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Massive March 2 Global Day of Protest: End U.S.-Israeli Genocide

NOTE: Join the next global day of action: March 9, Global Day of Fasting in Solidarity with the People in Gaza, called for by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees – Palestine and supported by the International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine. We encourage you to donate the money you would have spent on food that day to the UAWC-Pal. Click here to donate.

Massive numbers of people turned out for actions across the United States and around the world yesterday to shut it down for Palestine! The Hands Off Rafah global day of protest came at a moment of extreme danger, as Israel’s deadline to launch the most brutal phase of its onslaught yet looms on March 10. The strong turnout was a clear signal to Biden that the people of this country and all of humanity reject his administration’s genocidal policies.

Impressive turnout across the United States was testament to the sustained nature of the mass movement in solidarity with Palestine that has emerged since October. 50,000 marched in New York City, 15,000 in San Francisco, and many thousands more in mass actions in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, and many others. The Washington DC action took place at the same location — the Israeli embassy — where Aaron Bushnell heroically carried out a self-immolation protest. Over 120 cities participated in total in response to the Shut It Down for Palestine movement’s call to action.

Yesterday’s day of action was truly global. Actions took place in Japan, Malaysia, Cuba, Venezuela, Tunisia and many other nations around the world. In Havana and Caracas, top leaders of the government attended in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people’s longstanding fight for liberation.

In the United States, protesters engaged in actions to disrupt activities featuring prominent genocide apologists. In Tucson, Arizona, Shut It Down for Palestine activists disrupted a speech by Jill Biden. Protesters marched in response to a speech by Kamala Harris in Durham, North Carolina.

The brutality of the US-Israeli war is indescribable. Mass starvation is being used as a weapon, and Israeli troops are gunning down hungry Palestinians desperately looking for food. Now, Israel says on March 10 it will invade the last remaining pocket of Gaza where the majority of the region’s residents have been forced to flee — Rafah. But the mobilization of the people of the world can place powerful pressure of the US-Israeli war machine and end the genocide!

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