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Lockdown To Stop The Keystone XL Pipeline

Above photo: From the 2KC Media Facebook Page.

STOP the desecration

No KXL Shut it Down! 

Live from Sovereign Oceti Sakowin Territory in so-called Haakon county, South Dakota at one of many active and illegal KXL Crude Oil Pipeline Pump Stations. Illegal Construction on Treaty Lands.

Protectors have notified officials and filed a complaint about the unlawful construction and peace treaty violations.. but nothing has been done. The desecration & disrespect continues.

So what do we do when our leaders don’t act, don’t protect us and sell us out? We stand up and speak up. Peaceful resistance is the only thing we have left.

So Peacefully these protectors have chosen to stand. For Mother Earth and all of her Children.

We are on Royer rd off the 34/73 Hwy south of Cheyenne River. Stand with us. Shout out to all our relatives who are fighting against the KXL or other pipelines/projects. #tinyhousewarriors #stopline3 #kumeyaay

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