Mass Protest For DREAM Act on Capitol Hill

| Resist!

Above: Photo from tweet by   showing floor of the Hart Senate Office Building on November 8, 2017.

A large crowd of protesters came to Washington, DC and gathered on Capitol Hill on Thursday taking over the Hart Senate Office Building in a mass protest as well as at events around the country. They are urging lawmakers to pass legislation to help “Dreamers” with a permanent fix for the status of young immigrants who came to the country as children without documents. These youth have been able to remain in the United States as part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which President Trump promises to halt unless Congress takes immediate action to fix the law.

We Are Here To Stay called for the November 9th protest writing that they have one month to resolve the issue in Congress:

DACA provided a pathway for undocumented immigrant youth to achieve their dreams. Those dreams are now on the line. If you’re outraged at Trump for killing DACA, for fulfilling a sick white supremacist scheme to terrorize immigrant youth and their families, join us on November 9th and be a dream defender where hundreds of Immigrant youth, allies, business leaders, and people of faith are descending on the Capitol to resist Trump’s attacks on immigrants and to demand a clean Dream Act.

We have one month left to pass the Dream Act. The urgency is now.

The 2017 Congressional session ends on December 15th. That gives us a month to pass the Dream Act in the House and in the Senate. Immigrant youth can’t afford to wait any longer. Each day that passes in one more immigrant youth that loses their DACA protections, and it’s one more day where their livelihood is threatened and they become prey for Trump’s mass deportation agents.

We won’t accept inaction from Republicans or Democrats. The time for words is over. The time for action is now.

Below are videos and tweets from today’s protest in Washington, DC: