Mexico: Protesters Take Airport For 3 Hours

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Hundreds of normalistas in Guerrero accompanied by teachers from CETEG marching towards the Acapulco airport were blocked by elements of the Federal Police.

(Live updates below)

Students walked down the Boulevard de Las Naciones and sought to take the terminal to protest against the disappearance of 43 of their colleagues, when federal police blocked their way.

“Parents of missing normalista students lead the march to the airport”

Previously, students clashed with soldiers in front of “La Isla” commercial plaza located in the Zona Diamante area. Dozens of riot police state sector dispersed through the hotel zone, to ensure the safety of citizens.

Acapulco “Zona Diamante” is a big tourist area of Acapulco consisting of modern hotels, luxury condos, and private villages. It is located about 15 minutes of Acapulco International Airport.


Protesters reached the airport and sent a committee of 5 people inside to speak with airport authorities. Shortly after protesters announced they would take the airport for 3 hours during which time no one would come or go from Acapulco International Airport. 1.5 hours into the blockade ACA International Airport listed several flight cancellations and one United Airlines flight diverted.

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