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Mass Exodus From Venezuela: Anther Big Regime Change Lie

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It is not true that more than 3 million people have emigrated from Venezuela during 2018.

Donald Trump, as well as all the White House spokesmen, have said tirelessly that Venezuela is going through a deep humanitarian crisis that has forced “millions of Venezuelans to flee”. Phrase that they have tried to position to justify an intervention.

This statement does not coincide with the data published on the website of the Central Intelligence Agency -CIA- The World Factbook .

The CIA reports that during the year 2018 the net migration rate in Venezuela was -1.2 migrants / 1000 inhabitants. It measures the difference between the people who enter and those who leave the country during one year for every 1000 inhabitants. According to this rate, the calculations show that, since we are 31,689,175 inhabitants, in 2018, 38,027 people emigrated, in net terms, and not 3,400,000, as Pence affirmed in the UN Security Council.

For the calculation, a simple rule of three is applied: if for every 1000 people there were 1,2, how many left if the total population is 31,689,175? It is solved in the following way: (31.689.175 * 1.2) / 1000. Subject of 2nd grade of basic education. Maybe it was a miscalculation in which the central intelligent agency incurred.

According to this result, in order for 3,400,000 people to have left Venezuela, they should have entered 3,361,973 in the same year, so that in net terms the 38,027 people were found.

Relatively similar figures are reported by the World Bank in its database. According to this organization in 2017, net migration in Venezuela was 60,493 people. Closer to 38,027 than to the 3,400,000 that Pence said and that all their allied countries repeated in the UN Security Council.

Beyond the basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, there is a matter of logic. Has the tenant of the White House wondered, what is the fate of those supposed 3.4 million Venezuelans who emigrated? According to Trump, we are a risk for the region because neighboring countries have had to receive this millionaire Venezuelans.

However, according to the CIA itself , the net migration rates of our neighboring countries are all negative. In other words, more people have left than those who have entered those countries: Colombia -0.60; Brazil -0.10; Peru -2.10; Dominican Republic -2.60; Panama -0.20; Argentina -0.10; Uruguay -0.90; Mexico -1,80; Ecuador 0.00.

According to the CIA, the net migration of these countries in 2018 was as follows: Colombia 28,901; Brazil 20,884; Peru 65,795; Dominican Republic 26.776; Panama 760; Argentina 4,469; Uruguay 3,032; Mexico 226,726; Ecuador 0. What total 377,343. If indeed these countries have received 3.4 million Venezuelans, 3,777,343 people must have come from those same countries, so that in net terms there will be a migration of 377,343.

It is true that the number of Venezuelans who, for economic reasons, has emigrated has increased. What is not true is that they are 3.4 million. Nor is it true that we are the country in Latin America with the highest rate of emigration.

It is not true that we need humanitarian aid. With the US lifting the financial and commercial blockade, and ending the criminal attack on our currency that induces hyperinflation is more than enough.

In addition, according to the CIA , the infant mortality rate in Venezuela in 2018 was 11.9 per 1,000 live births. Less than that of Colombia 13.2; Ecuador 15.9; Brazil 16.9; Peru 17.8 And the general mortality rate 5.3 per 1000 inhabitants, lower than that of Colombia 5.5; Peru 6.10; Chile 6.3; Brazil 6,7; Argentina 7.5.

The one that the CIA lies told his former director Mike Pompeo, now the US Secretary of State: “ I was the director of the CIA, we lie, cheat and steal. We even had training courses.”

As far as we are concerned, we have left a photographic record of the CIA pages that show this information, so that, as of today, for some unknown reason, we can not access them. We did the same with the World Bank.

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