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March 4: Libya Hearing Of The International People’s Tribunal

Join the International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, Coercive Economic Measures for a hearing on the effects and impacts of these policies and practices on the people of Libya. We will hear testimony and reports from expert and direct witnesses, with questions and discussion from our jurors.

The hearing will take place on Saturday, March 4 at 10:30 AM EST/7:30 AM PST. Register to listen online:

Around the world, U.S. sanctions and blockades have had a devastating impact on the lives of everyday people in countries targeted by these kinds of coercive economic measures. More broadly, they have served to push people into poverty and deny them self-determination. From January – July 2023, the International People’s Tribunal on US Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades and Coercive Economic Measures will hold hearings, both online and in person, to expose the effects of these policies and create strategies for legal accountability.

We have two legal objectives: to identify legal causes of action to deploy in international and U.S. courts, and to challenge both unilateral coercive measures (targeted sanctions) and multilateral coercive measures brought under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter. Our political objectives involve laying the groundwork for an international campaign against economic coercive measures, and using grassroots activism such as protests and direct actions to support the work of the tribunal.

We will hold hearings on the impact of sanctions on 15 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The opening session of the Tribunal will take place in January 2023 and the closing session will be held in June 2023. Both will be held in person. The remaining sessions will be held online, from winter 2023 to summer 2023.

On February 17, the International People’s Tribunal on U.S. Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, Coercive Economic Measures, conducted its first hearing on the case of Korea, specifically those measures targeting the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The full video of witness testimony and juror questions is now available online.

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