opportunity to work and do what i do. But conventional journalists like these,and they prove they love comforts and money, are alike- their welfare trumps all others to them.

  • i collect SSD, and have written three huge books, but not made a dollar, the pubishers kept every penny. I have worked night and day for the public for NO:PAY for over thirty years. I have been incarcerated for my dissidence repeatedly,and in my older age assaulted about 30 times, resulting in multiple fractures. So dont tell me they are not crybabies. i find it a privilege to be in a studio apartment and not in solitary confinement where I was for eight months, but these pampered journalists are upset they dont get raises and vacations. i am worried about humanities survival,and they are worried over extra good work conditions. SCREW EM, AND IF YOU DEFEND THEM MORE, SCREW YOU!!!

  • Uhhh…. this is not about YOU – so why are you virtue signaling here?

  • first of all, i was not saying a thing about my virtues, just my work and travails. i am saying that these journalists are not all saints. they preach revolution but dont walk it. I suspect that while they are not poor, they want to replace the wealthy. NOthing is ever enough for people who experience comforts. If you want to hear my virtues, i will be glad to do so. I put in the second two notes after the response to my first letter. and I love Hedges writings and have read a couple of his books.But he is not a revolutionary. And if you would know the truth, I have the brains and courage to challenge the powers, and have only told of the dues i have paid.

  • Margaret Flowers

    It sounds to me like you are making assumptions without knowledge of the situation. Hedges has a second family with two young children. Congrats to you on what you have chosen as a lifestyle. It is not necessary for you to use it as a moral compass to judge others. Hedges is one of the hardest working journalists, authors and speakers I know, plus he teaches at a prison and mentors people who have been released. The people on strike are staff who are not highly-paid.

  • kevinzeese

    Wow.You are making a lot of inaccurate statements about the people who worked at Truthdig and Chris Hedges. I’m sorry the publishers took the money for your books and you have not had a vacation. But, stop projecting onto people at Truthdig. Your statements are wildly inaccurate.

  • I am aware of HEdges. And I did not choose to go to jail or be assaulted,but knew it could happen being a real revolutionary and speaking truth beyond Hedge’s strong and steady truth. But he has considerable income from his book sales, he is not poor, and judging just from your stance, that you are not poor either. I have volunteered(no pay) working for the homeless, elderly,and mentally ill 45000 hours. IN addition, I have initiated nonprofits, have self-educated, and though i have only 23 colllege credits, was asked to lecture to graduate students of social work at Fordham univ. for 15 years. i have been a community organizer for the affordable housing network, and lobbied in trenton and DC for them also. i never asked for pay, but did get $120 each time at Fordham. I have taken all kinds of unskilled labor jobs to support my social service work, not for any establishment organizations. I was a case manager for a mental health agency, but I perceived none improved from the services, so left. I am as radical as you get,and have done much more than most to help humanity.

  • I was incarcerated for exposing those above the government. Hedges, bless him, has exposed government, but I have also come against the Vatican and the real powers. YOu dont get much grittier than me, nor more bold or angry. There isnt many circumstances to make me back down in this world. I know what we are up against, and am willing to stand up to them. This “pandemic” is really a disguise for martial law as I put in my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. I saw it coming years ago.

  • “not highly paid”? Depends on what you call highly paid. I would take an opportunity to inform the people at any pay or condition, and have done just that. I have done it for free for years So dont defend the indefensible. YOu are not in a third world country, so you think you should get privileges. Hedges has seen the poverty, but while he speaks against it, expects comforts, and if he doesnt get them, he doesnt do work for the people

  • as somebody who moderates a leftist blog, do you not judge the oligarchs? do you not judge Trump?? please dont be a hypocrite and refuse to be judged, or to let others make judgements of those you hold dear. I welcome debate, but dont tell me not to judge. that is very hypocritical and an unwise stance, to disallow judgment.

