Man Builds Pantry Outside His Home To Feed The Hungry

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To all those people claiming humanity is in shambles and moral values are dead — you have no idea what you are talking about. Yes, humanity has certainly taken some hits to the chest, but it is still very much out there. People still believe in kindness, and people still engage in civility.

This is a true event from Watertown, New York, where a citizen named Roman Espinoza has built a ‘blessing box’ — essentially a pantry for people to pick up and food at any point of the day. The box is built in the lawn facing their house; and just like Little free libraries, there are no restrictions for these either.

The concept is extremely simple — the box contains food that people donate — the same food others might want. To put it even more simply, the box was simply a donation box where the poor ate, and the not-so-poor donated.

Espinoza, in an interview with CNN, mentioned that the box was open 24 hours per day with no lock. Anyone could donate food, and anyone could pick it up.

The Idea Gets Formulated

It hit the Army veteran on his Human Services class at a community college, that people who took classes this late couldn’t possibly have much to eat. Also, the community college where he was taking his classes also had a pantry for needy students. With the cogs turning in his head, he decided to do the same for his own home. While he did have to fill in the first amount of food for the box, he didn’t have to do much since. The idea was one that got unanimous support from the community, and his block.

Not Just Food

Contrary to the name, the box isn’t just for food. It contains essential items like shampoo, toothbrush and soap, among other things people need.  The mystery remains in who actually uses it. Most people are quite ashamed of using it in the middle of the day, since no one would want to show that they are impoverished. But, since the box remains empty by the end of the night, people are clearly using it.

The Future

Espinoza believes that if more people were made aware of this interesting development, the number of such boxes would proliferate. As it stands, there have been several requests made to him by other property owners who would love to install such boxes out in their lawns. Espinoza hopes that one day Watertown will be known as the ‘city of Blessing boxes.’