Making Peace An Election Issue

| Resistance Report

Above photo: The Black Alliance for Peace.

In this series of interviews by the United National Antiwar Coalition, Joe Lombardo speaks with Margaret Kimberley who is an author, editor of Black Agenda Report and coordinating committee member of Black Alliance for Peace. She speaks about the Black Alliance for Peace’s campaign to make peace an election issue. The demands include cutting military spending, losing military bases, stopping sanctions and ending militarism domestically. Margaret Kimberley explains why this is an important issue and what people can do to support the campaign.

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  • 0040

    If a peace POTUS is desired Trumps your man if compared to Obomber, Mrs. Clinton , Bush , or Biden. Of course the cost of his leadership is his boorishness , hedonism , and ineptitude, while preoccupied with looting the treasury to keep his allies and he has many , onboard .A similar political move Slick Willie Clinton often employed . Something Nixon failed to do.

  • Victor Madeson

    The solution is criminalizing warmongers, not echoing peacemongers. Even the planning of aggresive war is a crime. That’s based on the Pact of Paris, which is part of the U.S. Constitution, and was a key part of the Nuremberg and Tokyo tribunal indictments. See YouTube and CSpan talks on the “The Internationalists”.

  • Southern

    Makes sense to me – in times past profits for the MIC were deemed far more important than the harm and destruction that their products cause, export dollars and jobs plus the feeble excuse that the MIC has contracts to supply meaning that apparently they’re able to sue via ISDS/IIAS provisions.

    In the end – a corrupt system cannot be used to correct itself – it needs to be replaced .

  • Southern

    The moment for holding previous administrations accountable has come and gone – like ships in the night – Peace was never Trumps intention anyway.

  • 0040

    Mr Trumps “intentions are simple” , continue to be the center of attention globally . The product he promotes is himself . but he does realize perhaps intuitively that politics is indeed war by other means.