  • and if we cant use our righteous lives, which is a real and true compass for morality, as words are no more than gas without action to back it up, what can we use as a moral compass? you are standing on shaky ground and a weak foundation if your moral compass is to use words but to work against the same principles you propose without following them in your life.

  • There was an open letter to the public on truthdig before the strike saying that they were going to possibly strike for more vacation, to support Scheer, and other matters. I may not have known of any second family that you mention (true or not i am not sure) but no other words were not accurate,and those only may not be true if you are correct. Please do not call me a liar if you want the draw of readers I will bring unless you have evidence I am wrong. It is funny that you tell me not to judge while you judge, and call me a liar with no evidence.I am not going to stay here long if that is management’s ways.

  • and sir, do you know the definition of “projecting’ and could you tell me what you mean by that statement? I dont think management should communicate in such a way unless they are ready for real trouble. How am i projecting??

  • And please mention ONE way I was wildly inaccurate– remember that you work for Popular REsistance and all you stand for as you communicate. Facts and evidence please.

  • Western exceptionalism

    Those highly evolved descendants of ours, when they develop that great system, they will not call it communist, they will not call it left wing or right wing, and they will definitely not consider today’s communists and/or anarchists as the forefathers of their system. It will be something entirely new that will transcend our understanding and application of politics.

    Most importantly, their system will be based on volunteering and spiritual understanding of the world, and they will definitely not theorize in favor of terror revolutions, violent extermination of classes and forced redistrubition of private property.

    But untill that happens, capitalism with decent social welfare is the effective way to go.

  • Hey man, I don’t know you nor do I have reason to doubt what you say here. I presume you have led a principled life of service as you say.

    Just reading your comments and you are making this about you by talking about yourself extensively. You (needlessly imo) compare your revolutionary spirit with that of Hedges. Why given you say you love his work? You know nothing of his life, really, nor his responsibilities and needs.

    Bringing your personal narrative into this discussion just dilutes the power of whatever point you were trying to make.

  • you dont present your name, so I cant address you by it, but I am aware that he is about six months younger than me, lives in princeton,knew he worked with excons, before they said so, and have read a couple of his books. I did not know he has another family, true or not, but do know enough to give him credit for exposing evils in government and the like. I only brought all this stuff about me in after I was rebuked. I can make true statements of my life to justify my words as action speaks louder than flatulence.

  • i dont think he could possibly be poor, he is paid for his books, he has several radio shows I assume he is paid for, and all that they presented that was new to me, if true, is his second family. but that really is non-essential with the point i am making- he has chosen to leave his informing of the people because he could not get vacations-he was already receiving some. i was reading truthdig back then,and there was an open letter to readers giving some demands that they were making. so please keep your meddling out.

  • oh yes, i forgot to tell you that in my so-called ignorance, i know Hedges went to seminary.


    There is such a thing with solidarity with those who are being exploited. By turning against them you become the enemy. Is that what you really want? Hedges has some great things to say, bur he has a powerful Achilles heel. Is that enough reason to declare him an enemy, because he is not perfect? You sound very much like an ultra leftist petty bourgeois intellectual to me.
    RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE LEFT AND THE MIDDLE. The ultra left, to their detriment, will ignore the rich possibility of working within a middle class revolution. All oppressed levels of society can participate in a successful socialist revolution as long as the working class is at the head of it. The workers, because of their position in the society, are the only ones who can bring it about without corrupting its ideals. A revolution led by the middle class (for which there is a strong tendency today) is not the same as a revolution led by the working classt


    I agree. People throw these words around to make their stupid points without the slightest idea what they are talking about. Here for the record is what COMMUNISM is (OMG my smelling salts). There has never been a modern society that has been able to implement these principles. COMMUNISM; Megacomputers allow us to determine how long it takes, say, to deliver a gallon of milk from cow to table. If it is ten minutes, you work 10 minutes and get your gallon of milk.
    If it takes a month to build a house you work a month and get your house. In early capitalism money represented time spent on work.
    In late capitalism money is just numbers on a computer. Under communism, there is no money. This represents its logical evolution. Everyone is paid with time credits.
    People choose where and how long the want to work, according to what they need to buy. As they buy so do they provide.
    Time can not be saved, exchanged or used for corruption, like money can.
    Those who cannot work (children the aged, the disabled) are provided for with worker’s surplus time credits.
    Under communism people are the freest in history, because they choose their vocation, and work because they want to, and voluntarily apply that to acquiring what they need.

