Media as Movement Makers with Kevin Zeese – Now Age TV

For this edition of Now Age TV Indie Media Report, Craig Gordon speaks with Kevin Zeese, co-director with Margaret Flowers, of Popular Resistance, a website of daily movement news and resources.

In this interview Craig Gordon and Kevin Zeese discuss the role of indendent media in shaping public opinion. They discuss the role of the independent political movement in helping to shape the political dialogue. The role of Popular Resistance is reporting on media for the movement is discussed along with the history of Popular Resistance. Zeese explains why the next phase of Popular Resistance emphasizes media even more, in particular with the creation of audio and video media in the new Popular Resistance studio. The current issue of sexual harassment in the workplace whether in the media, Hollywood or offices of elected officials is discussed and the particular hypocrisy challenge of Democrats  or liberals in the media who claim to work for policies that support women then becoming personally involved with personal sexual abuse.