‘Massive Fleet’ Of Buses Now Taking New Yorkers To Women’s March

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Organizers want everyone to be able to attend.

The Women’s March on Washington is happening. It has permits. It has a starting location. More than 150,000 people have indicated on Facebook that they will be there ― a number that grows by the day.

Now march organizers are helping attendees get from New York City to Washington D.C., running what the New York City chapter of the Women’s March described in a statement as a “massive fleet of buses.”

The buses will pick up marchers in 56 neighborhoods, traveling 70 distinct routes, and return to the city the same day. Tickets cost $62 (plus tax) round-trip.

“It is our highest priority to ensure that this march is accessible for people from every demographic in New York. We hope that by providing routes in far-reaching neighborhoods, the diversity of our city can be truly represented at this historic gathering,” New York City chapter coordinator Karen Waltuch said in a statement.

Demand for transportation to the main Washington D.C. march has been “overwhelming,” the group says. Bus seats are limited and Amtrak tickets between New York City and Washington D.C. sold out two weeks ago, the statement says ― despite the fact that Amtrak added two additional trains at the march organizers’ urging.

There are also sister marches happening in dozens of cities, not just in the United States, but around the world.

New Yorkers who are looking for more information about the new buses to D.C. should visit www.womensmarchnyc.com/findabus.

Then get ready to march.


  • DHFabian

    What are the odds of the poor, the majority of whom are women, having a voice in this march? Right.

  • Agonizing Truth

    I think they’re going to push for the right to vote, maybe even demand to be unchained from the stove and allowed to work in the workforce… oh, what’s that you say? Women already have all the same rights as a man, moreover they have MORE rights than a man yet are allowed to skate through life with a fraction of the responsibilities society and the legal system demand of a man? They even have the “right” to have their unborn children dismembered and sucked out of their uterus with an aspirator while no man has a right to stop paying his child support payments if he decides he wants to be irresponsible. Bear in mind that the law allows a woman to dance away from the adult consequences of her actions even though it comes at the cost of a dead human being while the same legal system demands that a man who doesn’t want to be a daddy be on the hook for 18 years of child support payments.

    You see, men aren’t allowed to go through life as irresponsible and immature as little children, not without having to answer for the consequences of our actions. Women on the other hand get more rights than a man with less responsibilities demanded of them. What more could these ungrateful women want? Clearly the feminist movement is all about female supremacy and has as much in common with TRUE gender equality as the K.K.K. has with racial harmony.

    I think if my gender had more rights than the opposite sex the last thing I would be doing is complaining, drawing attention to myself and throwing a temper tantrum. Ever heard the expression “overplaying your hand”?