  • i understand that, i was not against Hedges, I am saying that he bailed out due to wanting comforts at a time that we needed him most. I dont hate middle class or hedges.i hate babies who will risk the welfare of everybody to get comforts for self. we are approaching a time in a few weeks or months, that is equivalent to Nazi Germany-there are internment camps and revolution, there is wild things about to happen very hard times, and we cannot bail out from service because we dont get vacations. Furthermore, i am trying to introduce a new paradigm to the planet,and as long as we cling to materialist and comforts, we will end up here where we are all over again. The paradigm needs to shift from wealth and materialism to service to the community. We need to value strong minds and bodies,not material wealth and toys.

  • kevinzeese

    This was not about personal wealth, it was about a funder trying to take editorial control of Truthdig and changing its direction. It was about an attack on a revered founder and editor, Bob Scheer. The staff stood with Scheer and the funder destroyed Truthdig.

  • What in your craziest imagination makes you think i am boojie? Do you know what that means? Perhaps you are saying proletariat? I am not calling Hedges boogie- I know his works, but he bailed out- for vacations he left us when we needed him most. i agree with solidarity, but not when they are clearly wrong will i stand with even those i consider comarades.

  • the staff also had demands for more vacation time and other requests. do not give me more lies. yes, they stood with Scheer, and I am not sure of that whole issue, but I AM sure that they threatened to strike if their demands, including more vacation, were not met. it is possible that Hedges would still be using his voice there if he had not. I am not so sure that you are correct in the wording of taking new direction. But mr. moderator, you made a statement that i made wildly inaccurate statements. I asked you for ONE- where is your evidence?? I DO NOT LIKE LIARS OR THOSE WHO CALL ME A LIAR

  • Lovely Larry. Many thanks. I have passed it on.

  • There are infinite good reasons to not reveal personal info in the internet. But I am Beth.

    Neither you nor I know of the circumstances of any other, Michael. It is best not to make judgments.

  • have you ever said anything against trump? If not, you are an idiot. we need to make judgments right from wrong. we need to discern one course of action from another. We need to decide who is righr or wrong. we need to judge ourselves to correct ourselves when not perfect. We need to discern and judge what is true or false.and you judged me wrong in my judgement, and while i dont agree, i applaud you for making a judgement, as wrong as it is. how dare you judge me for judging hedges (not a real protest, just a point) by the way, did you correct the others for judging against kaufman?? understand that i have just shown you to be a hypocrite

  • JohnDoe00

    Can’t remember why nb but all I see of that one is “This user is blocked.”

  • and i understand full well why he didnt expose the church, the hell of christianty that he is in, would be worse for him if he did. it is the freemasonic oath. i am well aware, but i still like hedges, but i do criticize that he went on strike for demands of vacation. i am correct in that judgement.

  • Nylene13

    Yes, Thank You Popular Resistance and PR Commenters.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Strongly agree. Something very wrong has happened here. And Zuade’s legacy and reputation will be trashed more than meets the eye.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Agree. And whoever fires Chris Hedges must be a corrupt establishment agent.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Michael, make sure you do not fulfill the right wing wish to divide and conquer. You seem to pis on the wrong tree. Chris Hedges is exactly the opposite of the greedy character you have in mind. Among other things, he left a prestigious, highly paid position at the NYT because he resisted their attempt to force him to conform with their neoliberal line. Very few people in the world would follow their conscious the way he did. Please join us in lifting our hats for him.

  • i dont hate him, and have loved him for years. I am not condemining him, i am saying he was wrong. we all make mistakes. Regarding the prestigious position, i would never have been in that position, as money and rich people’s prestige never enticed me, actually disgusts me.

