Arrests At Peabody’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

| Resist!

“I am proud to stand with allies from Black Mesa and Rocky Branch against Peabody. Our campaign at WashU is not an isolated one; we stand together with communities all across the country to demand an end to Peabody’s violent and destructive practices. When we organize strategically as a united front, we all won.” – Caroline Burney


This morning, Wash U Senior, Caroline Burney, was arrested with 10 others outside of the Peabody Shareholders Meeting, demanding that Peabody cease its destruction of communities like Rocky Branch, IL and Black Mesa, AZ and stop subverting democracy in St. Louis.


11 people, including Student-Against-Peabody member Caroline Burney, were arrested today at Peabody’s annual shareholder meeting. Those arrested have been released. Resistance efforts from Black Mesa, Rocky Branch, and St. Louis were represented in the protest. 

May 8th Action and Arrests outside of Peabody’s Annual Shareholder Meeting from Students Against Peabody on Vimeo.