Microplastics Are Blowing In The Wind: New Study Shows Plastic Pollution Falling From The Sky

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Above Photo: Frank van Groen/LOOK-foto

Plastic pollution is now the greatest global issue. And a new study proves microplastics are traveling through the atmosphere. In a first of its kind published in Nature Geoscience, the study looked at atmospheric microplastic deposition and transport.

Research presented in the study included “observations of atmospheric microplastic deposition in a remote, pristine mountain catchment (French Pyrenees).” Over a five month period, samples were analyzed in both wet and dry deposition identifying fibers up to ~750 µm long and fragments ≤300 µm as microplastics, the study reported. The study concluded “daily counts of 249 fragments, 73 films and 44 fibers per square meter” that deposited on the French Pyrenees.

“It was incredible how much microplastic was being deposited,” said Deonie Allen, a researcher at EcoLab in the School of Agricultural and Life Sciences in Toulouse, France and lead author of the the study, said.

While scientists previously believed that “atmospheric microplastic pollutants would rise up and settle again near the cities and industrial hubs where they originated,” EcoWatch reported, this study suggests that microplastics can travel on the wind. Researchers concluded that atmospheric transport is blowing microplastics to remote, inhabited areas.


From consuming to inhaling plastic, researchers said atmospheric plastic pollution is impossible to clean up, therefore it’s time to change course and produce less, EcoWatch reported.

“We … don’t know what they do to humans,” Allen said. “They’re a brand new [type of] pollution, but there’s so much of it and it’s increasing so fast that it’s something we really need to start learning about.”

  • Jon

    Serious, yes, but “Plastic pollution is now the greatest global issue” ? No! The author had not apparently known of the incredible dangers of 5G, as detailed in the preceding article here on Popular Resistance.

  • aprilktutor

    5G is new, and perhaps horrible (I haven’t read that article yet). However, plastics have been produced since the 1950s and ALL of the plastic we have EVER produced is still here. We have only recycled 9% of it! Have you seen the plastic islands? There is one for every major ocean, and there are 5 of them. The island in the Pacific is 3 times the size of TEXAS!!! Plastic does not biodegrade. It breaks into smaller pieces, poisoning and killing oceanic creatures. There are ways to clean it up, but no one is pushing them. Houston and areas in Louisiana are currently the major plastics hubs. They use gas for the feedstock. Gas drilling is extremely toxic to life via water and air pollution. Don’t think so, come on down to WV and let us take you on a tour of Doddridge County. Pipelines deliver more gas for, guess what…plastics production. Ever heard of the Appalachian Storage Hub? China, Thailand, and S. Korea want to invest in a new, huge complex of underground caverns to store NGLs, pipelines to take them to giant new compressors/crackers/fractionation plants, and soon WV/OH/PA (that corner) are going to be the most toxic place on the planet. Deep in Appalachia, where 1/3 of the eastern seabord gets its water from our hills, 1 in 2 people now have been affected by or have cancer due to chemicals in their air, water, and soil. That’s not emergency enough for you?

  • Jon

    Hi April, Welcome to this discussion. Have not seen you here before. Your points are well taken, but do read the article and reply again, OK? We are being assaulted,along with our fellow life-forms, by this monstrous omnicidal poliitcal-economic system.

  • rgaura

    Plastics are petrochemicals. Pharmaceuticals are petrochemicals. Climate disruption and disease come from petrochemicals. Petrochemicals destroy ecosystems. Agribusiness depends on petrochemicals. Lets keep our eyes on the ball folks. How much of your income and investments feed the beast?

  • I am becoming assured that human species is genocidal and is expressing this perversion with suicidal pursuits of profits. It is ridiculous to deny that the human species has affected the entire planet with it’s selfish stupidity. Humans, as a species, do not have any real intelligence: they are merely slightly more clever than a hive of termites at building things