  • hedges has spoken for peoples causes for years, and speaks truth,and i have no hate towards him, but this was a mistake, and he needs to correct it some way.

  • scheers self-defense does not cut it. He uses legal arguments of contractual legal jargon. A righteous man will not resort to attorney jargon. This is not an honorable man. If he had been wronged in a concrete way, he would have reponded in righteous indignaton,not according to a lawyers technicalities. And what kind of people go according to contracts rather than by honor and bond of word?

  • Finally after more than a week this story has made it through the neoliberal cocoon at Salon, and thence to AlterNothing.

    It’s kind of telling that the most prominently featured item on the homepage of the now static Truthdig website is a sensationally-presented, TDS-afflicted piece by one of Kaufman’s scabs. So yeah it looks like the skinny we’ve been hearing since even before the writers’ work-stoppage protest–that the disagreement Zuade Kaufman and Robert Scheer revolved around Truthdig’s editorial direction, which was unaligned with the agenda of the Democratic Party’s dominant neoliberal leadership–is true.

    From what I can gather, Kaufman, as co-owner with Scheer, functioned as the money-handler for Truthdig; an email address with her name in it was listed there as the site’s advertising contact.

    Frankly, if I was Robert Scheer, I’d want to have a thorough examination of the books she’s been keeping, the records of deals she’s been making. This may be over the top, and the money at Truthdig may be small potatoes to someone like Kaufman, but I haven’t seen a member of the oligarchy yet who could pass up an opportunity to rob a child of its piggy bank.

  • Whoaaaa dude – you go way off the reservation bringing Trump into a discussion of the goings on at TruthDig.

    No son, you have shown no such thing.

    I don’t think that there is really any way for us to communicate at this juncture.

    Be well.

  • the point i was making is that we all make judgments, and that we should make judgments. if you couldnt understand that simple message, you are incapable of reading, and you are intellectually illiterate. you make judgments and tell me not to. you are, beth a hypocrite. simple. you couldnt understand??

  • Michael, you are all over the map in your argumentative posts all over this thread.

    You want to make judgments? Fine. All you need to do is defend your position and let the chips fall where they may. People will agree with or disagree with your point depending on how effectively you reason and communicate your thinking.

    We started our discussion with the admonition that making this matter into a personal one about yourself, your virtue and your personal choices – is an ineffective mechanism to persuade an audience in this case. My view on this has not changed despite reading what you have written here.

    Have the last word if you wish.

  • i will have the last word. I never disputed that statement, and after i conceded you were correct on that matter, you told me not to judge, and i disagreed with that,and continue to do so. I judged that in that matter you were correct, and in this matter not. I stand by those judgements.

  • John Kelly

    Blocked for crap flooding. Bye.

  • Bill Meyer

    sounds like Sunday at church, or maybe Nostradamus

  • Jim Mamer

    Truthdig was never “first and foremost” a business. If you believe that you never read articles on the site. Truthdig, from the start, was a vital source of the news and opinions that never seem to make it into the real corporate press. By the way, I re-read the letter from Mr Scheer to find his “plea for coronavirus funding” and I could not find it. Stating that the “financial bailout package that could provide funding to maintain Truthdig’s operations at some level.” is hardly a plea. Your claim that it is seems to come from a desire to copy the bizarre pattern of lying practiced by Trump and co. That is just make something up and hope it is believed, and in the best of times, tweeted to the gullible.

  • Marble Rye

    “the Senate agreed today on a financial bailout package that could provide funding to maintain Truthdig’s operations at some level.”

    Maybe that’s her plan. Fire the workers, ‘suspend’ the site, take the money then shut down. As toothless as the bailout stipulations are for the rich, I can’t ignore the potential for this trickery.

