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Popular Resistance is more than a daily movement news website. It is a reflection of many people – some are behind the scenes making the website function or organizing campaigns, others are taking action or creating alternative institutions and still others are right behind them documenting their actions. For the past ten days, as we have counted down to the launch of our next phase, we have introduced you to a few of the people behind the scenes. Here is a compilation of the posts about them. This is just a sample of the people behind Popular Resistance. We hope that you enjoy meeting them and learning about the work they do. Of course, as a reader, you are part of Popular Resistance too. We are very excited about the next phase. The culture of resistance is growing and together, we will stop the machine and create a new world.

Eleanor Goldfield, an activist, musician, photographer and artist, has participated with Popular Resistance on various campaigns, most recently on net neutrality.

She describes Popular Resistance as a resource for the movement, whether someone is participating as an independent journalist or as an organizer on any one of many issues; and she explains how Popular Resistance provides ways for people to get involved in the movement on whatever issues that person cares about. Read more about Eleanor.

Klee Benally is a Navajo (Diné) musician, artist, film producer and activist living in Flagstaff, Arizona. He has worked on numerous campaigns to protect sacred sites and other issues. For the past three years, he has coordinated the Clean Up the Mines Campaign, which is also part of the Haul No Coalition.

Popular Resistance has worked with Klee Benally since before the founding to create, launch and maintain the Clean Up The Mines campaign. Read more about Klee.

Daniel Cooper Bermudez coordinates the Trade for People and Planet campaign. After completing his education at the University of Pennylvania, Daniel worked for the Coalition of Imokalee Workers. He is currently living, studying and organizing in Venezuela.

Daniel also does graphic work for Popular Resistance, and sadly he did not create an image with him in it for his statement, but if you click here you can read more about Daniel and see his photo.

Carlos Martinez began shooting for his local newspaper at the age of 15 years in Houston, Texas. He worked his way up to being the Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for El Dia. Now, Carlos uses his media skills for social change, particularly when it comes to taking on corporations that profit from unhealthy foods. He is a power house behind the Occupy food movement that grew from the Occupy Wall Street movement and has been exposing the truth behind our food system ever since.

Carlos joined forces with Popular Resistance in 2016. Read more about Carlos.

Evan Greer is a transgender activist and musician living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the Campaign Director for Fight for the Future, which works to protect Internet Freedom. Evan served as an interim editor of Popular Resistance in the spring of 2014 and she assisted Popular Resistance in improving our social media skills early on.

Popular Resistance and Fight for the Future worked together closely in 2014 and 2015 to win reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier in order to protect net neutrality. Read more about Evan.

Bill Moyer is an artist-activist, percussionist and strategist living in Vashon, Washington. He is the founder and executive director of the Backbone Campaign, which “amplifies the aspirations of ‘We the People’ with creative strategies and artful activism to manifest a world where life, community, nature, and our obligations to future generations are honored as sacred.”

Bill and Popular Resistance co-founders, Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, have collaborated on issues for a long time. Read about Bill here.

Mani Martinez is committed to anti-racist fight back. As an immigrant, he fundamentally understands that incarceration and deportation, gentrification and forced migration, racism and nationalism are two sides of the same token. They are all ways through which the uneven development promoted by capitalism divides the working class. He was part of a multi-racial generation of workers, students, and soldiers that became deeply involved in political struggle as a result of the murder of Michael Brown. Currently, Mani is organizing with the Cosecha Movement to fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the 11 million undocumented workers in the U.S. today. Read more about Mani.

Rivera Sun is an author, activist and movement strategist living in New Mexico. She writes fiction that teaches nonviolent strategy through compelling stories for people of all ages. Her current project is The Roots of Resistance, a sequel to The Dandelion Insurrection, which comes with a nonviolent action study guide. Popular Resistance has published many of Rivera’s “Man From the North” articles, written in the voice of one of the characters from the series. Read more about Rivera.

Kymone Freeman is a spoken word artist, writer, activist on issues of economic and racial justice and the co-founder of We Act Radio, a storefront radio station in Anacostia in Washington, DC. Kymone hosts many community events in the station, has an organic garden in the back and works with local youth on media literacy and how to create media. He is also the organizer of the Black Luv Festival. A current project of his is making a movie, “Patriotic Treason: The Story of John Brown,” which he wrote and will direct.  Read more about Kymone.

Ajamu Baraka is an internationally recognized human rights defender who comes from the Black Liberation Movement. He founded the U.S. Human Rights Network, which brought 400 organizations together to apply the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination to the United States. Ajamu ran for Vice President in 2016 on the Green Party ballot. He is currently the national coordinator for the Black Alliance for Peace and writes for Black Agenda Report. Read more about Ajamu.

Chris Hedges is an author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, formerly with the New York Times where he covered wars around the world in the field. He quit over the Times coverage of the Iraq war. He has been a close ally and adviser of Popular Resistance since before the beginning.

Chris experienced his first arrest in the United States during the anti-war protest at the White House on December 16, 2010. Read more about Chris here.

Lee Camp is a political comedian, writer, actor and activist. He was a member of the team that organized the occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC and has been a long time contributor to Popular Resistance. Lee created an online show, Moment of Clarity, starting in 2011, which “serves as a documentation of the corporate takeover of America – with jokes.” Lee then created the first comedy program on RT America, Redacted Tonight, which airs weekly. He is the writer and host of the show. Read more about Lee.

