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Medics & Legal Observers Arrested At Baltimore Protest

Above: Volunteer medics bandage protester hit by police rubber bullet. ALAN CHIN Reuters.

Sign the petition to drop the charges against all people who were arrested for protesting the murder of Freddie Gray:

Video of medics, legal observers being arrested as prisoners chant from inside BCDC

Minutes after the 10 p.m. curfew went into effect on Saturday, Baltimore police arrested several self-identified medics and legal observers who arrived at Greenmount Avenue, along with reporters, just after protester Joseph Kent was arrested on the street near the city jail facilty. Kent led a group from Pennsylvania and North avenues to Greenmount, but seemed to be alone when he was arrested just as City Paper arrived along with the street medics and legal observers, who were separately approaching the scene. They were in handcuffs within minutes of arrival.

One source, who wished to remain anonymous, said that similar teams had been on site the last two nights to assist anyone processed and released after curfew.*

Screen capture medics arrested

Police allowed the medics to hand over their medical supplies to City Paper to hold for them before they were handcuffed and loaded into waiting police vans.

As the medics and legal observers were waiting to be loaded into the van, after this video was taken, observers heard banging from inside the adjacent Baltimore City Detention Center, and then prisoners chanting, “All night, all day, we gonna fight for Freddie Gray.”

*Full disclosure: When City Paper staffers Baynard Woods and Brandon Weigel were teargassed, street medics like those arrested provided treatment. We do not believe any of those who directly assisted us were among those arrested, but they seem to be affiliated.

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