  • Marble Rye

    Eh, I don’t consider TD’s demise as tragic considering there are a strong number of other sources that are at least as left if not moreso. This site, counterpunch, WSWS, and individuals such as Jimmy Dore, Graham Elwood, Tim Black, Ron Placone, Matt Stoller, etc. I don’t know how much of a cash register TD was for Kaufman but I’m sure it was on some level, which is why I considered it a business. The ads were getting ridiculous though.

  • Marble Rye

    Yep. I remember when Truthout used to allow comments. Used to frequent that site. But it seemed to be getting infested with right-wing lug nuts or Democratic Party sycophants, which if that’s the reason for no commenting, I can’t blame them.

  • Hadley Browning

    So far as I can tell this “Emergency Stimulus” doesn’t have any major benefits for labs to study the virus, instead it seems more like guaranteeing campaign donations to the ones who wrote it.

  • Yep. A few crumbs to the peasants so we won’t notice the insane give aways to the connected.

  • Hadley Browning

    Just ask the people who are calling this a “victory against the invisible viral enemy” why is there a $500 billion portion of this money already allocated for tourism businesses. When they’re not blaming people going on vacation, they’re rewarding the number one source of the virus outbreak coming in the country.

  • Hadley Browning

    “I’ll be the oversight..” in other words, he’ll decide how many zeroes of that $500,000,000,000 will go into events hosted at the Trump International Hotel and get donated to his reelection campaign.

  • Shlomo Orr

    Replace “prestigious” by “job-secured”.

  • Craig

    Very disappointing. Very embarrassing. Why can’t the left have nice things? Does every Left project need to devolve into pettiness and infighting? Pacifica is bad enough. Seems like this garbage follows us everywhere.

  • chetdude

    Most “Communists” today don’t “theorize in favor of terror revolutions, violent extermination of classes and forced redistrubition of private property.”

    That’s just examples of the FUD spread by capitalists…

  • greghilbert

    Hi John, please see my comment far above, posted as a reply to moderator Margaret Flowers. As we predicted in 2016 and in 2019-2020, the Dems have proven again they are guardians of the capitalist upper class, and hostile to all but lip service, identity politics and cosmetics for the under class, They’ll nominate a candidate (Biden) so pathetic and increasingly exhibiting dementia that Trump is apt to be re-elected in a landslide. As if the betrayals led by Bill Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer weren’t enough. As if Sanders-endorsed Hillary Clinton delivering us to Trump wasn’t enough, now comes the double-down via Biden, with Sanders’ endorsement, which will facilitate the next Dem betrayal.

    That said, I see little point in further discussion or debate of duopoly politics, and have no intention of getting into hostilities with its adherents, or with those who argue for alliance with a “wing” of the Dem party. I say that in part because, no matter what ensues regarding the pandemic, the aftermath of the current greatest-ever upward transfer of wealth, and the crucifixion of the under class that goes with it, will be merciless and cruel.

    The federal debt will approach $30 Trillion by year end. There will be no capitalist-politician or media uproar about it until the banking cartel and the Fed it owns start worrying about getting their interest payments, which will shortly exceed a trillion a year.
    Then the howling about unsustainable deficits and debt will commence, accompanied by demands that severe austerity be imposed on lazy workers, spoiled govt employees especially teachers. disability moochers, welfare queens, illegal aliens, burdensome Social Security and Medicare recipients etc.

    I’m not familiar with Popular Resistance, but hope it will facilitate, or at least not suppress, organization of the left outside the clutches of the Dem party and the likes of TD’s Kaufman.

  • Margaret Flowers

    No worries about that here. We have long been independent of the corporate duopoly.

  • readytotransform

    chris hedges has an interview program which i find more helpful than his columns although i am sure he is still writing. if i looked i think i would find it elsewhere.

  • John Kelly

    Excellent as always, Greg, thanks! I was banned from Truthdig a few months ago for being an unapologetic leftist. No warning, no reason, just banned after years of posting there. To see Kaufman turn Truthdig into a steaming pile was educational, if disgusting. Centrists are more hateful of the left than the right wingers they facilitate.