Anne Meador is a journalist, photographer and activist in the Washington, DC metro area and a co-founder of DC Media Group. She recognized that while there are many protests in DC, they do not receive fair reporting by the large corporate media presence there. Anne has a particular focus on environmental issues and has done deep reporting on the fracked gas refinery and export terminal being built in southern Maryland (see and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (see Read more about Anne.

John Zangas is a journalist and photographer who is one of the co-founders of DCMediaGroup, an independent media platform. John is a dedicated documentarian of people’s movements in and around the Washington, DC metro area. On top of his full time job, he gets up and out early to cover actions and stays up late to write and edit photos and videos about them. As a reporter in the field, John is fundamental to Popular Resistance’s actions reaching the public in a real and dramatic way. Read more about John.

  • How much longer can all of this go on until the real rise up begins.

  • Great crew there, Mon! Jahmin’!

  • Thanks to all involved. The site looks good and provides another invaluable resource. Consider a print version for those who need to see it but aren’t already progressive activists. I am working on such a project locally along with doing cultural work and articles.

  • 1dale2

    The great people around Popular Resistance only lack a poet. I am not applying for the job, but some occasional verse would be helpful perhaps.
    The Myth of American Exceptionalism
    God gave America a Destiny, a Miraculous Instrumentality, An Ordained Providence, a manifest for destined EXCEPTIONALISM! Early Puritans set the scriptured tone, God´s grace did not apply to the heathen inhabitants. The doctrine of Calvinist self-denial evolved to preaching the Gospel of Wealth. Throughout American history Christian eschatology equated to cultural chauvinism. New immigrants landed without wealth or health. Only one step higher in the social hierarchy than the red heathens. Plantation owners enslaved Africans, And the legacy of racism is still today an active ingredient of oppression.
    Latter-day Robber Barons usurped land, established dynasties of unearned wealth extracted from the labor of poor immigrants. Shot them down when they struck for a living wage and decency. There was no leniency And today´s financiers steal the accumulated wealth of generations, And with the multinationals and drone makers establish world dominion, Facilitated by their Plutocratic State of National Insecurity.
    Land grabs pushed the frontier ever westward, genociding the native population. Is there a greater crime in history than the slaughter of seventy million buffalo that fed and clothed Native Americans? What malnutrition and disease did not kill the Army took care of. And the Army is now prepared to again declare a 2017 Injun war Against those native Americans protesting pipelines that threaten their land and water. All the usurpers of wealth and power visioned a fortune to be made. Railroad tracks to be laid. God gave them all purposeful design to exploit opportunity Under the guise of EXCEPTIONALISM. Nationalism morphed to universality, glorified history as paradise to be. Righteousness glimmered out all Dark Motive, Guiding their Manifest Destiny, their White Man´s Burden. Their Rugged Individualism made them into the Surviving Fit. They dug into the deepest pits To find labor to exploit and frontiers to conquer. A flood of immigrants were allowed under the guise of the American Dream. Each wave denigrated with racist epitats. Immigrant kids to weave the cotton sweated by Nigger slaves. The Dumb Swedes to homestead the frontier, ethnically cleansed of inconvenient Redskins. The Chinks and Micks imported to lay the iron rails over the vast, rich expanses. Forced labor might lower expenses, The Pollacks and Dagos turned the wrenches of the industrial centers And stoked the fires of Baron Carnegie´s steel mills. The Micks crowded urban slums, eventually given badges and clubs to bash the heads of agitators, While the business-oriented state passed laws and unleased force Murder was endorsed To deal with those who denied American Exceptionalism and sought social justice– The populists, anarchists and wobblies, socialists, communists, and labor unions.
    After grabbing Texas and California from Mexico, The Spics came to harvest the fruits and vegetables, Living precariously in labor camps and urban slums A life of bums. Today brown people have shelter— In prisons and deportation internment camps. Black youth locked up for carrying a joint and shot down in the streets. Black and Brown Scapegoats for the white population with threatened privileges. These days warred-upon Arab peoples are Terrorists. Innocent youth, who can´t see a good future, are sent off to far lands to kill Terrorists And be killed by villagers resisting the Grand Satan´s military might. Upon this scene there is no light A generation back innocent youth to Vietnam to kill Gooks were led, There they bled To protect empire from the new Genghis Khan, the scourge of yellow Asian hordes turned red.
    The Myth of Exceptionalism is culturally enforced . There is not much that is rightsideup even in the seemingly trivial. More Upsidedownness– Veterans Day commemorates fallen heros, The cannon fodder of American youth who have few options except the military, Forgotten entirely are the millions of foreign victims killed in self-defense, Cremated with napalm, blown apart by missiles. Forgotten are the lynched Black men, Men now locked up massively in the Pen, The labor militants killed by police, the National Guard, and the Army.
    Exceptionalism is reinforced in schools by the Pledge of Allegiance, In Baseball´s seventh inning stretch standing for America the Beautiful, Ethnocentrism begins with competitive sports rooting for my home town, And ends with My Country deserves unconditional respect and love. In a world of vultures and hawks, America is a dove. Rules don’t apply, we Americans are a force for good, no matter what. None of this is trivial when the Pledge to the Flag and all it stands for Is transmuted into the equivalent of Seig Heil to the Swastika, When the conditioning step is to unconditional My Country Right or Wrong, When it is almost always wrong. Complicity by otherwise decent people in crimes against humanity is cloaked In the thought hegemony imposed.
    The Myth of Exceptionalism! Truly America is exceptional, Comparable perhaps only to the rapacious crimes of the British Empire Or the evils of European fascism.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Please check out for poetry and more.

  • Margaret Flowers

    Thank you. Perhaps we will consider that in the future.