McDonald’s Workers Go On Strike Over Unsafe Conditions, Lost Hours, Pay Cuts

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Above photo: Activists and workers carry signs as they demonstrate near the McDonald’s Oak Brook campus during an SEIU-backed Fight for $15 rally. (Photo: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune).

St. Louis, MO – Some McDonald’s workers in St. Louis, Tampa and Memphis have gone on strike to protest unsafe working conditions, pay cuts and lost hours.

More than 100 workers across the three cities have walked off the job or waged stay-at-home strikes, according to a news release. While McDonald’s U.S. locations have closed their dining areas, the stores are still serving customers via drive-thru, take-out and the company’s McDelivery service.

Some McDonald’s workers in Tampa kicked off the strike on Tuesday, alleging the company would not allow them to wear face masks. The walkout was reported on Twitter by Fight for $15, a global movement that advocates for workers’ rights and a $15 minimum wage. The group has created a petition demanding that McDonald’s provide paid sick leave for all workers, among other COVID-19 related demands.

Show Me $15, a fast food workers movement in the South and Midwest, announced that other McDonald’s workers in Memphis and St. Louis have joined the strike.

“The workers at my store are already working paycheck to paycheck, and now we’re being given even fewer hours than ever before or being pulled off the schedule entirely,” said St. Louis McDonald’s worker Bettie Douglas in the news release. “Rent is coming up and the bills need to get paid — this is urgent. We can’t afford to go on like this, but McDonald’s refuses to look out for us and our wellbeing.”

Earlier this month, McDonald’s workers protested working conditions in San Jose, Los Angeles and Cicero, Illinois. North Carolina fast food and retail workers launched a digital strike line on Friday.

  • voza0db

    McDonald’s, here’s something that should end.

  • Marble Rye

    I’m all for raising the minimum wage but the sad fact is $15/hr isn’t enough. Nowhere close. If wages kept up with productivity, the minimum wage would easily be in the twenties. If it kept up with money printing/QE, it would be around $40-50/hr.

  • Fingal Carson

    I’m all for seeing a full strike across all of retail. I don’t think enough people have the stones. A viable strike goes something like this:

    -Massive pay increases, including retroactive pay, and no wages under $20-25/hr.
    -Restructure from the top to bottom and vice versa, and the termination of any and all unnecessary managerial jobs to accomplish this
    -After restructuring, a union with benefits for all part time and full time workers, with the eradication of the part/full distinction and full benefit eligibility for all workers who average over 30 hrs a week. To make this affordable, low hour/any employees can choose limited or even no benefits by their own accord and should not pay into what they do not get.
    -The tools and equipment needed, fixed, upgraded, and maintained to get the job done, and the ability to refuse to work if they are not or cannot be provided.
    -An open outlet to report all concerns, problems, and issues with work or structure, even above the store manager if he does not listen.

    If people cannot demand these basic 5 points, it is meaningless. Companies don’t mind doing slight pay increases, locally, if people prostitute themselves enough. What needs to be demanded is everything, and everyone (90%+) has to walk out and refuse to work until it is ALL given, or the company will laugh it off.

    That’s why I think this is never going to happen. It takes BIG BALLS and PERSISTENCE to secure a good union and a workforce who doesn’t put up with abuse. Americans don’t have that.

  • Fingal Carson

    100% fact. The federal minimum should be into the $20s by now. States like NY should have a minimum of around $25 for rural areas and into the mid $30s for NYC.

    People have no clue what wages should actually be because they’re too busy working 2 jobs and putting up with everyone’s abuse like passive little sheep. People also have no idea how much ass-sitters who work for regional and home office corporate make (usually starts upper 20s lower 30s for “clerical”).

    Part of a workplace revolution would require all managerial and 2nd hand (those who work under managers) salaries to be public. That would surprise even Amerrikunts. Sadly, it’s all fantasy.

  • Billy Jack Galt

    Unfortunately we don’t have an earnings problem, we have a spending problem. Runaway government spending that has the real inflation rate running in the low teens. Even if we set what would seem to be a fair base level wage the government would just ramp up spending based on more payroll taxes thereby reducing the new wages to subpar levels.

    Eliminate as much of the government as possible. Eliminate foreign worker visas. Punitive tariffs on any domestic company with manufacturing off shore.

  • BushWasAGeniusLOL

    If only they could do basic math. Unfortunately, they’re just dumb enough to run the machines. George Carlin was spot on about their agenda.

  • Fingal Carson

    Smart enough to run the machines, and just dumb enough to passively accept it 😉

  • Billy Jack Galt

    And if they’re not smart enough they send them to the TSA

  • Fingal Carson

    Or really any federal/state/local agency.